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Tuesday  January  1815



Lately  arrived  from  the  lying-in  hospital  in  Dublin

Respectfully  informs  the  public  that  she  is  now  settled  in  Bandon  where  she  means  to  practice  the  above  profession  while  she  solicits  the  favour  and  patronage  of  the  ladies  of  the  vicinity.  She  begs  leave  to  refer  for  her  proficiency  and  still  to  those  distinguished  persons  whom  she  has  already  attended  with  success  and  to  the  certificate  of  the  physicians  at  the  above  hospital  where  she  served  6  months.

Commands  for  her  left  at  Mr  Jeremiah  Falvey’s  Inn  Keeper  Bandon  shall  be  punctually  attended

Advertisment in the Cork Morning Post February 1823 relating to property to let by David Ring.

David Ring 


Death Notices for Bandon Cork Morning Post February 1823 relating to William Jenkins Esq, Medical Doctor of Bandon and William Loane, Esq, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy and son of the late Dr Loane of Bandon

Death notice of William Jenkins and William Loane Esquires in 1823

Death notice in paper of 20th February, 1841 of William Richardson, Cotton Merchant of Bandon

William Richardson - Cotton Merchant of Bandon


Notice in the Constitution of 23rd June 1846 relating to Bandon School and the pupils, John England, William Heazle and William Hallaran

Bandon School Awards 1846

Notice in the Constitution of 4th July 1846 relating to Bandon School in Devonshire Square

George Burchill Bankrupt 

George Burchill notice from Southern Reporter, Sept 1830

CMC W 10 April, 1811.  Advertisement.  John Burchill, late of Bandon has taken the Bush Tavern and Hotel, Cork.  (He died a year later)cj

CJ  30th May 1757.  Advertisement.  Whereas Catherine Collins otherwise Enraughty, wife of Daniel Enraughty of Coolecoleta near Innishannon in the Co Cor Corke hat eloped.