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BANDON CORPORATION – At a Court of D’Oyer Hundred held at the Town Clerk’s Office, Bandon on Wednesday the 27th of December instant [1826], the following persons were proposed by the Honourable W.S. BERNARD, seconded by RICHARD HARRIS Esq. MD, and unanimously admitted Freemen of that ancient and loyal Corporation, in addition to those lately admitted, and added to the list of the Noblemen and Gentlemen composing the Freemen of that Borough:- 
Surname Forename/s Residence/Occupation
AICKEN Rev James Dublin
BALDWIN Hewitt P Esq Bandon
BEAUFORT Rev William Lewis Glanmire
BENNETT George Dublin, King’s Counsel
CALLAGHAN Gerard Esq Sydney House, Cork
CHATTERTON Lieutenant Thomas Cork
CROFTS Rev William Velvetstown
DEANE Robert Cork, Barrister at Law
ELLIS Thomas Dublin, Master in Chancery
HARRIS Rev Henry Cox Beerhaven (Berehaven?)
HARRIS Lieutenant Thomas RN (Royal Navy)
JACKSON Joseph D Esq Dublin, Barrister at Law
JAGOE Lieutenant Jonathan 32nd Regiment, Half Pay
JONES Rev Jonas J Drombeg
KEILY Arthur Esq Ballysaggartmore
KENNEDY Rev Alexander Cork
KIELY John Esq Strancally
LONGFIELD Rev Mountiford Church Hill
LUCAS Lieutenant Jasper 32nd Regiment, Half Pay
LUCAS Thomas MD Esq Richfordstown
PARKER William Esq Passage West
PERRY Charles Esq Cork
POPE Rev Richard T P Cork
RYE George Esq Forrest
RYE John Tonson Esq Rye Court
SMITH Rev John R Castle Downeen
ST LAWRANCE Rev Robert Murragh Glebe
SWETE Rev Benjamin Cork
TEULON Major Charles Late 28th Regiment
WEBB Rev R F Cahara
WESTROPP Michael Roberts Esq Cork
WHEELER Richard Esq Fort Prospect



Surname Forename/s Residence Statement of Right under which admitted
BALDWIN Francklin Esq Bandon Court d’Oyer *
BARTER Thomas Esq Bandon Court d’Oyer
BEAMISH Bernard Esq Palace Anne Court d’Oyer
BEAMISH George Esq Palace Anne Court d’Oyer
BEAMISH Samuel Bernard Esq Maumore Court d’Oyer
DOHERTY Edward James Esq Bandon Son of Freeman
EDWARDS Robert (Gent.) Bandon Court d’Oyer
ELMS Thomas Esq A B Bandon Court d’Oyer
GILLMAN Captain George Clancoole Court d’Oyer
HINGSTON Francis Bernard Esq   Son of Freeman
JERVOIS Sampson Esq Tullyland Court d’Oyer
LOVELL John (Gent.) Bandon Court d’Oyer
M’CLINTOCK Rev Henry (Clerk) Bandon Court d’Oyer
PAYNE Somers Esq Upton Birthright
SHERLOCK Thomas (Gent.) Bandon Court d’Oyer
STEWART Rev John (Clerk) Bandon Court d’Oyer

(From Cork Constitution 28/12/1826) 

Excerpt from Lucas Topographical Directory 1837 – “The freemen are chosen at the court of D'Oyer Hundred, but must be proposed by the mayor; no qualification on the part of the candidate is required. The court of D'Oyer Hundred is an assemblage of all the members of the corporation, and exercises the right of admitting freemen, disposing of the corporation property, and performing all other corporate acts except the election of officers.” 

Acknowledgments to Jean Prendergast for original transcription – Cork Ancestors