a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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 Combining the following three lists: - [additional information in brackets and italics]

(A) APPLICATIONS FOR EXCISE LICENCES FROM BANDON BRIDGE [1832 - 1838 from Premises under the Annual Value of £10]

(B) APPLICATIONS FOR EXCISE LICENSES FROM BANDON [1832 - 1838 from Premises under the Annual Value of £10]

(S) FURTHER RETURN of the Names and Residences specifying the Streets and Numbers of the Houses of all Individuals in the Towns in Ireland which return Members to serve in Parliament who have made Application or received EXCISE LICENCES for the Sale of Spirits in Premises under the Annual Value of £10 since 1st October 1832 [to 1838]

 *Date of Registry as a Householder - Date of Registry as a £10 Householde, a voting qualification of the time which also seems to have been needed in order to apply for a Licence. It is worth noting that the Reform Act of 1831 extended the franchise. 

 Name                                       Residence                    Note      Date of              Registry as a             Householder* 

ALLMAN  William George         Buck Quay                  BS        

BARRY  Patrick                       Castle Street                A          

BEAMISH   William                      New Road                   BS        

BERE  John                           Boyle Street                 B           1832

BEYNES  Edward                      Shannon Street            A          

BROWNE  John                           Shannon Street            A          

BRYAN   Timothy                     North Main Street        BS        

BRYON   Cornelius                  Castle Street                A          

BRYON  Timothy                   North Main Street        A           1833

BUCKLEY  Daniel                     Watergate Street         BS        

BUCKLEY  Patrick                      Shannon Street            A          

BYRNE  Edward                     Boyle Street                 S           

CALLAGHAN  Daniel                      Shannon Street            AS        1833

CALLAGHAN Dennis                     Wesley Quay               A          

CANLAN  Stephen                     South Main Street        S           

CARNELL  Thomas                     Kilbrogan Street          B           

CARTHY  Timothy                   North Main Street        BS        

CAULAN  Stephen                    South Main Street        B           

COGHLAN  Jeremiah                    Shannon Street            A           1832

CONNELL  Thomas                    North Main Street        AS        

CONNOLLY  Jeremiah                   Castle Street                A          

CONNOR  Timothy                   North Main Street        A          

CROWLEY  John                           Castle Road              BS        

CROWLEY  John                          Shannon Street          BS        

DARAHOE  John                          Kilbrogan Street          B           

DEADY  Dennis                       Shannon Street            A           1832

DESMOND  Jeremiah                  South Main Street        BS        

DESMOND  John                        North Main Street        A           1832

DONAGHUE  John                         North Main Street        A           1835

DONOHOE   John                          Kilbrogan Street          S           

DONOVAN  James                        Shannon Street            A           1832

DONOVAN  James                       Castle Street                A           1835

DRISCOL  Timothy                    North Main Street        A          

DRISCOLL   Michael                    Kilbrogan Street          BS        

DRISCOLL   Timothy                    Kilbrogan Street          BS         1832

DRISCOLL   William                    Boyle Street                 BS        

FARNELL   James                        Shannon Street            BS        

FITZGERALD James                       Bridge Street               A           1837

FITZPATRICK James                       Shannon Street            BS         1835

FLYNN  Dennis                        Chapel Street               A          

FLYNN  Dennis                      Hill Street                    BS        

FOLEY  Timothy                    South Main Street        A          

GIBSON  Robert                      North Main Street        A          

GRIFFIN  Daniel                      Shannon Street            A          

HAYES  Michael                 South Main Street        A           1837

HICKEY  Daniel                    Shannon Street            ABS      

HOLLAND  Dennis                    New Road                   A          

HOLLAND  Samuel                  Watergate Street          A          

HOWES  William                   North Main Street        A          

HUNT  Richard                  New Road                  A           1832

HURLEY  James                   North Main Street        BS         1832

HURLEY  John                        Chapel Street               A           1832

INWRIGHT   John                     South Main Street        BS        

KEARNEY  William                 New Road                   BS        

LEARY  James                   Shannon Street            BS        

LEE   Samuel                  Watergate Street          A           1832

LYNCH  John                      Watergate Street          A          

M’CARTHY  James                    South Main Street        A           1832

M’CARTHY  Michael                North Main Street        A          

MAHONEY  John                     Castle Road                 BS        

MAHONY   Daniel                  Watergate Street          A          

MAHONY   Jeremiah               South Main Street        BS         1832

MAHONY   Judith                    New Road                   BS        

MULLHOLLAND  George                New Road                   BS         1832

MUNROY  Catherine                 Shannon Street            BS        

MURPHEY  Thomas                Watergate Street          A          

MURPHY   Daniel                    South Main Street        A           1832

MURPHY   Daniel                    Shannon Street            BS         1837

MURPHY   Denis                     Watergate Street          BS         1832

MURPHY   Edward               North Main Street        A           1835

MURPHY   Ellen                      New Road                   A          

MURPHY   John                      North Main Street        A           1832

MURPHY   Michael                  Shannon Street            BS        

MURPHY   Timothy               Shannon Street            BS         1832

MURRAY  Daniel                    Shannon Street            A          

PARRETT  Mathew                  Watergate Street          A           1832

SHEEHAN  John                     Watergate Street          BS        

STEDFAST  George                    Castle Road                 BS        

STOPFORD  James                   North Main Street        A          

STOPFORD  James                     Kilbrogan Street          BS        

SULLIVAN  Jeremiah                  Shannon Street            A           1837

SULLIVAN  Thomas                   Castle Street                A           1837

SWEENEY   Cornelius              Shannon Street            A          

SWEENEY  Cornelius              Boyle Street                BS        

TANNER  John                         North Main Street        A           1836

THOMAS   Benjamin                Shannon Street            BS         1832

WHITE  James                      North Main Street        ABS      1835

WHITE  John                         North Main Street        A     

Acknowledgments to Jean Prendergast for original transcription – Cork Ancestors