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2nd July 1809   REWARD


George Kingston offered a reward of thirty guineas to anyone who would turn in the perpetrator who fired the musket ball through his window on 2nd July, 1809 believed to be following disciplinary action after a disturbance within the Bandon Yeomanry on 1st July 1809 when they wore Orange lilies in their caps against orders.  The following people offered to contribute to the reward:

In Stg, shillings, pence


Lord Bandon                             stg 50

Provost of Bandon                 stg 30

John Sealy                                 stg 22/15/00

Thomas Biggs                           stg 20         

 John Campbell                       stg 20

Nathaniel Evanson                stg20

Samuel Beamish                    stg 20

Robert Sealy                            stg20

Richard loyd                            stg20

George Cornwall                   stg 20

George Allman                      stg 20

Philip Splane                         stg 20

J. Kenny DD                            stg 20

R Austin  DD                           stg 20

Mason Alcock, Clk               stg 11/7/6

Jonathen Clerke MD           stg 10

Ambrose Hickey DD           stg10

Robert OC Newenham    stg10

Joseph Wheeler                  stg10

John Swete                            stg 10

William Allman                    stg 10

William Popham                  stg 10

George Sweney                    stg 10

John Wheeler                        stg 5/13/9

Thomas Honner                    stg 5/13/9

Stewart Tresilian                 Stg5/13/9

Christopher Dowden         stg 5/13/9

William Dowden                 stg 5/13/9

Jacob Biggs                            stg 5/13/9

Richard Loane MD              stg 5/13/9

Thomas Busteed                 stg 5/13/9

John Nash                              stg 5/13/9

And.R. Bourke                     stg5/13/9

Robert Travers                    stg 5/13/9

Isaac Dowden                     stg5/13/9

Thomas Dowden               stg5/13/9

William Sullivan                stg5/13/9

Thomas Porter                   stg5/13/9

William Jenkins MD         stg5/13/9

William Jenkins                stg5/13/9

George Chinnery             stg5/13/9

John Barrett, Cork           stg5/13/9

William Belcher               stg5

Edward Cotter                  stg5

Luke F. Nagle                    stg3/8/3

William Sullivan, Clk     stg3/8/3

Nichs.C Bowen Clk         stg3/8/3

J. Stewart, Clk                  stg3/8/3

Richard Wheeler           stg3/8/3

John Jago                         stg3/8/3

George emerson           stg3/8/3

Thomas Beamish           stg3/8/3

George Sutton               stg3/8/3