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Snippets from estate correspondence

 Benjamin Popham 1825 – 30

 1st March 1825

Miss Jones married Mr Oliffe – her brother is William Jones of Cork


24th Oct 1826

Advises William Curry he 'has a claim on John Hornibrook of Beechmount'


20th Jan 1826

Newman and Knox (clergymen) perplexed in getting rid of Meara the schoolmaster (in Cork?)


7th Sep 1826

Duke wishes to relinquish the toll on potatoes and charges for weighing them. Had wanted to do this for some time but did not wish to disadvantage those who depended on the income.


28th Apr 1826

Had toured the area and found that 'the poverty and ?? is truly appalling'.


4th May 1826

557 families – 2462 individuals in want and unemployed

402 families – 1862 individuals may be relieved by affording them work of any kind which they are willing to accept

The remainder 155 families – 600 individuals are totally destitute and incapacitated by sickness, bodily infirmity and age.

£470 has been collected for relief.

Work to be offered to those of the 1st class? At 6d or 8d per day and provide meal to be distributed twice a week to those incapable of work at the rate of 1 quart at each delivery for each adult and 1 pint for each child.

He expects to be able to manage for some time but will require the fund to continue.


15th Apr 1826

Met with Mr Newman, he

'gave me a very melancholy description of the destitute state in which many of these poor people are, weavers as well as others, the principal causes to the constant sickness which prevailed amongst that class, the entire of the late winter.'

He (Popham) agrees that all requiring it should be relieved as Paupers and not as belonging to any class of tradesmen Weavers or others but as Paupers alone

“it is a very nice and dangerous thing to interfere with the manufacturers and their workmen, in fact that noe of us are aware of the dangerous tendency, the supporting by subscription persons in combination and those very present bringing distress to their own doors by their own misconduct”

“the more private the thing is done, the more beneficial”


14th Mar 1826

J Swanston to Provost and Mr Curry

Manufacturers propose a loan/security scheme to enable them to employ more cotton weavers.

Subscription list:

Lord Bandon £500

Hon W S Bernard £100

John Sweet £500

Jonathan Clerk £100

George Cornwall £500

William, Jacob and John Biggs £500

Francis Sweeny £200

Thomas Bennett £100

Lt Col Gillman £50

Benjamin Popham £50

William Belcher £50

William Sullivan £100

Edward Doherty £50


Swanston later doubts that this scheme will work:

Distress is not so much a want of capital but a want of demand for the good – prices are higher than those in Manchester. It might have been better to have come to an agreement with the weavers on prices in order to compete.


Later Lord Bandon and John Swete are offering £1000 each for the scheme and the Biggs £1200 (they are afraid of their corn stores).


15th Apr 1826

Popham advises the former plans will not succeed


12th Dec 1828

Cash paid to Nathaniel Burchill to build a farm house in part of Moragh. Letter from Arthur Burchill (son of Nathaniel) complaining that Popham is refusing to pay the balance owed. Later Curry says that Nathaniel (junior??) and his brothers acknowledged the injustice of their claim.


8th Jun 1828

Death of Richard Hornibrook – he died without issue and had a small farm at Mawmore. Popham would like his son Robert considered for this.


There is considerable correspondence on this – Curry appears to have been disappointed in other members of the Popham family and is not convinced that the son is a good bet.


9th Mar 1829??

Robert Popham appears to have been given the farm at Mawmore – by breaking the rules??


15th Mar 1829

Isaac Draper son of Isaac Draper – a rich farmer in Ballymodan parish. Isaac Jnr is upwards of 70 yrs. He will provide testimony in the tithes case which will corroborate that of Edward? Seymour, George Burchill, Michael? Hurley and Richard Sealy.

Mr Belasaigne and Edward Seymour mostly confined to bed with ill health


In this correspondence Popham refers to a number of family connections:

Matthew Belasaigne of Bandon married to John Oliffe's daughter.

John Heard of Cork is Register to the Diocese of Cork

George Burchell of Tullyglass is the nephew of Richard Sealy

Edward Seymour of William Brook? Often valued the tithes for John Oliffe who was his uncle.

Lettings took place in the house of Thomas Lisson of Bandon

Michael Wren, Dromovane and Edward Nagle and Patrick Conner of same will prove valuation books 1818-25

Jonathan Tanner of Teadies and John Burchil, clothier of Bandon will prove valuation books for 1796-1828

Michael Hurley, Bandon, formerly a bailiff but now quite blind – will prove receipt of tithes by Richard Sealy from John Oliffe.


22nd May 1830

Warrant issued by Sergeant at Arms against the Goods – Popham fears the result for James Good as he is largely confined to bed



John Swanton to Henry Witham 1830 – 1832


12th Mar 1830

Florence Crowley surrendered farm – Jonas Tanner now in possession. Land valued at 8/- per acre. Tanner gave Crowley £40 for crops in the ground. Does not see an end to the distress in Bandon but weavers have brought it on themselves by their actions.


7th Jul 1830

West Mawbeg out of lien – last life James Good was buried yesterday


5th Sep 1830

Thomas Hales has gone off to America – sold the crops from the field near the Barrick to Mr Brown and the land at Callatrim to John Donoghue of Curriclough.

John Cotter has been clerk to the magistrates since the July sessions and they speak highly of him.

Mentions notices to be served on Barrets Hill and Bridewell people – they have not paid a penny since March and not likely to.


13th Jan 1831

John Good's farm at Kilmurray went to his son (Henry?) on his marriage in 1827. Farm at Carrigorrary went to Henry and therefore John has no right to be entered on lease as 'a partner'. Could be a problem if he has been so entered.


11th Feb 1831

Newman has suggested using the balance of the poor fund to send the weavers who continue to infest the streets, to America, as they were some of the worst characters and no prospect of work for them.


6th  Mar 1831  

Bridewell Quay property of Harris Seymour left to son John who had no children and is now dead. Property to be divided up and William Pope to purchase. Also mention of the Seymours, who are very poor.


22nd Mar 1831

Harris Seymour (Jnr) and William Pope have requested to have the ejectment brought for premises on Bridewell Quay. Some of the family are in great distress and want their portion of the purchase money, which will be paid by Pope.


11th May 1831

Thinks Radicals will carry the Bill and gives tithes no more than 3 years. Then Ireland will improve without that millstone around her neck. Jacob Biggs campaigning to be the next representative for Bandon. Captain Belcher is the likely opponent.


18th Sep 1831

Jonas Bernard died yesterday from attack of apoplexy – his affairs are in a deranged state.


24th Sep 1831

Notices served (Barretts Hill and Bridewell?) only Mr Brown grumbled. George Cornwall said it was unnecessary to serve on him as would give up possession of 24th inst.


30th Sep 1831

Got possession of Laragh without trouble. 'I think we shall be able to get rid of them all by degrees without causing any unpleasantness in the neighbourhood'. Old Regan would not agree at first but gave in the next day. Also got possession of Richards house in Kilbrogan.


6th Oct 1831

Old Jagoe, last life for Derrycool, has died


30th Jan 1832  

James Hamilton's wife died last week after 48 hours illness


22nd July 1832

Four cases of cholera in the town


27th Jul 1834

H T Newman – misery of Bandon has increased rather than lessened. J Wheeler has resigned as secretary (of Relief Committee?) and gone to England or America


24th Mar 1834

Bank of Ireland – wishes to expand/build. Considering plot of land at the head of South Main Street lately held by James Scott, and old house in the possession of Mr John Wheeler, North Main Street


24th Feb 1834

Distress amongst weavers greatly increased


10th Aug 1848

Mrs Fowkes husband is 'a scamp'. She is the daughter of an old tenant – he gave her £5


17th Aug 1848

Rot in potatoes, affairs are in a critical state, much more than when we expected a rebellion


19th Aug 1848

Received a threatening letter from Walter Baldwin – considered him either drunk or insane                    


4th Sep 1848

Leases to be brought up (at sessions?)

Armiger Sealy – Brewery concern, South Main St. Rent £31.10

James Hamilton – Bridewell Quay. Rent £15.15

Joseph Bullen – tenement North Main St. Rent £17.9

James Keeffe – Enniskeane

Timothy Murray – part Scarriffe and Kilbarry

Daniel Murnane – part Killowen


1st Oct 1848

George Cornwall's land at Kilpatrick.

Joseph Bullen had old houses near the fish market in North Main St – present owner John Desmond.

Patrick Hurly of Teadies 'going to the bad'. Rent £29, arrears £46.19.4

Desmond intends to stay, pay nothing then be off to America.


21st Oct 1848

Thomas Biggs 'of all the most unreasonable men I ever met he Biggs beats them all. I assure you I had a nervous headache from the way he went on'


Phinnis letting

Thomas Biggs               223 acres         £176

John Sheehan                 87                  £38

Timothy Murphy             45                  £42

Daniel Murphy    42                  £32

John Murphy                  62                  £52

Daniel Crowley   51                 

Henry Desmond             61                  Farm distrained            



24th Oct 1848

Thomas Biggs has all the prime land and grumbles at the rent


J R Berwick

10th Sep 1873

Rebecca Hosford, widow of Horatio. Some doubt over the cause of death. Lives at Kilnegnady on farm let by Patrick Keleher. Daughter married to William Good, labourer for James Good at Scariffe and lives on farm. Not able to support mother (in law?)


11th Dec 1873

William Sloane's tenement in North Main St (lease dated 1817) now occupied by Robert Baker           


F C Hurley dined with Baldwin at Mt Pleasant, and was thrown out of carriage on way home and killed


1st Feb 1873

George Bennett has three sons, two eldest should emigrate to America, he intends to purchase a farm for them – will go with them next May and remain for three years. Will leave Mrs Bennett and other son here, she resides in North Main St in a large house in which Mr Markham? lived. He is anxious to dispose of his interest in house, farm and field to William C Sullivan's eldest son John for £400. John Sullivan has a situation in Cornwalls Brewery and is secretary to the Savings Bank. His wife's mother and sister live with him, they have some means and will assist.


19th Apr 1873

Failure of potato crop


26th Apr 1873

Agreement has been reached between Banfield and Hobson at Shinagh


10th Oct 1871?

Bandon Registration – manufactured cases?

John R Berwick – Coolfadda late James Craig

Bartholomew Twomy – Cooks Meadow late Timothy Taylor

Alexander Caldwell – Cooks Meadow, Wheatly Kite?

John Reen – tenements Kilbrogan Street


23rd Apr 1870

Thomas Lovell of Kilpatrick – son Laurence nominated for Post Office Department, England


30th Dec 1871

Richard Splaine, Moneen – farm to William Good, Moneen


18th Oct 1871

Got possession of William Burns house in South Main St. Proposes to try getting 2 more and make a site for 2 good houses (Thomas McCarthy and Gallnane)


24th Sep 1871

Robert McCue, Derregra, made no will


10th Oct 1871

Denis Sullivan, Laragh – ejectment for non-payment


12th Sep 1871

Good tenant anxious to take up the Avenue House. Dr William Belcher son of Dr Henry Belcher. He married Mr Sherlock's daughter.


15th Dec 1870

Philip Splaine, Garranes, requests an advance of £500 – declined


29th Oct 1870

Robert Allman of South Main St died last week. He had two dwellings


31st Oct 1870

Proposed purchase of Woodlands, Kilpatrick by Richard Allman from Hassett. No agreement reached 5th Nov


Outline of lease of Woodlands, Kirkpatrick

George Cornwall had Woodlands 1837, made improvements of £300. Herrick purchased for £650, sold to William Shaw £300, then to Hassett in 1863 – paid £2000 including £700 for Kilbeg. Allman now wanting a new, longer lease at same rental. Woodlands is near Bandon but part in Kilpatrick.


June 1871

Names of Protestants not registered as churchmen at Templemartin

James Bradfield – Moneen

John Bradfield – Moneen

William Dawson – Lisnegatt

William Dawson – Musgrove?

James Good – Moneen

William Good, son – Moneen

James Good – Scariffe

John Woods – Garranes



Alexander Swanton travelled from Kingstown (Dublin) to Holyhead with Sir Richard Griffiths (of Griffiths Valuation)


20th Jul 1879   

Captain Wright who held part of the Shambles died on 'Friday night'


24th Aug 1879

John Williams farm at Tullyglass transferred to Denis Lordan

Son of William Nicholson near Skart near Bandon has a farm under Bere? Jones and Sampson Beamish – he is a Northern Wesleyan


15th Mar 1879

Denis Mahony tenant at Phinnis wishes to emigrate to Australia. He was never a satisfactory tenant – 87 acres rental £38, formerly held by John Sheehan. Widow of John Desmond of Gurteen is the sister of Denis Mahony and want the farm for her eldest son. She has been widowed for 7 years and has 10 children, her eldest son is 24 yrs. Denis Mahony has 4 sons and 3 daughters, eldest son is 10 yrs.

Widow Desmond holds a farm under Sampson Beamish, her farm is a valuable one. Mahony owes £104.10.7


2nd May 1878

Mr Thomas Barter who was married to Mrs Lovell at East Carhoon died on 21st April. Her nephew is the son of Mrs Pope who holds Deer Park at Lismore. Mrs Pope is sister to Mrs Barter. Mrs Barter is infirm and helpless – her nephew would be kinder to her than the Barters.


25th Feb 1875

John Bradfield reps of Richard Bradfield regarding land at Callatrim. Arrears of £174.8 – an offer from Maskelyne Gash? Adjoining farm. Possiblity to transfer 2 fields to tenant Robinson the rep of Anne Brangan, this farm adjoins Bradfield


30th Dec 1879

Paul Good re Mrs Connor of Castlenact and lands at Kilnedgnady. Rent arrears £56.8. She is the widow of Jeremiah Connor. Has 4 daughters, the eldest 23 yrs and 2 sons, the eldest 21 yrs.

She intends to send 3 children to Melbourne – 1 boy aged 22 yrs, 1 girl aged 23 yrs and 1 aged 19 yrs.


12th Dec 1875

Leases transferred to Duke of Devonshire

John Humphreys

Christopher Dowden

Joseph Beck

James Connell


Bridewell St now Stauntons Lane

1826 lease J C Swanton for 41 years – at top of street and adjoining Railway.


19th Dec 1879

Has not heard from Miss (Anne) Loane regarding her land at Callatrim


22nd May 1879

William Bullen died of ? Pneumonia


21st Jan 1879

Two heavy floods




5th Jan 1882

Receipts form farmers 10th Dec 1881 to 9th Jan 1882 £1556.2.9


From C H Curry

remittances to this time only amount to £6000 which is very short in comparison to previous years. Must not allow tenants to take advantage of the unsettled state of the country. Bandon has previously exceeded Lismore by £750 but this year is short by £2000. Suggests sending out demanding letters.


Swanton died 27th Jun 1882


30th Oct 1882

Timothy Canniffe of East Gully has served an originating notice (for new lease?). Holds 21 acres with yearly rental £42, and valuation of £38.5.


Benjamin Hosford same for land at Teadies – 52 acres. Rental £70, valuation £58.5


31st Jan 1882

Reduction of rent for John Shorten – Kilnecranagh


23rd Mar 1882

George Emmerson, nephew of late John Clerke, lease in South Main St. Undertakes to expend £400, wants 61 years at £10 and £1 for garden


10th Apr 1882

Denis Lordan tenant at Tullyglass has 2 farms – Tullyglass 85 acres and Scranavidogue 67 acres. Wants to transfer Scranavidogue to his son and build a house otherwise his son will emigrate. (Curry's father had objected to farm being divided).


Jonathan Clerkes 1816 lease for 99 years in North Main St. Tenant Mrs Ann Robinson – ejectment for non-payment of rent


Thomas Wren at Dromovean – arrears £127.15.4


William B Shorten has withdrawn an originating notice for Kilnecranagh


Robert Scholfield  in arrears, originating notice withdrawn?