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Lucas Directory of Bandon 1787

Surname Forename/s Occupation
ABBOTT William Boot and Shoe Maker
ADDERLEY Thomas Esq Free Burgess
ALLMAN  George Manufacturer of Dimitties and Callicoes
ALLMAN  William Manufacturer of Thicksets and Corderoys
APPLEBE William Linen and Cotton Manufacturer
BAKER Thomas   Woollen Manufacturer
BAKER Thomas Attorney at Law
BENNETT James Grocer
BERNARD Arthur Esq Provost and Free Burgess
BERNARD Francis Esq Free Burgess
BERNARD James Esq Free Burgess
BIGGS Abraham Merchant
BIGGS Jacob Merchant, Tanner and Clothier
BIGGS Jeremiah Presser and Dyer
BIGGS Thomas  Dyer, Presser and Clothier
BIGGS Thomas Esq Free Burgess
BLAKE Barnard Inn Keeper
BOND Robert Woollen Manufacturer
BROWNE William Bridges Grocer and Dyer
BURK Andrew Roche Linen Manufacturer
BUSTED I Carpenter
CALLANAN Lawrence Cooper and Dealer in Spirits
CAVENDISH Rt Hon Sir Henry (Bart) Free Burgess
CHAMBERS William Woollen Manufacturer
CLARK Francis   Boot and Shoe Maker
CLEAR Richard Ironmonger
CLUGSTON Thomas Merchant and Tanner
CONNOR William Esq Free Burgess
COTTER Edward Attorney at Law
DAVIES Edward Tanner
DAVIES John Grocer
DOWDEN Christopher Linen Draper
DOWDEN Isaac Linen Draper
DOWDEN William Linen Draper
DUKES John Woollen Manufacturer
FIELDING James Linen Draper
FISHER Oliver Clothier and Grocer
GARVAN John Woollen Manufacturer
GASH Thomas Chandler
GILLMAN Edward Woollen Draper
GILLMAN James Woollen Draper
HAGARTY George Grocer and Chandler
HAMMETT Richard Tinplate Worker
HARRIS George Hot Presser
HAYES Richard Saddler
HEAZLE William Woollen Manufacturer
HEWETT Isaac Esq Free Burgess
HOLLAND Thomas Linen Draper, Grocer, Spirit Merchant, and stamp distributor
HONOR William Attorney at Law
HOSFORD Ann Dealer in Spirits
HOUSE Francis Apothecary
IRELAND William Saddler
JENKINS Newth. Watch and Clock Maker
KINGSTON George Timber Merchant
KINGSTON Peter Woollen Draper
LANDERS Ann King's Arms Inn
LEADBEATER Joseph Woollen Manufacturer
LONE Elizabeth Dealer in Earthenware
LONE Richard Surgeon and Apothecary
M'CARTHY   Liquor Dealer
M'CARTHY Horatio Woollen Manufacturer
MURPHY Denis Shoe Maker
MURRY Richard Cabinet Maker
NASH John Malster - Brinny, near Bandon
OLD Thomas Tinplate Worker
POPHAM Robert Malster - Moss Grove, near Bandon
REILY Cornelius Land Surveyor
REILY Joseph Grocer and Tobacconist
RIVERSDALE William (Lord) Free Burgess
SCOTT James Woollen Manufacturer and Dyer
SEALY Armiger Merchant
SEALY Baldwin Merchant
SEALY George Esq Free Burgess
SEALY James Merchant
SEALY Robert Esq Free Burgess
SHANNON Richard (Earl of) Free Burgess
SPLAINE Philip Attorney at Law
STANLEY Joseph Grocer
STAWELL Sampson Esq Free Burgess
SULLIVAN John Chandler and Tobacconist
SULLIVAN John Clothier and Dyer
SUTTON Andrew   Tobacco Manufacturer
SUTTON George Tobacconist
SWANTON John Jnr Clothier and Dyer
SWANTON John Snr Clothier
SWEENY Edward Cotton Manufacturer
SWEENY Elizabeth Linen Draper
SWEENY George Linen Draper
SWEENY James Grocer and Spirit Dealer
SWEENY James Tobacconist
TRAVERS John Grocer
WARD James Architect
WELDON Thomas Clothier
WELSH Barry Saddler
WHEELER George Linen and Woollen Manufacturer
WHEELER John Jnr Linen Manufacturer
WHEELER John Snr Linen Manufacturer
WHEELER Joseph Linen and Cotton Manufacturer
WHEELER Thomas Linen and Ticken Manufacturer
WHITE Mary Grocer
WYE Elizabeth Post Office
Acknowledgments to Jean Prendergast Cork Ancestors for original transcriptions