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Leighmoney Parish – Liath Mhuine – Grey shrubbery                     leighmoney google map


Skaganore (260 acres)  Sceach na gCorr – Bushy thicket of the cranes or herons.  At the west side of Shippool Marsh

 Lissheeda (226 acres)  Lios Sioda – Silken fort, fort of the bog silk or cotton grass.  In the centre is a large ring fort.

 Shippool (236acres)  Poll na Long – Pool of the ships.  Here is a well preserved castle of the Roches built in 1544.  It was subsequently occupied by the Herricks who lived in it up to the late 18th century.  Its walls were 6 ft thick.  At the west side is Shippool wood also site of St Marys protestant church erected in 1864 and demolished in 1964. 

Lahern (77 acres)  Leath Fhearann – Half ploughland or ploughland of small area.

 Leighmoney More (353 acres)  Liath Mhuine.  Grey shrubbery.  South side is termed Ballydawley – Baile Ui Dhalaigh (O’Dalys quarter)

 Leighmoney Beg (142 acres)  At the north side of Leighmoney castle.  Nearby are the remains of Templeavara Church and graveyard – teampall Mhaire (st Mary’s Church).  This was a protestant church prior to the erection of St Marys in Shippool townland.

 Lissard (204 acres)  Lios Ard.  High fort.  At the east side is a ring fort

 Ballydonaghy (224 acres)  Baile Dhonnchadha – Donough’s residence.

 Clogheen (240 acres)  Cloichin – stoney place.  Place of small stones, a ruin

 Derrynagasha (426 acres)  Doire na Gaise – Wood of the pine or fir.  In the townland are two ring forts.

 Shanavally (175 acres) Seana Bhaile – Old habitat

 Slievegallane (461 acres) – Sliabh Gallan – Upland of the pillar stones.  Some large gallans were formerly on the eastern boundary.  At the north side is a square fort.