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The data  below has been abstracted from 'A Guide to Copies and Abstracts of Irish Wills' by Rev Wallace Clare 1930


This table of wills and abstracts are part of the W.H. Welply collection which is held at the Society of Genealogists in London.  The second table below this is of other known wills and abstracts that do not appear in this collection but which also survived 1922
Date Surname          
1763 Adderley Dorothy widow Bandon    
1658 Adderley Thomas Innishannon      
1691 Adderley Thomas Innishannon      
1791 Adderley Thomas Innishannon      
1769 Baldwin John Bandon      
1627 Baldwin Margery Templemartin      
1768 Baldwin Walter Roughgrove      
1765 Barter Thomas Innishannon      
1769 Barter Thomas Innishannon      
1692 Barter William Templemichael      
1756 Biggs Edith Bandon      
1770 Biggs Isaac Bandon      
1772 Bigs Jeremiah Clothier Bandon    
1775 Biggs Rebecca Bandon      
1669 Brown John Merchant Bandonbridge  
1796 Busteed Jane widow Bandon    
1782 Busteed Jonathan Dundanion      
1720 Conner Daniel Bandon      
1729 Dowden Christopher linen weaver Bandon    
1832 Dowden Christopher merchant Bandon    
1847 Dowden George Bandon      
1785 Dowden Joseph Merchant Bandon    
1846 Dowden Mary widow      
1668 Draper John draper Ballymodan  
1642 Draper William Bandon      
1630 Fuller Anne widow Bandonbridge  
1643 Fuller Thomas yeoman Bandonbridge  
1677 Fuller Lieutenant William Ballymodan      
1773 Fuller William farmer Middle Manch  
1840 Gillman Ellen Widow Bandon    
1796 Gillman Richard Bandon      
1689 Gilman Bridget widow Ballymodan  
1698 Gray Terence Ballymodan      
1714 Harris Richard Tanner bandonbridge  
1704 Howse Edward Bandonbridge      
1823 Jenkins William MD Bandon      
1779 Jephson William Innishannon      
1721 Lapp William Bandon      
1793 Ledbetter Joseph Bandon      
1788 Ledbetter Joseph Bandon      
1624 Mertin John yeoman Bandonbridge  
1720 Mills Thomas Clerk Ballymodan  
1851 Orr Mary widow Innishannon  
1619 Perry Philip Kilbrogan      
1673 Persevall Mathias Bandon      
1681 Pigott Alexander Innishannon      
1688 Price John weaver Bandon    
1643 Richmond alias Shipward Ballymodan      
1724 Roycraft James bandon      
1742 Roycraft William merchant Bandon    
1629 Smith Thomas Clothier Bandonbridge  
1663 Smith Thomas Ballymodan      
1654 Spencer Lawrence Bandonbridge      
1737 Spiller Margaret widow Bandon    
1684 Stamers George Balnadee      
1651 Stamers John Bandonbridge      
1719 Stamers John Radrought, Ballinadee    
1756 Stamers John Merchant Bandon    
1770 Stamers Sarah widow Bandon    
1768 Stawell Jonas Kilbrittain      
1821 Stawell Sampson Kilbrittain      
1698 Symes George Ballymodan      
1776 tanner Jonathan Bandon      
1740 Tanner Jonathan Sneior Merchant Bandon    
1690 Taylor John Bandonbridge      
1691 taylor John Bandonbridge      
1754 travers Boyle Bandon      
1727 Travers John Bandon      
1648 Turner Henry Burgess Bandonbridge  
1653 Turner Major Henry Bandonbridge      
1678 Warner Elizabeth widow Bandonbridge  
1698 Warner William Ballymodan      
1642 Watkins Edward Ballymodan      
1687 Watkins John Bandonbridge      
1699 Watkins Margaret Bandonbridge      
1634 Wiseman William Bandon      
1662 Woodruffe Clement Bandonbridge      


Second Table of wills surviving 1922

1750 Baldwin Henry Mossgrove