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List of those who attended the hearings of the Inquiry into the State of the Poor in Ireland 1836 

Patrick J Annell Baker  
Benjamin Bellew Labourer  
David Butler Farmer of 75 acres  
D Callaghan Farmer of 26 acres  
Rev Mr Field Protestant priest  
Jeremiah Hurley Farmer of 47 acres  
John Leary Innkeeper  
Thomas Leary Foundling overseer  
Denis McCarthy Labourer formerly farmer and overseer of the parish  
Eugene McCarthy    
Johnstone Mackintosh Clerk of the Petty Sessions  
Rev Thomas Meade Rector  
Rev William More Curate, Crossthwaite  
William Neal Labourer  
Kilbrogan and Ballymodan    
John Bassett Weaver  
Thomas Bullen Farmer of 57 acres  
Robert Clark Farmer  
Rebecca Clarke Employed to take foundlings to Cork  
Robert Edwards Tobacconist  
Michael Falvey Churchwarden 1833  
John Fawcitt Shopkeeper, churchwarden 1822  
Thomas Haward Weaver  
William Hornibrook Farmer  
Rev William Hunter Presbyterian minister  
Rev Arthur Knox Vicar of Ballymodan  
John Lindsay Weaver  
Richard James Long Churchwarden Kilbrogan present year  
Rev Daniel McSweeney Roman Catholic rector  
Rev Horace T Newman Rector of Kilbrogan  
Robert Philips Weaver  
Cornelius Quillinan Labourer  
George Stanley Farmer of 175 acres  
Thomas Tanner Farmer  
Stewart Tresilian Churchwarden present year  
Kilgariffe incl Clonakilty    
John Abbott Shopkeeper  
Michael Allen Beecher Churchwarden  
John Bennett J P  
Jeremiah Collins Labourer  
Jeremiah Deasy Labourer  
Richard Deasy Merchant  
Dr Folliott    
Denis Hurley Farmer of 18 acres  
John Kingston Farmer of 65 acres  
Edward Lucy Farmer of 70 acres  
James Neal    
Denis Sexton Farmer of 20 acres  
Rev Henry Wilson Steward Vicar of Kilcoe  
Rev C C Townsend Rector  
Rev D Walsh Roman Catholic rector  
John White Labourer