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Recipients of Flood Relief Awards in Bandon in 1765

Bandon was severely flooded in 1765 and the bridge across the river was washed away causing great hardship.  A boat was procured to ferry people across the river.  

The following people were granted assistance by the Corporation to compensate for the hardship caused.

        To Aldwell Ireland stg 11.7.6

To Richard Moxley stg 1.2.9 

To Joseph Olliffe stg 2.5.6.

        To Josh Sullivan stg 3.0.3  T

To Thomas Stephens stg 1.2.9 

To Thumy? Harrington stg 2.5.0. 

To the Widow Williams Stg 1.2.9 

To John Davis the sum of stg 3.0.3 

To Henry Holmes stg 2.5.0. 

To Mary Kelly  Stg 6.2.9 

To the Widow of George Davis stg3.0.3  

To Nicholas Farr stg 1.2.9.

        To Edward Browne stg 6.2.9

To John Carberry stg 1.2.9 

To the Widow Burnham stg 1.2.9. 

To Mary Hunter stg 1.2.9. 

To Mary Rice  stg3.0.3. 

To Thele daughter of James Thele stg5.13.9. 

To Henry Harding stg1.2.9. 

To James Martin stg1.2.9