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Bandon - Changes in Street Names and locations

Name/Present Name

Previous Name/s


Allen Square

1613 West St. 1620 Sugar St. 1685 Sugar Lane. 1824 Devonshire Square

Renamed in 1940 after William Philip ALLEN.

Ballymodan Place

1775 Un-named

1979 Ballymodan Place

Bank Place

1940 Hales Place.

Bank Place 1979

Begley’s Lane

Factory Lane 1841

Named after Scott’s Factory. Renamed 1988

Bleach Lane


Closed by 1882

Bog Lane (off Chapel St)



Bog Lane (off O’Mahoney Avenue)

1841 Fowley’s or Crowley’s Lane

Bog Lane 1988

Brady’s Lane


Noted in 1841

Bridewell Lane


Noted in 1907, closed by 1938

Bridewell St


Incorporated into Cavendish Quay by 1841

Bridge Lane

Bridewell Lane – 2

Confirmed as Bridge Lane 1938

Bridge Place


Noted in 1841

Bridge Street


Approach to Old Bandon Bridge

Casement Road

Warner’s Lane

Renamed in 1940

Chapel Lane

Hatter’s Lane

Known locally under both names

Chapel Street

1806 Gallows Hill (St)

Renamed 1979

Church Lane or Church Lane North


Noted from 1750

Connolly Street

Boyle Street

Noted from 1831. Named for the Boyle family, earls of Cork. Renamed 1940

Convent Hill East

Part of Kilbrogan St

Unnamed 1882-1938. Renamed 1979

Convent Hill West

Barrett’s Hill

Barretts Hill noted from 1775. Renamed 1979

Cork Road

Old Cork Road


Cove Lane


Noted by 1841. Closed by 1882. Reopened 1979

The Cross Lane


Noted by 1790

Daleyard or Deal Yard Lane


Noted by 1838. Also known as West Cork Lane

Distillers or Distillery Road


Noted from 1841

Doherty’s Road


Noted from 1882. Named after Charles Doherty, agent for the Earl of Bandon

Dunmanaway Road


Noted from 1882, also known as West Road

Emmet Row/Street

Cavendish Row

Noted from 1841. Renamed in 1840

The Factory

Continuation of Kilbrogan St

Noted in 1841

Fluke Hole Lane


Noted from 1882

Gallows Hill Cross


Noted from 1841

Gas Works Lane


Noted from 1851. West end closed by 1901

Glasslinn Road


Built 1973 on site of former railway line

Grain House Lane


Noted by 1841. Closed by 1938. Named after part of Watergate Brewery

Grandon’s Lane


Noted by 1841. Closed by 1938

Hamilton’s Lane


Noted by 1841. North end closed 1882

High St

(Off Cork Rd)

Closed by 1938

Hill St


Noted from 1824. See also Market Hill

Hospital Lane

(Off Connolly St) Also known as Poor House Lane and Pump Lane

North East part of Chapel St

Irish Town Crossroads


Noted from 1901

Kealy’s Lane

Also known as Kehily or Kelly’s Lane

Noted from 1841. Closed by 1901

Kilbrogan Hill

Part of North Main St

Named in 1979

Kilbrogan Lane/Street


Noted from 1775. Also see Convent Hill (east)

King St


Uncertain location, possibly part of South Main St.

Lovell’s Hill


Noted from 1882

McSweeny/McSwiney Quay

Burlington Quay. Also known as Back Quay

Under construction 1807. Renamed 1940 after Terence McSwiney

Macroom Road

1841 North New Line. 1882 New Cork Road

Renamed 1979

Market Hill


Uncertain location, possibly Hill St

Market Place


Uncertain location, possibly North Main St NW end

Market Quay


Built 1818, noted as Market Quay from 1841

Market Street

Bridewell Lane (1775)

Noted as Market St from 1841

Mill Place

Mill Green (1775)

Noted as Mill Lane from 1841

Mill Road

Cork Road 1882

Noted as Mill Road from 1938

Murray’s Lane


Location unknown. Named after William Murray, pewterer. Noted in 1745

New Road

Clancool Road 1846

Renamed 1979

North Main St

Part of Kilbrogan Hill. North St 1750

Noted as North Main St from 1817. Part north of Courthouse renamed Kilbrogan Hill 1979

Oliver Plunkett St

1824 Shannon St

Named for Earls of Shannon. Renamed 1940

O’Mahoney Avenue

Castle Road

Named for approach to Castle Bernard. Renamed 1940

Parnell St

Foxes St 1807

Noted as Fox St from 1807, named for George Fox – founder of Society of Friends (Quakers). Renamed 1940

Pearse St

Castle Street

Noted as Castle St from 1643. Named after East Gate. Renamed 1940

Rice’s Road


Noted from 1882

St Finbarr Place

1824 Bridewell Quay. 1841 Wesley Quay

Renamed 1940

St Fintan Road

1841 Higgins Lane

Renamed 1940

St Patrick’s Hill

1831 Swanton Lane. 1851 Stanton’s Lane. 1882 Swanton’s Lane

Probably named for Swanton, Duke of Devonshire’s agent. Renamed before1926

St Patrick’s Place

1841 Part of Cavendish Quay

Renamed before 1926

St Patrick’s Quay

1831 Back Quay. 1841 Cavendish Quay

Renamed before 1926

Sealy’s Lane


Noted from 1841

Smith’s Lane

1841 Garden Lane

Noted as Smith’s Lane from 1882

South Main St

1620 High St. 1775 Main St.

Noted as South Main St from 1814

The Square

1826 Cavendish Square. 1841 Fair Green

Renamed 1979

Watergate St


Noted from 1841

Water/Watery Lane

Preaching House Lane

Noted as Water Lane from 1840

Waugh’s Lane


Noted from 1841. Built over by 1882

Weir St


Noted from 1775

Wheeler’s Lane


Noted from 1841. Eastern end closed 1882

William’s Lane


Location unknown, near Parnell St. Noted 1807



Maps and other historic information available from Royal Irish Academy – Irish Historic Towns Atlas series.