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  Some Baptisms in Murragh from 1755 to 1798  
Year Date Details Sponsors
1755 May 25th Susanna the child of Michael and Elizabeth Wren John Wren
  was baptised Ann Stanley
    Elizabeth shorten
1755 June 8th Ann the child of Thos and Ann Wood was baptised Thos Bradfield
    Mary Nash
    Elin Bradfield
1756 July 25th Mary the child of Thos and Mary Good was baptised Thos wood
    Catherine Bradfield
    Mary Manly (Hanly?)
1757 Dec 18th Elizb the child of Willm Mellifont was baptised Robt Bothmore (Buttimer?)
    Thos Crowley
    Joanna Good
1776 March 31st Mary Crowley the dau of Thos and Mary Crowley was baptised  Richard Bradfield
    Elen Millard
    Sarah Good
1776 Oct 20th Mary the daughter of John and Mary Wood of the parish of Christ Wood
  Kinneigh was baptised James Shorten
    Mary Kenny
    Susanna Wren
1778 Aug 30th Thomas son of Thomas and sarah Seabry baptised Henry Smyth
    James Stanley
1779 March 28th Elinor Jagoe dau of Willm and Maryan of Kilbrogan parish pte   
1779   James of John & Mary wood baptised  
1779 April 4th Thoms son of Thos and Anne bradfield of the parish of Killowen  
  was privt baptised  
1779 July 18th Hanny the daughter of Will and Ann Tanner was rec'd in church Rich'd Bradfield
    Elizabeth Good
    Mary Murphy
  Mary the daughter of Willm and Rebecca Bradfield was baptised John Millard
    Jane Tanner
    Anne Tanner
1780 June 18th Two children belonging to Will Bradfield of Killowen was rec'd in  
  church June 18th…………………Paul James ?  
1780   Michael son of John Wren Dromavane baptised  
1781   Dorothy,Richard,Jane and Paul 4 children of Benjamin Shorten  
1781 June 3rd Edward the son of Will and ann Tanner was baptised Nick Millard
    Willm Bradfield
    Sarah Walsh
1782 April 20th John the son of Will and Elizabeth Connor was rec'd in church Will Tanner
  aged a week. Thos Bradfield
    Mary Walsh
1782 Aug 25th Benjamin son of Benjamin and Mary Roberts of Kinneigh Parish Richard Shorten
  baptised Humphrey Coughlan
    Susanna Shorten
    Elizabeth Fu…..
1782 Dec 11th John and Willm Bradfield sons of Thos and Ann Bradfield was John Wilson
  rec'd in church James Good
    Willm Bradfield
    Rich Bradfield
    Catherine Bradfield
    Ann Bradfield
1783 March 2nd Thoms the son of Richard and Susanna Bradfield was baptised James Bradfield
    James Good
    Mary Good
1783 March 2nd James the son of Will'm & Rebecca Bradfield was baptised John Wilson
    Richard Coombs
    Catherine Bradfield
1783 April 20th Ann the daughter of Rich and Jane Coombs aged … rec'd in church Thos Bradfield
1783 July 18th John the son of James and Sarah Bradfield was baptised John Wilson
    James Good
    Maryann Good
    Ann Bradfield
1785 May 8th Elizabeth the daughter of Thos & Ann Bradfield was baptised James Bradfield
    Sarah Bradfield
    Elizabeth Buttimore
1786 Feb 26th Catherin the daughter of John and Sarah Wilson was baptised Thos Bradfield
    Ealse (?) Good
    Ann Boith (?)
1786 Feb 26th Thos the son of James and Alice Good Thos Good
    Rich Harding
    Ann Bradfield
    Sarah Bradfield
1787 May 13th Ealse the daughter of Paul and Mary Wood was baptised Will Seabry
    May Bennett
    Ann Payne
1787 July 15th Robert son of William & Mary Eady Desert Parish rec'd in church Robert Eady
  aged 17 years and a half Thomas Beatman
    Liddy Eady
1787 Dec 2nd John the son of Thos & …Bradfield was baptised James Good
1788 Aug 27th James the son of Willm and Elizabeth Damery was baptised Richard TooGood  jnr
    Thos Coombs
    Elizabeth Bradfield
1789   Christopher son of Paul and Mary Wood baptised  
1789 April 5th Elizabeth dau of Thomas and Mary Tanner Desert Parish rec'd in John Gash
  church Elizabeth Gash
    Mary Damery
1789 June 14th Sarah Bateman dau of Thomas and Elizabeth baptised John Damery
    Ann Eady
    Ann Bateman
1789 Dec 20th James son of James and Ann Ellis of Desert Parish baptised James Damery
    Mary Damery
    Thoms Wood
1790 April 25th Nath the son of John and Sarah Wilkinson was baptised Nath Wilkinson
    Dan Hornibrooke
    Thos Bradfield
    Mary Good
    Ann Bradfield
1791 Jan 30th Catherine the daughter of Danl & Catherine Hornibrooke of the parish James Bradfield
  of Kilbrogan was rec'd in church aged one year and a half Richard Clear
    Ann Clear (Bradfield)
    Sarah Wilson
1791 Feb 13th James the son of James and Sarah Bradfield was received in church Thos Good
  aged 12 months Thos Bradfield
    Sarah Bradfield
1791 March 13th Mary and Richard children of Thos and Margaret Coombs was rec'd Joseph Coombs
  in church aged one John Bradfield
    Mary Coombs
1791 April 15th Thos the son of James and Sarah Bradfield was rec'd in church  John Good
  aged 3 years James Good
    Alf (?) Good
" Con…(Constance?) the daughter of James and Sarah Bradfield was John Wilson
  rec'd in church aged a week Sarah Bradfield
1791 July 17th Catherine dau of John & Catherine Roberts baptised James Roberts
1793   Elizabeth the daughter of Thos & Marg Coome was baptised Will Damery
    Elizabeth Damery
    Catherine Bradfield
1793 Dec 9th Elizabeth the daughter of Willm & Jane Wren was baptised John Wren snr
    Susanna Bradfield (Wren)
    Ann Unkles
1794 Jan 5th Ann the daughter of James and Sarah Bradfield was rec'd into church …….Williams
  aged 4 months Francis Read
    Ealse Good
    Catherine Read
" Catherine the daughter of James and Sarah Bradfield was rec'd in  John Good 
  church aged 6 months (must be error see above………twins?) Thos Bradfield
    Margaret ………ace
    Catherine Crowley
1794 Oct 12th Ann dau of Henry and Ann Danger baptised John Hagarty
    Ann Sealy
    Mary Sealy
1794 Dec 21st Rich and Willm two children of James and Jane Tyner was rec'd Will Tanner
  in church  John Bradfield
    Mary Murphy
    Catherine Bradfield
    Willm Eady
1795 March Elizabeth the dau of ………..& Mary Good was baptised Thos Bradfield
    Willm Good
    Mary Wilkinson
    Ailse Good
1795 July 7th Thos the child of Thos and Margaret Cooms was baptised Benjamin Mellifont
    Willm Good
    Rebecca Bradfield
1796 April 24th Richard son of Richard and Mary Roberts baptised  
1796 July 10th Jane daughter of William and Ann Roberts baptised Daniel Gallagher
    Catherine Roberts
    Mary Crowley
1796 Nov 23rd Joseph son of Frasncis and Sarah Roberts baptised Richard Reynolds
    Joseph Roberts
    Elizabeth Te…….
1797 March 12th Catherine the daughter of James and Sarah Bradfield was baptised  Nath Burchill
  (see Jan 1794 ?)………………..visitation Mary Wilkinson
    James Good
    Mary Crowley
1797 Dec 10th Elizabeth and Thomas the son and daughter of Thomas and Ann Paul Williams
  Bradfield of Mawbeg rec'd in church Willm Scannell
    Mary Good
    Sarah Good
    Sarah Good
" Rebecca the daughter of John and Eleanor Bradfield of Killowen William Good
  baptised Catherine Bradfield
1798 Jan 28th Elizabeth dau of William and Jane Roberts was baptised John Shorten
    Jane Shorten
    Paty Roberts
1798 June 10th James the son of James (John?) and Mary Wilson was rec'd in Rich Mellifont
  church aged 5 years Thos Wilson
    Liddy Stanley