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Various lists and interesting snippets relating to the Bandon Area

Trinity College, Dublin Records with Bandon references  1593-1846

Grays Inn Admission Records with Bandon References 1521-1889

Recipients of grants for flood relief in Bandon in 1765

Bandon Constables elected in 1767 to serve in 1768

The Market Jury in Bandon in 1767 to serve in 1768

Some Memoranda of Apprenticeship in Bandon in the 1700s

Subscribers for Assistance to quell disturbances in 1794

Subscribers to Bandon Coal Yard 1795

Bandon School Snippets of the 1800s

Bandon Infirmary.  List of Subscribers in 1807

Subscribers to a reward on 2nd July, 1809

Bandon apothecaries 1790s to 1829

Methodist Petition in 1817

Snippets from Devonshire Estate Correspondence in the 1800s 

Devonshire Estate Tenants Letters in the 1800s  

Bandon Pawnbrokers and Auctioneers in the early 1800s

List of South Cork Curates and Light Infantry 1800s

Bandon Riots of 1821

Burlary of Bandon Mills of W.J. and J. Biggs (proprietors) - 8th June, 1827

Bandon Corporation lists from 1826 and 1831

Cork Constitution Snippets 1828

Bandon Electors List 1832

Bandon Subscribers list to A Scriptural Commentary 1832

Magistrates grants of licences to keep arms 1832

Bandon Excise and Spirit Licence from 1832

Attendees at the enquiry into the state of the poor of Bandon 1836

Appropriations for Church of Ireland Clergy in 1836

Deputy Lieutenants and Magistrates 1836

Bandon Voters List 1837

Bandon Pawnbroker Returns for 1837

Bandon Property Holders list 1837

Royal Agricultural Society Dinner, Cork 22nd July 1842 - Bandon Participants

Bandon Subscribers to The Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837 by Samuel Lewis

Bandon Non Resident Freemen of Cork City in 1837

List of Guardians of the Bandon Poor Law Union 4th March, 1839

List of Bandon Landlords attending a meeting at the Courthouse on 7th December, 1846

1852 - Bandon Committee of Cork Trade Exhibition of 1852

1853 - Bandon Subscribers to missionary schools on the Islands

List of freemasons from 1869

Petition to create passageway between South Main Street and the New Road 1870  

Allman Distillery Workers 25th August, 1883

1884 - Borough of Bandon Bridge Protestant Electors List

1884 - Borough of Bandon Bridge - Roman Catholic Electors List


Miscellaneous Bandon Snippets 

Kilbrogan and Ballymodan Church Snippets extracted from Bennets

1591 -   Richard NEWMAN was vicar of Kilbrogan:- 
[Rory FLYNN was also vicar of Kilbrogan, according to another visitation book of same date.  FLYNN was vicar of Inskenny in 1581; and vicar of Kilbonane, and rector of Knockavilly, in 1591] 

1615 -  Robert SUTTON appears as vicar: - "Kilbrogan Vic. residens. per royal visitation of this year,
1628 -   Baptist HASSELL was prebendary of Kilbrogan, September 28th... 
1632 -  John SNARY was prebendary and vicar.  He was installed March 31st, on Letters Patent dated March 2nd.  He was deaconed on the 23rd May, and priested on the 29th September, 1624, by John, bishop of Sodar and Man.  In 1634, the rectory of Kilbrogan was valued at £20 per annum, and the prebendary and vicarage at £37-in all £57 yearly.  Mr. SNARY obtained a patent in 1635, uniting the rectory with the prebendary and vicarage; and as prebendary, rector, and vicar of Kilbrogan he appears subsequently. 
1661 -  Hugh DUNSTERVILLE, A.M., prebendary.  In 1663 he was also archdeacon of Cloyne.
1666 -   John EASTON, A.M.; prebendary.  Also chancellor of Ross. 
1669 -  Richard SYNGE, prebendary.  In 1674 he became archdeacon of Cork.  He was also chancellor of Ross.  His daughter Thamer was buried in Kilbrogan, November 11th, 1711. 
1674 -  George SYNGE, prebendary and vicar of Kilbrogan, rector and vicar of Aghinagh, vicar of Aghabollig and Kilcolman, rector of Templetrine, and of Agiapallin, county of Meath. He was son of the bishop of Cloyne.  In 1665, when sixteen years old, he entered Trinity College, Dublin.  In 1681 he married Mary daughter of Thomas HEWYTT, of Bandon-Bridge; and secondly, in 1687, Margaret FREKE, of Templebryan, in Ross.  In his will, dated September, 1692, he desires to be buried near his first wife, in the chancel of Kilbrogan church 
1692 -  Daniel LORD was prebendary, rector, and vicar, "per mortem Georgii SYNGE."  He was the son of Richard LORD, and was born in Dublin in 1657. 
1704 -  Solomon FOLEY was prebendary, rector, and vicar of Kilbrogan; rector and vicar of Murragh.  
1734 -   Edward SPILLANE and James MOXLEY, S.N., Church wardens 
1738 -  William JACKSON, prebendary, rector, and vicar; was also rector of Aghlish, and rector and vicar of Murragh -vacant by FOLEY’s death. He was born in 1713; and entered Trinity College, Dublin, when sixteen years of age.  He was priested in Cork in 1737, for the curacy of Brinny; and the following year he married Mary NASH, of Brinny, to whom he bequeathed his property.  He died in 1767. 
1739 -  William ROBINSON, A.M. succeeded, upon JACKSON’s resignation.  He was also rector and vicar of Murragh; but was not in the possession of the one rectory of Aghlish, which - when vacated by JACKSON - was bestowed upon Thomas BLENNERHASSET, and was not restored to Kilbrogan until 1746.  Mr. ROBINSON was the son of the Rev. Thomas ROBINSON, of St. Nicholas, Lancashire.  He married Anne MOORCROFT; and by her had a son, Thomas, who married Dorothy, daughter of Samuel TOWNSEND, of Whitehall. 
1746 -  St. John BROWNE, L.L.D., was prebendary, rector, and vicar of Kilbrogan, rector and vicar of Murragh, rector of Killowen, chancellor of Ross, and rector of Innishannon and Leighmoney. 1738 he married Amelia St. GEORGE, of Kinsale; and had issue:- Rev. Thomas Adderly BROWNE, chancellor of Ross; Rev. St. John BROWNE, scholar Trinity College, Cambridge; and Sir St. George Sackville BROWNE, K.C.B., lieutenant-general in the army.  Dr. BROWNE married secondly, in 1776, Mrs. Elizabeth HODDER; but it does not appear that there was any issue from this marriage.  He died in 1796. 
1796 -  John KENNY, L.L.D., prebendary, rector, and vicar of Kilbrogan; also vicar of Kinneigh, and rector of Dunderrow. He married Mary HERBERT, of Muckross, and had:- Rev. Edward H. KENNY, rector of Kilmeen; Robert, who was a captain in the navy; Rev. Thomas KENNY, prebendary of Donoughmore; Rev. Arthur KENNY, F.T.C.D.; and a daughter Mary, who wrote Letters of Prejudice.  Dr. KENNY died in 1814, and was buried in Ballymartle. 
1815 -  Venery LOVETT, D.D., was prebendary, rector, and vicar of the parish, and rector of Aghlish.  He was the third son of Jonathan LOVETT, of Liscombe, Bucks, and Kinswell, county Tipperary. He married Frances Mary, daughter of Henry GERVAISE, archdeacon of Cashel; and had issue:- Jonathan Henry, ambassador and resident at the court of Persia; William, of the Royal navy; and Henry William, who, on the death of his uncle, Sir Jonathan LOVETT, Bart., of Linscombe, inherited the estate of Saulsburry, in Buckinghamshire.  
1818 -  Horatio Townsend NEWMAN was prebendary, rector, and vicar, upon the resignation of Lovett. He married on the 10th of November, 1817, Charlotte Elizabeth, third daughter of the Right Honorable Denis DALY, of Dunsandle, county Galway. Mr. NEWMAN was son of Adam NEWMAN, of Dromore - he died, January 6th, 1864 
1842 -  Honorable Charles Broderick BERNARD, M.A., Baliol College, Oxford, second son of James, earl of Bandon.  He was born January 4th, 1811. In 1843 he married the Honorable Jane Grace FREKE, sister of George, seventh baron of Carbery; and had issue: - Percy Broderick, born September 17th, 1844; James Boyle, born December 22nd, 1847. 
(Rev. Herbert P/ MOLESWORTH, curate of Kilbrogan – died 1847?) 
1867 -  Robert Gilbert ECCLES, A.B., succeeded Jan 13th. Son of John ECCLES, Esq., of Ecclesville, county Tyrone-was born June 14th, 1826; in 1853 he married Nannie Elizabeth, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel DICKSON, of Hollybrook, county Fermanagh, and has numerous issue. 
Miscellaneous Notes: 
On Sunday, March 16th, 1700-1, Bishop DOWNES admitted Mr. CHRISTIE and Mr. MILLS to deacon's orders in the parish church, On the 26th of April, 1864, after an interval of one hundred and sixty-three years, another ordination was held here by Bishop GREGG; upon which occasion Mr. J.N. WOODROFFE and Mr. EVERS were ordained deacons, and the Rev. J. HOARE and Rev. Charles CROSSLE were priested. 
Edward LEGARD, lieutenant to Captain Robert HYLIARD, died January 6th, 1678 

Notes from Monumental Inscriptions and headstones:
At present the chancel and nave contain monumental inscriptions to the memory of W. H. STONE, Jonathan CLERKE, M.D., Rev. F. SPILLER, Dean NEWMAN, Captain CLERKE, R.E., Rev. Herbert MOLESWORTH, Rev. Robert KENNY, Rev. Thomas KENNY, Rev. Henry GILLMAN, Frederick MAYNE and Thomas WRIGHT.  In the churchyard, on the right of the principal entrance to the church itself, is headstone to the memory of Eldad HOLLAND, parish clerk,-

                "Whoe departed this life ye 29th day of 7 ber, 1722." 

Her lies the body of Captain John NASH, who departed this life 18th of February, in the 75th year of his age, and in the year of Our Lord 1725."* (Sean Dearg) 
On of flat oblong slab, much worn: - 
    "Here lyeth the body of Steven DUER, the only son of Steven and Ann DUER, of ye Island of Antigua-1701." 
    On a headstone:- 
    "Here lies the body of George FORD and family, who departed this life December 12th, 1801, aged 55 years." 
    Adjoining the west wall: - 
    "Here lyeth ye body of Mrs. Rebecca SPLAINE, wife of Mr. James SPLAINE the elder, aged 83 years; the weare married 64 years and six months, and departed this life April 16th, 1782."*
“Here lyeth the body of Anne DYKE, alias HARRISON, a virgin, formerly from Bristol." 
            “Here lyeth the body of Thomas RICE, a merchant from Bristol, who died A.D. 1639."

Buried at St Michaels, Kilbrogan 
Notes on Charitable donations: 
The charities of Kilbrogan derive their income from rents, and from it interest-money arising from funds lodged in government securities. They are as follows: -

  • One hundred pounds, recovered by Dr. BROWNE.  Interest to be distributed annually amongst the poor of Kilbrogan
  • Fifty pounds sterling, which remained in the hands of Dr. BROWNE received by him from the executors of his predecessor, Mr. ROBINSON.  Two-thirds of the interest-money to be distributed annually amongst the poor of Kilbrogan; the other third to the poor of Murragh.
  • Two hundred pounds Sterling, bequeathed by Walter TRAVERS, Esq.  Interest to be yearly distributed among ten poor housekeepers of Kilbrogan
  • One pound, paid annually out of French's slip, city of Cork
  • Five pounds per annum, left by Thomas LISSON to the poor of Kilbrogan, out of the lands of Droumilihy and Kilbegg.
  • One hundred pounds sterling, bequeathed by Dr. BROWNE. Interest to be paid to the poor of Kilbrogan. 
  • One thousand pounds.  Interest divided between the parishes of Kilbrogan and Ballymodan.  - CONNER's bequest. 
  • Ten pounds per annum (Irish), left by Thomas HARRISON; chargeable on the lands of Baelgooley.  Divided between Kilbrogan and Ballymodan
  • Four hundred pounds, left by William MOXLY. Interest thereof between Kilbrogan and Ballymodan.
  • Two hundred pounds, presented to the parish by the Hon. Mrs. William Smyth BERNARD.  The interest to be annually distributed among twelve poor windows, residents in Kilbrogan.
  •  The following sums are not forthcoming: - 

    • Five shillings, to be paid annually out of the holdings of John HAMMET, in the town of Bandon.
    • One shilling, out of the holdings of George WHEELER, to be paid annually.
    • Thirty shillings, to be paid annually out of the holdings of Thomas LISSON, of Bandon-Bridge; being Langton's holdings. Thirty shillings, to be paid by the provost of Bandon for the time being.
    • Two pounds, payable annually out of the holdings of the widow of the late George CONNOR.
    • Two pounds, payable annually out of the premises called Loves' holdings.
    • Thirty pounds, bequeathed by William BANFIELD, junior.  Interest to be paid annually for the benefit of the poor in Kilbrogan

      Ballymodan snippets 
      1591 -  John NEWMAN was vicar of Ballymodan.  He was also vicar of Brinny.  The rector was Nicholas THORNBY.  
      1615 -  Robert SUTTON, vicar. Sutton held also the vicarage of Kilbrogan and Desertserges 
      1628 -  Thomas WEIGHT, vicar. Weight had a son (Rice WEIGHT), who was for some time a curate in Bandon; and whose son Thomas, "who served a hard apprenticeship to a clothier in Bandon," became a conspicuous member of the Society of Friends, and was the author of the History of the Quakers in Ireland 
      1662 -  Henry PARR, vicar.  He was also rector and vicar of Rathclarin, and vicar of Templequilan 
      1666-7 -  Peter HEWITT, vicar, upon the resignation of PARR. 
      1675 -  Hugh JENKINS was vicar.  Also vicar of Rathelarin, Cannaway, and rector of Ardnegihy 
      1680 -  John TOM was vicar.  He was rector and vicar of Cannaway, vicar of Rathelarin. Mr. TOM married Mary [name not known], and had issue of four children.  She died in 1692.  He married secondly, in less then three months afterwards, Deborah BURROWES, widow, by whom he had three sons and one daughter He died in 1717, and was buried in Kinsale Church. 
      1681 -   Hugo JENKINS was restored.  He was again deprived in 1685. 
      1686 -  Paul DUELOS, A.M., vicar of Ballymodan. He married Frances MASSIOTT, of Shandon, Cork, in 1682, and had five daughters.  He died in 1717 or 1719. 
      1692 -  Richard GOODMAN, vicar, upon the resignation of DUELOS.  He was son of the Rev. Thomas GOODMAN, precentor of Ross.  He was born in 1657.  He married Hannah [name not known]. From 1692 to 1696 he was vicar of Rathclairn; and from 1692 to 1737 vicar of Ballymodan. From 1696 to 1737 he was rector of Knockavilly and vicar of Brinny - The flagon at present in use in Brinny Church was presented to it by Mr. GOODMAN, in 1721. 
      1737 -   William READER, vicar.  
      1741 -   Piercy MEADE, Vicar, upon Reader's resignation. 
      1745 -  William MARTIN, A.M., vicar, upon MEADE resignation. Mr. MARTIN was son of James MARTIN, of Bandon, merchant, who was provost of the town in 1699, and again in 1713, 1721, and 1724. (John SMITH was curate from 1746 to 1749.) 
      1750 -  John DENNIS, A.M., vicar, upon the death of Martin. He married Mrs. Elizabeth BEVAN, of Kinsale, by whom he had a daughter, Jane, who was married in Ballymodan Church, December 11th, 1768, to James HUSSEY, Esq., cornet 3rd Light Dragoons.  Mr. DENNIS died in 1787. 
      1776 -  John LORD, A.M., vicar. Mr. LORD was probably of the same family as Daniel LORD prebendary of Kilbrogan.  He died in 1795 
      1795 -  Henry HEWITT, A.M., vicar. In 1768 Mr. HEWITT, on the 12th of December, married Susan Judith BROWNE.  The ceremony was performed in Kilbrogan Church by the Rev. Michael TISDALE. He was buried in March 26th, 1803 
      1803 -   Charles HEWITT, A.B., vicar, brother of his predecessor, 
      1809 -  Robert MONTGOMERY, vicar, upon the death of HEWITT.  He resigned in 1813. 
      1813 -   Joseph JERVOIS, vicar. He was provost of Bandon for many years. 
      1825 -   Arthur KNOX, vicar.  He resigned in 1835, and went to England. 
      1835 -   Henry Fitzallen MCCLINTOCK, A.B., vicar. 
      1846 -   John BLEAKLEY, A.M., vicar. 

      The charities of Ballymodan consists of: -
        Ten pounds (Irish) per annum, bequeathed by Thomas HARRISON, charged on lands.  The amount distributed equally between Ballymodan and Kilbrogan. 
      • Two pounds annually, left by Alderman FRENCH, of Cork, to the poor of Ballymodan. 
      • Ten pounds eight shillings per annum, left by Colonel Thomas BEECHER, of Sherkin Island.  To be expended at the rate of four shillings a week, in bread, for the poor of Ballymodan.  One thousand pounds.  Interest thereof to be divided between poor of Ballymodan and Kilbrogan. 
      • Four hundred pounds left by William MOXLY.  Interest to be divided between poor of Ballymodan and Kilbrogan.
      Extracted from George BENNETT’s ‘History of Bandon’

      1738 The first Masonic lodge was opened on the 12th of June, 1738 in a room in the house of Mr. Thomas Bourk, when the following were present:- 

            Matthew Adderly, Esq., master Mr. Thomas Wheeler
            Mr. John Friar, deputy master  Mr. Thomas Bourk
            Richard Screech, senior warden Mr. William Norwood
            Robert Morris, junior warden  Mr. Robert Simmons
            Rev. John Friar   Mr. John Donnellan 

      During next 15 years:
      Bernard, Arthur.  Harman, Thomas.  Minnear, William.
            Bennett, Thomas.  Honner, Rober.  McCarthy, Charles.
            Cotter, Edward.  Hammett, Richard.  Rugg, Henry.
      Ellis, Peter.   Jarvis, Samuel.  Tottenham, Cliffe.
           Gillman, Stephen.  Laone, John.   Travers, John Moore. 

      There were also a great many French officers admitted, who were prisoners in Bandon in 1746 and 1747, as:-
      Comes, Jean Baptiste  Du Roche, Francois Kersabie, Chevalier.
            Cottin, Oierre.   Fostain, Louis.  Floronce, Pierre.
            Du Portas, Jean, M.D.  Guzeau, Louis. Du Roche, Francois. 
      The officers of the lodge present on this occasion (1838) were:- 
      Francis B. Hingston, W.M.  Robert T. Belcher, S.D.
            Adderly, Beamish, S.W.  James Hamilton, J.D.
           Franklin, Baldwin, J.W.  Willliam Belcher. sec. and tres.
            Richard Bailie, senior tyler  Hugh Douglass, junior tyler 
      1754 - The first meat shambles was erected here. It was built at the northern end of the bridge (western side), and contained twenty-two stalls. These were in great demand by the butchers, who paid one pound annually for each stall, and occupied them on the opening day in the following order:- (George Bennett ‘History of Bandon,’ 1869)

       1. William MOXLEY  
       2. Timothy KENCASH       
      3. James HARRIS and Will TOMSON     
      4. Richard MORGAN
      5. Christopher LISSON     
      6. James MOXLEY
       7. James MOXLEY junr 
       8. Denis MURRAY   
      9. Michael HURLEY
      10. Thomas WHOLEHANE 
      11. John BURCHILL 
      12. Cornelius RICKARD  
      13. John REEN
      14. William SEARLS
      15. Timothy MURPHY    
      16. William MOXLEY
      17. John SEARLS
      18. Cornelius FOREHANE & Son
      19. Stephen MOXLEY
      20. Robert SEARLS
      21. John LISSON
      22. Edward DRAKE
      1802 GAME CERTIFICATES (Selections) – Bandon

      BALDWIN Rich., Gamekeeper to the Earl of Bandon, Killountain, Ballymodan
      LEWIS Richard, Roughgrove, Kilbrogan
      PORTER Thomas, Bandon
      SULLIVAN William, Bandon, Kilbrogan
      SWEENY Roger, Bandon, Ballimodane
      1826 – BANDON PLOUGHING MATCH – On Wednesday the 15th instant, the Bandon Farming Society held their first Spring Ploughing match for the present year, on the lands of Mishells, near Bandon. There were twenty ploughs in the field, and the attendance of farmers was much greater than on former occasions. Indeed, from the renewed interest which was manifestly felt among the agricultural working classes at this ploughing match, there is good reasons to expect that the Bandon Farming Society will regain that high rank which it formerly held among the Agricultural Associations of this county. – The ploughing was in general excellent, and it was with no small difficulty that the Judges were able to form their decision, in awarding the premiums. The following was the adjudication: -
      Premium Name Landlord Prize Amount
      1st Thomas COOMBS Duke of Devonshire 5.5.0
      2nd Dan. CALLAGHAN John Nash, Esq. 3.3.0
      3rd Thos. SEYMOUR Duke of Devonshire 2.0.0
      4th Timothy MURPHY Thomas J. Biggs, Esq. 1.0.0
      5th Denis LEARY ploughman to Denis QUINLAN for superior merit Duke of Devonshire (Quinlan’s landlord) 1.0.0
         For the best Horses and tackling in the field      
      1st Michael GOOD Robert POPHAM Esq. 2.0.0
      2nd Timothy MURPHY Thomas J. BIGGS Esq. 1.0.0

      This now very active and efficient Society will hold their next ploughing match at Carhue, near Bandon, on Monday, the 3d of April, subject to the regulations of their premium sheet, for the present year. 

      1826 – CO. OF CORK, WEST RIDING, TO WIT – AT a General Sessions of the Peace holden at BANDON, in and for the said Cork County West Riding, on Friday, the Twentieth day of October, 1826. The Persons undernamed being householders, residing in the principal Market Towns, within the said County were nominated and appointed by JOHN MACAN, Esq., Assistant Barrister for the said Cork County, West Riding, to be Officers for the service of Civil Bill Processes, within the Cork County West Riding aforesaid, pursuant to the 7th George the Fourth, chap. 36.

      Names of Persons appointed Residing in the Market Towns of
      John WOOD Bandon
      Samuel CREECH Bandon
      Cornelius CONNELL Bandon
      BOND John HARTE Wm. MORIARTY James WADE Chas. R.
       1847  Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Preacher.  Henry Taylor, Bandon
    • Lord Bernard
    • Hon R. B Bernard
    • Richard L. Allman
    • Dr Ormston
    • Stewart R. Tresilian
    • Dr Wood
    • James C. Allman
    • Charles Allman, jun
    • John Wheeler, Esq, JP
    • Maurice Fitzgerland
    • James Moriarty
    • Zaccariah Hawks
    • Thomas Sullivan, Solicitor
    • Thomas Sherlock, Chairman, Town Commissioners
    • W.C. Sullivan, Secretary
    • N.C. Bowen, Secretary