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Letters from tenants to Estate Agent 1827 1829


1827    John Horrigan of Shinahg, wanting a farm, has been a tenant under Bamfield                 


            Mary Mahony, widow. Has a few acres at Coolfadda, wishes to retain her land as she has several sons


            Daniel McCarthy, Kilnecranagh, son of Widow McCarthy. He is the eldest son of Charles McCarthy who died c1820. Last Shrovetide the mother got her 2nd son married and petitioner had to sleep in outhouse. Seeks the Duke's assistance to get justice or he will go elsewhere.

            Estate Agents comments: wants to turn his mother and family out and have the farm himself. His mother is a respectable woman who has given this man some cattle and has equally assisted other children. This man is a jobber in cattle and can support himself.


            Jeremiah McCarthy, Kilnecranagh, son of Charles. States that all the family assisted with the farm but he was chief conductor of the business. Got married last Shrovetide, his mother promised part of the farm and part of sister's fortune. Since then mother has never allowed him a perch of the farm and turned his wife out of the house and often desired him to quit.


            Letter from the mother of these men asking that nothing her sons say should be believed.


            John Wheeler Sullivan, schoolmaster for 29 years at Bandon, applying for a position as weighmaster and clerk at the markets.


            David Bruce and St John Abbott, seeking payment for when elected to the corporation  (Estage Agent notes that this amounts to 1 each)


1828    Timothy Hagerty, Barretts Hill. Has lately disposed (dispossessed?) of a tenement in Sugar Lane. The thatch has blown away from his present house and seeks help to replace it.


            Character reference for William Good and his son Thomas, of Brinny. Signed by John Nash, Robert Popham, William Beaufort (rector), John? Payne and Maskelyne Alcock.


            Stephen Mawson, Bandon, black and white smith, a native of Yorkshire. Was sent to bandon by Mr Knowlten and Atkinson to execute Duke's ironwork. Was promised a house by Mr Ashby. Has had little business lately. His wife has died leaving him with 7 children and unable to pay rent of 6 to Mr Bullen.

            Estate Agent's comment: to have a house on Bridewell Quay and a small forge to be put up.


1829    Richard Dawson, Moneen. Father held land at Moneen for 25 yrs, had a large family and emigrated to America to provide for part of them. At the time of emigration, the farm was in   arrears, he left it to Richard and John Dawson the latter cleared up his part of tall demands. Richard has paid 31.9.6 since his father left and John has paid 51. Richard is now in arrears, having lost his crop last year and had a horse stolen. Has always been an improving tenant. Is asking for time to pay and not to be dispossessed.


            Nicholas Marks, cordwainer. Lately a tenant in South Main Street of property now partly in the possession of John Shehan Harris. He expended 68 on improvements. Is unable to pay rent, has been a poor cripple for nearly 40 yrs.

            Letter from Harris saying that no improvements appear to have been made and the house was in bad repair when he took it on.


Further letters, undated, mostly grievances over rent and dispossession, or claims of abuse of power by Estate Agent.


            Michael Horgan, Callatrim. Had 82 acres at Garranes at 16/- per annum for 17 yrs. Built ditches and houses and improved the land. Popham (Agent) turned him out and gave the land to his cousin German Mr Dowe. Now has only 18 acres at Callatrim. Also had 50 acres at Scartnamuck under Richard Splane who turned him out and gave the farm to a man who gave in 24 guineas in gold.


            Timothy Hinnegan and David Scannell, Scartnamuck. Hinnegan had 28 acres at 1 guineas per annum, Scannell 49 acres at the same. Claimed they were told to say they paid less rent. Suffered abuse for telling the truth. Hinnegan had a gun cocked at him by Benjamin Popham.


            Timothy Brien. Turned off his land in 1819 and lost all his possessions, including household furniture. Received no consideration and when enquiring about it was told to go about his business.


            Timothy Corcoran. Was a tenant of Charles Whiting, Lissabroder. Had 42 acres at 35.10.2  annual rental. Improved the land, has now been asked for higher rent.


            Thomas Lordan, Moneen. A tenant for 40 yrs under William Popham and then the Duke of  Devonshire. William Popham jnr? Had charged more for everything and did not give receipts. When asked had 'said did I think he had not more honour than to deny the payments'. Lordan was served with notice to surrender the land. He went to Philip Splane twice for help but was told he had no chance of keeping farm. It would be given to his brother Abraham Splane. He had appealed to the Duke who had put a stop to this (a long and complicated story).


            Widow Crowley, Moskeagh. Widow of Timothy Crowley who bequeathed 5 to be paid to her each year by her son, who has totally neglected to do so. Had turned her out on a dark night.


            David Stanley, Enniskeane. Holds a tenement at an extravagant yearly rent to the Misses Cue. House is in bad repair but wants to become a direct tenant of the Duke.


            Johanna Donovan, Enniskeane. Had a few acres under Halyburton                   


            Edward Tobin, Enniskeane. Is building a house and seeks assistance to finish it.


            Bridget Wholly, Teadies. Her youngest son Daniel has 2 natural children with one woman and 1 with another, whom he has married. He was penalised for his conduct, then took possession of part of her house, which was built by another son, John. She has not been able to resolve the situation and wants him turned out.