a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Name of Pawnbroker Residence Name of securities Residence Occupation Date of bond
Thomas BENNETT Clonakilty William HOLLAND Cork Shopkeeper 8th Oct 1833
and Daniel SULLIVAN   Robert HALTON Cork Shopkeeper  
  John HALTOS Cork Shopkeeper  
Dorah KINGSTON Bandon James DAWSON Bandon Tanner 26th Nov 1833
  William DAWSON Cork Woollen Draper  
  William C SULLIVAN Bandon Tanner  
Andrew WAUGH Clonakilty William PHIPPS Cork Cordwainer 1835
and Richard WAUGH   Andrew WAUGH Cork Victualler  
  Edward LONG Cove Pawnbroker  
William BENNETT Clonakilty George HARRIS Bandon Shopkeeper 23rd Oct 1832
  Thomas BENNETT Bandon Pawnbroker  
  James CONNELL Bandon Publican  
Andrew WAUGH Clonakilty William PHIPPS Clonakilty Shopkeeper 12th Jan 1824
and Richard WAUGH   Joseph MORGAN Cork Leather merchant  
  John LYONS Cork Merchant  
George HARRIS Bandon George HARRIS Jnr Bandon Clothier 6th Apr 1824
  Robert FULLER Bandon Clothier  
  Joseph FULLER Bandon Farmer  
Mary WILLIAMS Kinsale Richard WILLIAMS Bandon Pawnbroker 18th Feb 1825
  Joseph BENNETT Bandon Pawnbroker  
  Thomas FULLER Bandon Pawnbroker  
George WILLIAMS Kinsale Richard WILLIAMS Nth Main St, Bandon Pawnbroker 24th Jan 1832
  Thomas FULLER St Main St, Bandon Pawnbroker  
  John PERROT Kinsale Ironmonger  
Richard WILLIAMS Bandon       August 1819
Thomas BENNETT Bandon       January 1821
William KINGSTON Bandon       October 1821
George HARRIS Bandon       May 1825
John SHINE Bandon       February 1828
Robert FULLER Bandon       Sept 1828
Joseph BENNETT Bandon        
William BENNETT Cloughnakilty       Nov 1822
James EDWARDS Bandon       Jan 1826
Richard COLE Bandon       Sept 1837
Thomas FULLER Bandon        
Esther EDWARDS Bandon       29th Feb 1840
Richard PEYTON Bandon       4th May 1840
Joseph ROYCROFT Bandon       17th Feb 1843
Thomas BULLEN Bandon       14th Jun 1844
Isaac PHIPPS Clonakilty       13th June 1839
and William PHIPPS Clonakilty        
William PEYTON Bandon Thomas BENNETT Bandon Gentleman 31st Oct 1825
  Joseph BENNETT Bandon Gentleman  
  William MORIARTY Bandon Gentleman