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With the village of Innishannon and Neighbourhoods


Bandon, or Bandon Bridge, is a large and respectable market town, and a borough both corporate and parliamentary, partly in the parish of Kilbrogan, barony of Kinalmeaky, but chiefly in that of BALLYMODAN, barony of East Carbery, east division, county of Cork, 174 miles s.w. from Dublin and 19 s.w. from Cork, pleasantly situated on the banks of the river from which it derives its name, and is the terminus of the Bandon and Cork railway.  This town was founded by the celebrated Richard Boyle, first Ear of Cork about the year 1610; by his interest it was incorporated and several charters were obtained, granting to the inhabitants many privileges and advantages.  At the period Bandon was chiefly inhabited by English protestants, who walled and fortified the town and built two churches and market houses.  The walls were, however, demolished by the Irish in 1689, for which violence no Roman Catholics were, for a long time, permitted to reside in the town.  The settlers being an industrious and economical people, Bandon began to flourish and increase, till at length the streets within the walls becoming incapable of containing its population, several additional ones were built in various parts of the suburbs and it has continued to improve in appearance and increase in wealth ever since.  The principal part of the present town lies in a valley environed with lofty hills.  Under the various names of Main Street, Boyle Street, and Shannon Street, it extends on the south side for about a mile and a half parallel with the river, and on the north for about half that distance.  Many of the habitations are built on the acclivity of the hills on both sides of the river, which are agreeably wooded and embellished with several mansions and villas, that impart to the environs a pleasing appearance.  The old town stands on the estate of the Duke of Devonshire; and the western portion belongs to the Earls of Cork and Bandon.  In addition to the corn and provision trade, there are two linen manufactories, two breweries, and an extensive distillery, several tanneries, malting, and flour mills; branches of the Bank of Ireland, the Provincial and the Munster Banks, and two hotels.  The shopkeepers, who carry on a very extensive retail trade, are numerous and highly respectable.  A limited trade is carried on by the river, which is navigable for barges to Inishannon, four miles from the town.  The inhabitants were incorporated by charter of James 1.  James 11 granted a new one, and Charles II conferred lands on the corporation.  The government is vested in the magistrates, who hold general sessions for the west-riding in October or November, and petty sessions for the division every Monday.  Manorial courts for the recovery of debts under 40s are held once in three weeks respectively, by the seueschals of the different manors of Castle Mahon, Coolfadda and Clough McSimon, belonging to the noblemen before-named.  Bandon returns one member to the Imperial Parliament in the person of William Shaw Esq, S Bolton Street, London W.  Bandon confers the title of baron on the family of Bernard.


There are two Episcopal churches belonging respectively to the parishes of Ballymodan and Kilbrogan – the former is a very elegant Gothic structure, the first stone of which was laid on the 9th of March, 1847, by the Earl of Bandon, who subscribed the magnificent sum of stg 700.  It was opened for public worship on the 30th of August, 1849 and the total cost amounted to stg 13,000 – stg 4,000 of which was subscribed by friends and parishioners.  Kilbrogan church commonly called Christ Church is in a cruelform structure begun in 1610 and finished by the first Earl of Cork in 1625.  The other places of worship are a Roman Catholic chapel; one each for Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists; one for Presbyteriansx; a Scots church, and a chapel attached to the Presentation Convent.  The sisters of the last named establishment devote themselves assiduously to the instruction of the poor children of the town and its vicinity.  The charitable institutions are a union workhouse, a female school of industry, a Protestant charity school for boys, two Catholic charity schools for children of both sexes and several Sunday schools.  About half a mile west of the town is Castle Bernard, the delightful residence of the Earl of Bandon.  This elegant structure has two regular fronts, ornamented with Corinthian pillars of Portland stone; the apartments are sumptuously furnished and convenient, and the mansion is surrounded with tastefully disposed shrubberies, walks, gardens, and a noble park four miles in extent.  Numerous other seats, the residences of opulent and spirited proprietors, tend to enliven the vicinity of Bandon.  The markets, which are well supplied with all kinds of provisions and cattle, are held on Wednesday and Saturday.  Fairs, May 6th, Holy Thursday, October 29th, November 8th and the first Wednesdy in each of the other months.  The population of the town and borough in 1851 was 6,929 and in 1861 6243.


Innishannon is a post village and parish, partly in the barony of East Carbery but chiefly in that of Kinnalea, same county as Bandon, 4 miles E of that town, seated on the north bank of the Bandon river, in the midst of picturesque scenery.  A great number of boats arrive here with every tide, laden with sand from Kinsale harbour.    The river, which is crossed by a neat bridge of six arches, abounds with fish above the town.  The places of worship are the parish church and a Roman Catholic chapel – the former, situated near the river in a thick plantation, is a very neat edifice with tower and spire.  A fever hospital and a dispensary are the charitable establishments.  Population of the parish in 1861  2,103 and of the village 426.


POST OFFICE, Bridge Street, Bandon, Thomas Lavell, Post Master – Letters arrive from all parts at half past three morning, and at half past four afternoon; and are despatched to all parts west at half past three morning and four afternoon, and to Cork, Dublin, England, &c, at a quarter before ten morning and twenty minutes past eight evening.

Money Order Office and Post Office Savings Bank open daily from nine to six.

POST OFFICE, Innishannon, Jane Macintosh, Post Mistress – Letters arrive from all parts at seven morning and are despatched at eight evening.

Money Order Office and Post Office Savings Bank, open daily from nine to six


Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

Adams, Mrs Gertrude, Prospect, Innishannon

Allman James, Esq, the Glen

Allman Richard, Esq, the Glen

Appelbe E.A., Esq, Kildarra

Baldwin Godfrey, Esq, Brookfield

Baldwin, Mrs Hewit, Watergate Street

Bandon, the Right Hon, the Earl of Castle Bernard

Banfield Thomas, Esq, Shinagh

Barter William H. Esq, Tullyland

Beamish Bernard, Esq, Roseville

Beamish Francis, Esq, Killinear

Beamish Thomas Esq, Cashell

Bennett Mr George, Hill House

Berwick John R Esq, JP, Coolfadda House

Biggs Jacob Esq, Callatrim

Browne Stephen, LLD, Devonshire Square

Caldwell Mr Alex, Ketnagora

Clear Thomas, Esq, Watergate Terrace

Cole Rev Harding, Innishannon

Cole Thomas, Esq JP, WoodView, Innishannon

Connor Mr W, Milton

Corker James Richard Esq, Cor Castle, Innishannon

Cornwall Capt F.D. North Main Street

Cornwall John Esq, Janeville

Dennehy Richard, Esq. Prospect Villa, Innishannon

Doherty, Richard Wheeler, Esq, South Main Street

Dowden Christopher, Esq, South Main Street

Dowden William C. Esq, South Main Street

Eccles Rev Robt.  Kilbrogan Glebe

Edwards Robert Esq. Innishannon

Eyre Eyre Manuel, Esq, Down Daniel, Innishannon

Eyre Rev Robert, Edges Maunsel, Castleview, Innishannon

Fawcett Rev FB, Watergate

Fuller Thos Esq, South Main Street

Grant Rev James, Temple Michael, Innishannon

Hassett Henry, Esq, JP Woodlands

Hawkes Zechariah Cornock Esq, Moneens

Herrick Thomas H. Bousfield, Esq JP Shippool, Innishannon

Holland Rev Timothy, Highfort, Innishannon

Honor Robt. W, Esq, JP Clancoole

Hooper Mr William, Ballymountain

Hunter Mr David, Mount Prospect

Hunter, James Esq, Shannon Lodge

Hurley, Francis C, Esq, Clancoole House

Irwin Rev William, The Manse

Johnson Mrs Eliza, North Main Street

Lamb William A, Esq JP, Kilcolman Park

Lane Capt Richd, North Main Street

McKenzie James Esq, Innishannon

Meade Mrs Dorcas, Bellmont, Innishannon

Meade Mrs Elizabeth, Westropp House, Innishannon

Meade Captain John Cambell RN, Castle View, Ininhsannon

Meade Miss, Meades House, Innishannon

Nash Henry Esq, Glenview Cottage, Upton

O’Brien Rev Jeremiah PP Belle View

O’Connell Rev Daniel, Innishannon

O’Grady Thos, Esq, JP Rough Grove

O’Keeffe Rev James, Shannon Lodge

O’Mahony Rev Jas, Shannon Lodge

Poole Horace, Esq, Mayfield

Pope George Esq, St Marys

Popham M Esq, Scartnamuck

Popham Miss Regina, Watergate

Popham Robert, Esq, Mabeg

Quinn Richard, Esq JP Fir Grove Innishannon

Quinn Thomas, Esq, Sunny Hill, Innishannon

Roberts Benjamin, Esq, Tooreen Villa, Innishannon

Sealy Richard Esq, Chapel St,

Spiller Wm Anthony Esq Bandon

Sullivan Josias Treselian Esq, North Main Street

Sullivan Samuel Esq, Bridge Place

Sullivan Thomas Kingston, Esq, North Main Street

Sullivan William C, Esq JP, Overton House

Teulon GB Esq, North Main Street

Unkles Mr Ahraham, W. Union Hall

Unkles Mr H. R. Union Hall

Wakeham Rev Thos. North Main Street

Walker rev Wm, Ballinadee

Waugh Rev Thos, Watergate Street

Wheeler John, Esq JP North Main Street

Wheeler Captain John, RN JP North Main Street

Wood William Esq, Coolculitha, Innishannon


Academies and Schools

Bandon Model and Training School, Kilbrgan Street – David Jermyn, head master; Samuel Allman, assistant

Endowed School, Devonshire Square, Stephen Browne LLD, principal

Female School of Industry, Shannon St – Honoria Daly and Jane Shorten, teachers

Holland Denis, Shannon Street

Infants School, Kilbrogan Street – Catherine Topham, mistress

Infants School of Industry, Shannon St, Honoria Daly and assistants, teachers

Lordan Thomas, Cavendish Quay

McCarthy Timothy, Shannon Street

Male and Female School, Curravarahane – supported by the family of Lord Bandon – Thomas Latham, master

Matthews Isaac, Town Hall

Methodist (Wesleyan) School, Watergate – James Hunter, master.

National Schools

Chapel Street – Michael O’Keeffe, master

Innishannon – Edward Martin, master, Catherine Sullivan, mistress

Shannon Street – John Collins, master

Watergate Street – Thomas Dixon, master


Protestant Schools

Cavendish Quay – Michael Dow?, Master

Innishannon – Samuel Good – master.  Alice Isaac, Mistress 


Scotts Misses – South Main Street



McKenzie Sons and Hooper ( land estate and general) Burlington Quay

Tresilian Stewart R (land estate), North Main Street



Belcher Henry and William, Bridge Street

Cooper C.R. North Main Street

Jagoe Benjamin Henry, South Main Street



Doherty Richard Wheeler, South Main Street

Fuller Thomas, South Main Street

Sherlock Thomas and Son, Chapel Street

Sullivan Josias Tresilian, North Main Street

Sullivan Thomas Kingston, South Main Stret



Fawsitt John, South Main Street

Potter & Son (& Printer), South Main Street



Beare George, Shannon Street

Burke Daniel. Cavendish Quay

England Robert, Burlington Quay

Falvey Thomas, Innishannon

Hegarty George, Castle Road

Harte William Henry, South Main Street

Heron John, South Main Street

Hunter William, North Main Street

Lane Joseph, North Main Street

Lehane John, South Main Street

Mahony James, North Main Street

Moriarty William, South Main Street

Murphy Johannah, North Main Street

Olliffe Edward, Innishannon

O’Sullivan J., South Main Street

Payne Robert, North Main Street



Bank of Ireland, South Main Street (drawn on the Bank of England)  A Lyster, Manager

Munster Bank Limited, South Main Street (drawn on the Union Bank, London)  Robert Griffith – Manager

Provincial Bank of Ireland, North Main Street (drawn on Barclay. Bevan, Litton & Co Loindon) – Henry James Simms  Manager

Savings Bank (open on Saturday and Fair days from twelve to half past one), Cavendish Row.  John Sullivan Secretary



Calnan John, Cavendish Quay

Connell Michael, Innishannon

Desmond Daniel, Kilbrogan St

Fitzgerald Daniel, Shannon St

Keiler John, Shannon Street

Peyton Ralph, Cavendish Quay

S? Bartholomew, Cavendish Quay

Sullivan Patrick, Watergate Street


Booksellers and Stationery

Bright William, Bridge Street

Falvey Mary E, South Main Street

Payne William, Bridge Place


Boot and Shoe Makers

Barrett John, Shannon Street

Barrett Timothy, South Main Street,

Barrett William, Shannon Street

Bright Richard, Bridge Street

Carroll Mary, South Main Street

Corcoran Denis, Shannon St

Dawson Ed. Carroll, South Main Street

Hayes James, Shannon Street

Heron Timothy, Shannon Street

Keiler Daniel, Cavendish Quay

Leonard Richard, Boyle Street

Lovell George, Wesley Place

Mara William, Innishannon

Phillips Walter, Cavendish Quay

Sheridan James, Cavendish Quay

Smith James, Cavendish Quay

Sutton Robert, South Main Street,

Topham Richard, North Main Street



Cornwall & Co, Watergate Street

Hurley & Co, Clancoole Brewery


Brick, Tile and Slate Merchants

Harte John H, Cavendish Quay

Scott M & Co, South Main Street



Moynihan Daniel, Shannon Street

Preston Edward, Shannon Street

Stafford Thomas, Castle Street



Burke Daniel, Castle Street

Burke John, North Main St

Keefe John, Castle Street

Lyons John, Castle St

Santery Timothy, Castle St

Searle Henry, Innishannon

Searle Henry, Castle St

Searle Henry, Jun, Castle St

Searle Thomas, Castle St

Sullivan Daniel, Castle St

In the Devonshire Shambles

Fitzgerald John,

Morgan Michael

Murphy Michael

Murphy Timothy

Reen Edward

Reen John

Reen Peter

Walsh John


Butter Merchants

Desmond John, South Main Street

O’Driscoll Daniel, South Main Street



Long John, Innishannon

Moynihan Daniel, Shannon Street

Preston Edward, Shannon St

Stafford Thomas, Castle St


Coach Builders

Dempsey Patrick, Clancoole

Fullam Patrick, Burlington Quay


Coal Dealers

Clerke John, South Main St

Foley Patrick, North Main St

Stanley Edward, South Main St

Sutton Robert, South Main St

Thomas Benjamin, Shannon St



Bullen Eliza, Bridge St

Bullen Sarah, Castle St

Cottrell Sarah, North Main St

Hunter William, North Main St

Joyce William, South Main St

Maguire Alexander, Bridge St

Shine Eliza, Bridge St



Deasy Timothy, Shannon St

Griffin Patrick, Kilbrogan St

McCarthy John, Market St


Corn Merchants

Dowden William Christopher, South Main Street

Hayes Bennett, South Main St

McDonnell William, South Main Street

Pope George, Cavendish Quay



See Tanners and Curriers



See Whiskey Distillers


Earthenware & c. Dealers

Bennett William, Castle St

Bright William, Bridge St

Burts Robert, South Main St

Coghlan John, South Main St

Good J. North Main St

Hunter John Henry, Bridge St

Kayms Joshua, South Main St

Peters Thomas, Castle St

Sutton Robert, South Main St


Fire &c, Office Agents

Alliance – Thomas Kingston Sullivan, North Main Street

English and Scottish Law Life – T.K. Sullivan, North Main St

Imperial (fire) Thomas Sherlock & Son, 2 Lin Chapel St

Liverpool & London & Globe – S.R. Treselian, North Main St

Reliance C.H.R. Unkles, East Gully Mills

Royal – Richard Wheeler Doherty, South Main St

Standard (life) – Thomas Sherlock and Son, Chapel Street

Sun (Fire) Richard Wheeler Doherty, South Main St

West of England – McKenzie, Sons and Hooper, Burlington Quay


Flour and Meal Factors and Dealers

England Robert, Burlington Quay

Falvey Thomas, Innishannon

Good John, South Main St

McCarthy Daniel, Cavendish Quay

McCarthy Thomas, South Main Street

McCarthy Timothy, Burlington Quay

McDonnell William, South Main St

Roberts James. North Main St

Savage James, Cavendish Quay


Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

Marked thus * are also spirit dealers

Allshire Joseph, North Main Street

Appelbe G.T. North Union St

*Bannon John, Shannon St

Beare George, Shannon Street

*Brennan Catherine, Shannon St

Bullen Walter, North Main Street

Burke Daniel, Cavendish Quay

Buttimore John, South Main St

*Calman Joseph, South Main Street

Corley W, South Main St

Falvey Thomas, Innishannon

Good J. North Main Street

Good John, South Main St

Harte W.H. South Main St

Heron John, South Main St

*Hickey Andrew, South Main St

*Hunter David, South Main St

*Lane, Joseph, North Main St

*Lee Matthew, Bridge Place

*Loane John, Watergate St

Lovell George, Shanonn St

McCabe Thomas, Castle St

*McCarthy Charles, Cavendish Quay

*McDonnell William, South Main St

McINtosh Jane, Innishannon

*McSweeney Charles, Cavendish Quay

Maguire Alexander, Bridge St

Murphy Catherine, North Main St

*Murphy Giles, South Main St

Murphy Hannah, Innishannon

*Moriarty William, South Main St

Oliffe Edward, Innishannon

Peters Thomas, Castle St

Robinson Ann, North Main St

*Shine Daniel, Watergate St

Tanner Anne, North Main St

Thomas Benjamin, Shannon Street



(See also Public Houses)

Devonshire Arms, Abraham Loane, North Main Street

Railway Hotel, George W. French



Ironmongers and Hardwaremen

Appelbe G.T. North Main Street

Bright W and J, Bridge Street

Bullen William, South Main Street

Burts Robert, South Main Street

Clerke John, South Main Street

Cummins John, South Main Street

Fitzpatrick and Co, South Main Street

Hunter John Henry, Bridge Street

Scott and Co, South Main Street

Sutton Robert, South Main Street


Leather Sellers

Cummins John, South Main Street

Morgan Elizabeth, South Main Street

Smith James, Cavendish Square



Falvey Mary E. South Main Street

Payne William, Bridge Place


Linen and Woollen Drapers and Haberdashers

Brady A, North Main Street

Crowley John, South Main Street

Dawson Richard Carroll, South Main Street

Fawsitt George, South Main Street

Fawsitt John, South Main Street

Foley and Co, South Main Street

Greaves Charles, South Main Street

Greaves Thomas, South Main Street

Harris John, South Main Street

Horgan James, Innishannon

Massy Catherine, North Main Street

Moriarty James, South Main Street

O’Halloran William, South Main Street,

Robinson William and Son, South Main Street

Starkie, The Misses, South main Street

Turpin George, South Main Street

Wade Charles A, North Main Street

Wolfe Richard M, South Main Street


Linen Merchant

Dowden William Christopher, South Main Street



Hurley & Co, Clancoole Brewery

McDonnell William, Hill Street

Sullivan and Lee, Watergate Street



Bell and McDonnell, Bandon Mill

Crowley Jeremiah, Round Hill

Crowley Timothy, Round Hill

Keyes William, Castelack

Regan Patrick, Ballyfield Mills

Unkles Brothers  East Gully Mills


Milliners and Dress Makers

Greaves Charles, South Main Street

Greaves Thomas, South Main Street

Massey Catherine, North Main Street

Moriarty James, South Main Street

Walsh Mary, Bridge Street

Wolfe H, South Main Stret


Nail Makers

Allman George, Market Street

Allman John, Cork Road

Hurley Robert, Innishannon

Donovan John, Shannon Street,

Driscoll Timothy, Watergate Street

Forrest Robert, Innishannon

Leary Charles, Fox Street


Oil and Colourmen

Bright W and J, Bridge Street,

Hunter John Henry, Bridge Street,

Scott M & Co, South Main Street,

Sutton Robert, South Main Street


Painters and Glaziers

Beven Isaac, Shannon Street,

Beven Roger, Shannon Street

Beven William, Shannon Street

Bright Richard, Bridge Street

Riordan Denis, Shannon Street,

Sloane William, Castle Road

Tobin John, Shannon Street



Heron John, South Main Street

Kingston William, North Main Street

Merris Joseph, Stantons Lane

Peyton Harriet, South Main Street


Physicians and Surgeons

Belcher William, Bridge Street

Cooper C.H. North Main Street

Jagoe Benjamin Henry, South Main Street

McCarthy Charles, North Main Street

Slorach Henry, Innishannon

Toole Edward, North Main Street


Public Houses

Beamish Thomas, Bridge Street

Brien Jerome, Shannon Street

Callaghan Cornelius, North Main Street

Calnan Richard, South Main Street

Coghlan John, Cavendish Quay

Connelly Mary, Innishannon

Corcoran John,Cavendish Row

Cottrell Samuel, North Main Street

Crowley Cornelius,  Shannon Street

Crowley Daniel, Innishannon

Crowley L,Cavendish Quay

Cummins Mary, Round Hill

Daly John, North Main Street

Donovan, Mary, Market Street

Falvey MJ, Castle Street

Fitzpatrick John, Shannon Street

Flynn John, Shannon Street,

Foley Patrick, North Main Street,

Ford Thomas, North Main Street

Gallivan James, Innishannon

Halloran Timothy, Kilbrogan Street

Hayes Catherine, South Main Street

Heard James, South Main Street

Hickey Daniel, Shannon Street

Hickey John, North Main Street

Hurley Ellen, Shannon Street

Kearney Michael, Cavendish Row

Kelly James, Shannon Street

McCarthy Charles, Cavendish Quay

McCarthy Daniel, Cavendish Quay

McCarthy Denis, Castle Road

McCarthy Ellen, Shannon Street

McCarthy Thomas, Bridge Street

McSweeny Daniel, Cavendish Quay

Mahony James, North Main Street

Mahony Jeremiah, North Main Street

Mahony Johanna, North Main Street

Mahony Julia, Round Hill

Murphy Catherine, North Main Street

Murphy Daniel, Shannon St

Murphy Daniel, Innishannon

Murphy Margaret, Market Street

Murray Andrew, North Main Street

O’Brien John, Castle Street

Sullivan Jeremiah, Cavendish Quay

Sweeny Morgan, Shannon Street,

Tanner John, Old Cork Road

Taylor Timothy, North Main Street

Tobin John, Shannon Street

Walsh Elizabeth, Market Street


Saddlers and Harness Makers

Cunningham John, Market Street

O’Donovan Cornelius, South Main Street

O’Donovan John, North Main Street

Webster George South Main Street



Appelbe GT, North Main Street

Bullen William, South Main Street

Harte John Hunter, Bridge Street

McKenzie Sons and Hooper (and agricultural merchants), Burlngton Quay

Pope George, Cavendish Quay


Shopkeepers and Dealers in Groceries and Sundries

(See Groceries)



See Physicians & Surgeons



Carthy Patrick, Shannon Street

Harte James E, South Main Street

Leary Andrew, Innishannon

Mahony Dennis, Foxes St,

O’Halloran William, South Main Street,

Richardson Joseph, Shannon Street

Riordan Timothy, Shannon St

Ruthe, JB, North Main Street


Tallow Chandlers

Bullen Walter, North Main Street,

Burke Cornelius O’S, Clancoole Road

Clarke William and Sons, South Main Street

Giles John, North Main Street

Hurley Thomas & CO, North Main St

Payne William, Shannon Street

Leary Denis, South Main St

Slattery Edward, South Main St

Stanley, Thomas & Co, South Main St (& soap manufacturers)

Tanner,  Jonathan, North Main Street


Tanners & Curriers

Barrett, Timothy, Gallows Hill Cross

Clear Thomas, Watergate Street

Smith, Henry, Cavendish Quay

Sullivan Samuel, Watergate Street

Sullivan WC, Watergate Street


Timber Merchants

Harte, John H. Cavendish Quay

McSweeny, John, The Hill

O’Connell Daniel Shannon St

Peters Brothers, Burlington Quay

Pope, George, Cavendish Quay



Market thus * are Manufacturers

Bullen, Walter, North Main Street

*Clarke Wm & Son, South Main Street

Leary Denis, South Main Street

Slattery Edward, South Main Street

*Stanley Thos & Co, South Main Street

Sullivan John, South Main Street



Hurley Denis,  Warner’s Lane

Harney Patrick, Warner’s Lane


Whiskey Distillers

Allman & Co, Distillers, Cork


Wine and Spirit Merchants

Corley Winfield, South Main Street

Donnell Wm, South Main Street

Lee Matthew, Bridge Place

Woods Christopher, Bridge St


Worsted Manufacturers and Wool Cambers

Baker, Robert, North Main Street

Forde George, North Main Street

Glasson Wm, North Main Street



Atkinson William, letter press printer & bookbinder, Bridge Street

Baker Robert S, woollen manufacturing, South Main Street

Black, James, collector of excise, North Main Street

Bright W & J, glass merchants, Bridge Street

Doherty Richard Wheeler, land agent, registrar of births, deaths &c, South Main Street

Falvey Mary E, toy and fancy dealer, South Main Street

Fawsitt John, auctioneer, South Main Street

Hunter John S. photographer, North Main Street

Lynch D. salt dealer, North Main Street

McCarthy Thos, clothes dealer, Bridge St

Murray Margaret, gun maker, South Main Street

Poole Horatio T. Esq, baronial high constable, Bandon

Skuse, John, basket maker, Shannon Street

Skuse Thomas, basketmaker, Shannon Street

Turpin George, watch maker, South Main Street

Walsh Eliz. Tin plate worker, Market St

Walsh John, tinplate worker, Market Street


Principal Churches:

South Main Street – Rev John Bleakley, vicar; Rev F.B. Fawcett, curate

North Main Street – Rev Robert Eccles, rector, Rev Thomas Wakeham, curate

Innishannon – Rev Robt. Edges Maunsel Eyre, incumbent

Roman Catholic Churches

Bandon – Rev J. O’Brien, PP, Revs J. O’Keefe and James O’Mahony, curates

Innishannon – Rev Timothy Holland, PP and Rev Daniel O’Connell, curates

Presentation Convent Chapel, Kilbrogan Street – Rev Thomas Shinkwin, Chaplain

Presbyterian Chapel, Shannon Street, Rev Wm Hunter, West Glencoole,

Methodist (Primitive) Chapel, Cavendish Quay,

Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapels, Bridge Street and Innishannon

Scotch Presbyterian Church, Watergate Street – Rev Wm Irwin, minister



Chairman – The Right Hon the Earl of Bandon

Vice Chairman – Capt J. Wheeler RN JP

Deputy Vice Chairman – G.B. Teulon Esq JP

Master – Vacant

Matron – Ann Godley

Schoolmistress – Emily Boardman

Protestant Chaplain – Rev J. Bleakley

Roman Catholic Chaplain – Rev Jeremiah O’Brien

Clerk and Returning Officer – Stewart R. Tresilian

Medical Attendant – William Belcher

Relieving Officers – James Fitzgerald,and Thomas Orr

Rate Collectors – John Sullivan and Edward Stanley

Superintendent Registrar – Stewart R. Tresilian

Registrars – Edward Toole, Bandon; Thos Orr, Innishannon, Patrick Crowley, Kilbrittain; John H. Nason, Templemartin; and Crpen Beamish, Murragh

Dispensary Medical Officers – Edward Toole, Bandon; Henry Sloerach, Innishannon; Patrick Crowley, Kilbrittain, John H. Nason, Templemartin and Orpen Beamish, Murragh


Agricultural Society, North Main Street – S. R. Treselian, secretary

Bandon Club, Town Hall, Captain F.D. Cornwall, Hon Sec

Bandon Subscription Newsroom, Town Hall, Rev W Irwin  Secretary

Bandon Young Mens Association and Protestant reading Room – Stephen Browne LLD and Richard Wheeler Doherty, hon secs

Barrack (constabulary), Innishannon

Barrack (Constabulary), Hill Street

Barrack (Infantry), Cavendish Row

Barrack (Militia) Hill Street

Bridewell, North Main Street

Court House, Cavendish Row – Stephen Molony, clerk

Dispensary, Shannon Street – Edward Toole, MD, physician, Henry Belcher, apothecary

Dispensary, Innishannon – Henry Sicannorach, MD, physician

Excise Office – Fitzgerald Richard, supervisor

Inland Revenue Office, North Main Street – James Black, collector

Religious Tract Depository, Bridge Place – William Payne, agent

Stamp Office, South Main Street – The Misses Starkie, distributors

Town Commissioners Office, Town Hall – S.R. Treselian, clerk

Town Hall, North Main Street


Coaches and Cars

To Bantry, a Mail Car from the railway station at half past three morning; passes through Enniskean, Ballynean, Dunmanway and Drimoleague

To Clonakilty, cars at half past three morning, four afternoon and a quarter before six evening

To Skibbereen, a mail car, half past three morning, passes through Clonakilty, Ross and Leap

Conveyance by Railway on the Cork and Bandon and the West Cork Lines

Station, Shanon Street – Robert Payne, station master