a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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The British Newspaper Library in Colindale holds a large number of these publications as does the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.  Some of the publications are available at the Cork City Library and Cork County Library. The National Library of Ireland Newsplan database provides a listing of all newspapers in the National Library, The British Newspaper Library, public libraries and universities.

Newspaper Publication Date
Cork Journal 1753-72  
Cork Evening Post 1755-91  
(then New Cork Evening Post) 1791-1806  
Hibernian Chronicle 1768-1802  
(then Cork Mercantile Chronicle) 1802-1835  
Cork Herald 1798&99  
(then Cork Advertiser) 1799-1823  
Southern Reporter 1807-1871  
Cork Morning Intelligencer 1815-1823  
Constitution 1822-1924  
Cork Evening Herald 1833-1836  
(then Cork Standard & Ev. Hld) 1836-1841  
Cork Weekly Times 1833-1834  
People ís Press 1834-1836  
Munster Advertiser 1839-1841  
Cork Examiner/The Examiner 1841-present  
Cork Herald 1856-1901  
Skibbereen Eagle    
(later Cork County Eagle) 1857-1922  
Southern Star (Skibbereen) 1890- present
Evening Echo 1892-present  
Cork Weekly Examiner 1895-1981  
Cork Sun 1903-1905  
Cork Sportsman 1908-1911  
Cork Free Press 1910-1916