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Methodist snippets       


17th Dec 1817 Rev Thomas Waugh is the minister in Bandon


The Methodist congregation has a discussion with the Duke's agent regarding retaining the lease on their meeting house, which they have occupied for 27 years.


A petition seeking favourable consideration was signed by the following:


Thomas Beamish Sen

Thomas Beamish Jun

George Sutton

William Cope

James Ring?

David Stanley?

James Scott

Joseph Beek

Thomas Bennett

John Beek

Stephen Elms

James Coulter

Giles Sullivan

Edward Fawsitt

George Harris Jun

James Hart

Stewart Tresilian

Thomas Busteed Jun?

John Hunter

Benjamin Ford

Joseph Bullen

William Shine

William Kingston

Laurence Young

George Harris

John W Sullivan

Marmaduke Hagarty

Thomas Baker

Thomas Busteed

William Parrett

Thomas Fuller

George Bennett Sen

Harris Seymour

Silvanus Robinson

William Hamilton Jun

John Swete

Thomas McCarthy

George Emerson

Henry Heazle

Joseph Thomas Wheeler

G M Sweeny?

William Evans

John Swanton

John Sullivan

William Sullivan

William Moxly

John Litten



Harris Seymour has paid for the tenement and meeting house since 1810 with an annual rental of 17.1.3


No 2 on East side of Bridge St demised to Joseph Ledbetter in 1752 and has a frontage of 24 ft  10 inches


No 1 in Bridge St is the place intended for the Chapel.

This is let to Miss Jenkins for 10.10 per annum


No 2 is let to Mr Wheeler for 15.15 per annum.


1835 Henry Cornwall writes:

For 60 to 70 years the meeting house was on back ground adjoining Mr Williams Hotel, this ground is now in Mr Williams' possession and he seems happy for the arrangement to continue.