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Society of Friends visit of Francis Howgill 1655 

Amongst those were:- Edward Cook, and his wife Lucretia Cook, Daniel and Sarah Massey, Robert and Mary Mallins, William Smith, Catherine Smith, Mathew Prin, William Driver, Joan Frank, Thomas Biss, &c., &c.  Several of the men just mentioned were soldiers in Cromwell's troop of horse.  

The following are amongst the names of those Friends who worshipped in Bandon during the continuance of the Society here:-

Edward Cooke, Robert Mander, Abraham Uncles,
Daniel Massey, Edward Russell, Gideon Cocker,
Robert Mallins, Joshua Russell, Henry Hussy,
William Smith, Eliazer Hutchinson, Obadiah Hutchins,
Matthew Prin, Issac Weymour, Thomas Weldon.
William Driver, George Mansfield,   
Thomas Bliss, Mansfield-Westcomb,  

Society of Friends.

    "John Ferishe was born the sixteenth day of ninth month, 1676, in ye town of Malverton, Sommerset, England.  Joan Taylor (his wife), was born ye tenth day of eleventh month, 1674, in ye town of Banbury, Devonshire.  They were married in ye Friend's meeting-house, at Bandon, the twenty-fourth day of sixth month, 1697."