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Some Timoleague Marriages from 1823 1880






30th Mar 1823

Benjamin SWETE

Mary Ann CROFTS daughter of James

Thomas Walker

By Licence on Easter Sunday

28th Oct 1823

Lt William BLOOD, Chief Constable Police

Hannah SWETE of Spittal, Abbeymahon

Alexander Johnston


11th Jan 1825

Stephen O'HARA, Cordwainer, Clonakilty

Elizabeth CLARKE, Fort Prospect, Kilnegoss

Robert Halbard

By Licence

30th Apr 1825

Francis BENNETT, Clonakilty

Elizabeth BEAMISH, Kilmalooda

Thomas Walker


2nd Jun 1825

Rev Robert HALBARD, Timoleague

Catherine TRAVERS, Timoleague House

Henry Jones, Rector at Lislee

By Licence


Rev Henry STEWART, Welfield

Diana MORGAN, London

Charles Ferguson

By Licence

11th Feb 1827


Sarah DEMPSEY, Timoleague

Charles Ferguson

By Banns

19th Feb 1828

Charles FLYNN

Hester BENNETT, Timoleague

Thomas Perrett

By Banns

23rd Jun 1828


Elizabeth O'BRIEN

Mr Perrott, Curate


6th Nov 1828

Rev John LESLIE, Courtmacsherry, Lislee

Elizabeth TRAVERS, Butlerstown, Lislee

R Halberd, Curate, Dunderrow

By Licence

7th Feb 1829

John GIBSON, Timoleague

Anne HAYNES, Timoleague

Thomas Perrott

By Licence

26th Jan 1834

James BITCHNAL, Timoleague

Agnes DEMPSEY, Timoleague

Charles L Coghlan

By Banns

5th May 1835

John YOUNG, Timoleague

Honora HURLY, Timoleague. Roman Catholic

Charles L Coghlan

By Banns

8th Apr 1837

Robert SULLIVAN, Cashel

Mary GOOD, Barrys Hall, Timoleague

Charles L Coghlan

By Licence

13th Dec 1838

Thomas WILLIAMSON, Cork. Gentleman

Mary Jane MORRIS, Ballinscarthy

Thomas Walker, Kilmalooda


4th Nov 1841

Francis Cottrell SMYTH, Cork

Marianna MACDONNELL, Timoleague

John Armstrong Coghlan, Curate, Newmarket

By Licence

26th Oct 1848

William PHILLIPS, 30, bachelor farmer. Son of Walter, Cove Kinsale

Elizabeth GODSELL 36, widow, shopkeeper, Barryshall. Daughter of John Good, farmer


By Banns. Witnesses John Phillips, Richard Good

10th Apr 1849

Charles HUGGINS 32, widower, Coast Guard. Son of John, sailor, Donoughmore

Margaret BUTLER, spinster, servant, daughter of James, farmer.


By Banns, Witnesses John Hedges, John Rivers

22nd Mary 1849

William WHEALAN 25, bachelor, steward, Ballymodan. Son of William, weaver

Anne CROWLEY 21, spinster, Timoleague. Daughter of John, weaver.


By Banns. Witnesses John Hedges, John Kivens

23rd Sep 1852

Robert Anderson DARGAVILLE, 20? bachelor, gentleman, Ballymartel. Son of Anderson, gentleman.

Anne Maria MCCALL 20, spinster, lady, Timoleague. Daughter of Samuel, gentelman


By Licence. Witnesses John William Finch, Thomas Clarke, Lawrence? John Hedges, parish clerk, Samuel McCall

2nd Jun 1853

Horace N TRAVERS 26, Cork. Son of Major Gen Sir Robert.

Rosanna St Leger Shirley TRAVERS 22, widow, Timoleague. Daughter of Major Gen Sir Dudley Hill

Horatio Townsend Newman, Dean of Cork

By Licence

21st Feb 1854

Henry HAZLE 21, bachelor, baker, Timoleague. Son of Henry, weaver

Margaret MOARNS spinster, Timoleague. Daughter of Robert, weaver


By Banns, Witnesses Jeremiah Creed, Nicholas Moarns

25th Feb 1854

Simon Davies MASSY 21, bachelor, gentleman, Mucra House, Timoleague. Son of Massy Hutchinson Massy, gentleman

Mary Isabella MCCALL, under age, spinster, Timoleague. Daughter of Samuel, gentleman


By Licence. Witnesses James McCall, Samuel McCall

15th Sep 1860

William PAYNE 27, bachelor, farmer, Kinneigh. Son of William, farmer

Hannah Maria HOBBS 24, spinster, Timoleague. Daughter of George, farmer


By Licence. Witnesses Edward Payne, George Hobbs

4th Mar 1862

Richard CASSIDY full age, bachelor, Private 53rd Regiment of Foot, Timoleague. Son of Bartholomew, shoemaker

Anna FLOOD, full age, widow, servant, Timoleague. Daughter of George Myles, tailor


By Licence. Witnesses Nicholas Donovan, Francis Cassidy

2nd Sep 1862

Samuel KINGSTON full age, bachelor, clerk in shop, Clonakilty. Son of Samuel, farmer

Catherine HOWARD full age, spinster, Timoleague. Daughter of Nicholas, schoolmaster and parish clerk


By Licence. Witnesses William Greene, Nicholas Donovan

1st Aug 1865

William LANNIN full age, bachelor, schoolmaster, Castletownsend. Son of Richard, shoemaker

Sarah HOWARD full age, spinster, Timoleague. Daughter of Nicholas


By Licence. Witnesses Thomas Morris, William Green

1st Sep 1866

John RIVERS full age, bachelor, pensioner 35th Regiment, Timoleague. Son of John, sexton of church

Sarah DALEY full age, spinster, Timoleague. Daughter of James, labourer


Witnesses Bryan Sweeny, Charles Rivers

4th Dec 1866

Thomas Henry SANDIFORD full age, bachelor, gentleman, Castle Martyr. Son of Samuel, clergyman

Margaret Elizabeth Jane GARDE full age, spinster, Timoleague. Daughter of John, clergyman


By Licence. Witnesses Henry W Garde, Nicholas Donovan

27th Nov 1869

John BUTTIMER full age, widow, farmer, Derravareen. Son of Abraham, farmer

Lydia HOBBS full age, spinster, Carhue. Daughter of George, farmer


By Licence. Witnesses John S Hobbs, William Payne

11th May 1876

William BENNETT full age, bachelor, farmer, Coolaloden. Son of Thomas, farmer

Eliza HOBBS full age, spinster, Carhue. Daughter of George, farmer


By Licence. Witnesses Robert Hobbs, M Hobbs

26th Dec 1876

John MCCARTHY full age, bachelor, farm labourer, Cloumragne. Son of Jeremiah, farmer

Mary Anne NOTRHRIDGE full age, spinster, servant, Timoleague. Daughter of John, labourer.


By Licence. Witnesses Wiliam Duke, Thomas Hegar?

1st Aug 1878

Devonshire Penrose HAWKES full age, bachelor, Esq, Sirmount, Athnowen. Son of Quayle Welstead Hawkes, gentleman.

Sarah Popham HOSFORD full age, spinster. Daughter of Joseph.


By Licence. Witnesses George Lamb, Quayle W Hawkes

20th Mar 1879

Thomas KEANE full age, bachelor, carpenter, Dunmanaway. Son of Patrick, sexton

Mary WOLFE full age, spinster, servant, Timoleague. Daughter of Thomas, farmer


By Licence. Witnesses Timothy Keane, John Deans

18th Nov 1879

Thomas KINGSTON full age, bachelor, farmer, Brwongarriffe. Son of Daniel, farmer

Margaret DEANS full age, spinster, Lislevane. Daughter of Abraham, farmer


By Licence. Witnesses William Davis, James A Deans

9th Dec 1879

William HAWKINS 32, teacher, Kilbrogan. Son of John, manufacturer

Mary Anne SMITH 32, widow, milliner, Timoleague. Daughter of Henry Johnson, gentleman


By Licence. Witnessses Honora Lawton, Charles Rivers

4th Nov 1880

William Archibald STOAKES full age, bachelor, farmer, Moskeigh, Templemartin. Son of John, ships captain

Sarah Anne GOOD full age, spinster, Barryshall, Timoleague. Daughter of James, farmer


By Licence. Witnesses William Good, John Good