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Some Gravestone Inscriptions from Lislee Graveyard
(These may contain some errors as many gravestones are difficult to read)

Lislee Gravestone Inscriptions      
Surname Christian Name Date Age Inscription
Murray mary Anne 14/05/1916 71 Erected to the memory of Mary Anne Murray who died May 14th 1916 aged 71 years
Cotter James
33 I.H.S. Here lyeth the body of James Cotter who departed this life the 3 day of May 1762 aged 33 years
Linnard Revd Jeremiah
58 Here lieth the body of the Revd Jeremiah Linnard who departed this life the 4th day of May 1794 aged 58 years
Ruddock Robert Jagoe 18/01/1959   and Robert Jagoe Ruddock died 18th January 1959
Ruddock Anne Jane 10/04/1970   and his wife Anne Jane died 10th April 1970
      The Burial place of the Ruddock Family
        Sacred to the memory of Mary Jane Boyle, fifth daughter of Henry, third earl of Shannon, born October 11th 1812, died march 21st 1876
Wagner Abraham 27/09/1960   In loving memory of Abraham Wagner w ho died 27th September 1960
Wagner Isabella 30/05/1969   His wife Isabella died 30th may 1969
Wagner Abraham 11/05/1940   and their son Abraham died 11th may 1950
Wolfe Samuel 20/05/1945   In loving memory of Samuel Wolfe died 20th May 1945
Wolfe Susan 21/07/1963   and his wife Susan died 21st July 1943
Wolfe Elizabeth (Betty) 14/09/1997   his daughter Elizabeth (Betty) died 14 Sept 1997
O'Brien Joyce Isobel (Kendall) 26/07/1999   Joyce Isobel (Kendall) O'Brien born Bedford, England 10 May 1923 died 26 July 1999
Wolfe Robert 05/08/1979 56 In loving memory of Robert Wolfe East End, Courtmacsherry died 5 Aug 1979 aged 56 years
Robinson Jeffrey Traill 14/11/1964   In loving memory of Jeffrey Traill Robinson who died 14th November 1964 
Robinson Mary Rosa Elizabeth 12/07/1962   and his wife Mary Rosa Elizabeth Robinson who died 12th July 1962
Ross Anne Jane 03/02/1986 99 In loving memory of Anne Ross who died 3rd February, 1986 aged 99 years
Ross Kathleen Primrose  15/01/2004 86 and her daughter Kathleen Primose Ross who died 15th January 2004 aged 86 years
Watson John 17/07/1974   In loving memory of John Watson who died on 17 July 1974
Watson Jane 04/06/1992   and his beloved wife Jane who died on 4 June 1992
Adams Patricia 22/01/1991 77 In loving memory of Patricia Adams Courtmacsherry Hotel (late of Yorkshire) who died 22 Jan 1991 aged 77 years
Adams Dr Dennis 19/08/2003 90 Her loving husband Dr Dennis Adams who died 19 Aug 2003 aged 90 years always remembered by Annabel, Felicity, Tim & Terry
Smith Harry Richard 20/04/1998   Cherished memories of Harry Richard Smith Beach Road, Courtmacsherry died 20th April 1998
Jones Karen 13/10/1998   Karen Jones born 30 May 1967 tragically killed 13 Oct 1998.  Always remembered by Rosalene, Nigel, Lindley, Rosemary and Fiance Colin
Pieters William 28/10/1993   In loving memory of William Pieters 17th March 1912  to  28th Oct 1993