a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Date Name Forename Occupation Location Rental per annum Lives Relationship Other    
1788 WREN John   Dromovean 92 Michael Wren 7yrs Youngest son of John Formerly held by James Good    
            George Stanley 4th son George Stanley, Enniskeane       
            Mary Stanley 2nd daughter ditto      
1788 WHEELER Joseph Merchant Bandon 14 Joseph Wheeler 36 yrs   Sth side of South Main St. Formerly h/by Sir Richard Cox    
          Joseph Wheeler 3 yrs Son of Joseph      
          Isaac Biggs 10 yrs Son of Jacob Biggs, Merchant, Bandon      
1788 BIGGS Thomas Jun   Kilpatrick 246 Penelope Biggs 32 yrs   639.2.31 on Bernard Scale survey    
          James Splaine Biggs 6 yrs Eldest son of Thomas Noted as still alive in 1818 aged 38 yrs, living in Nth of Ireland    
            Susan Biggs 3 yrs 4th Daughter of Thomas      
1788 BANFIELD Thomas   Clothier Shinagh 100 William Banfield 16 yrs Eldest son of Thomas 329.3.2 on Bernard Scale survey    
            John Banfield 7 yrs 3rd son of Thomas      
          David Stanley 9 yrs Eldest son of James Stanley, Carroow      
1783 GILLMAN Edward Shopkeeper Bandon 16 Henry Killinan 15 yrs Eldest son of Edward Gillman? Tenements part Bruce holdings Nth side Sth Main St 32/32 Scale    
            John Gillman 13 yrs 2nd son of Edward Gillman      
            Edward Gillman 8 yrs 3rd son of Edward Gillman      
1786 TANNER Walter (of Gagin) Bandon Benjamin Tanner 18 yrs   Tenements part Bruce holdings Sth side Sth Main St. No 5 Scale    
          Thomas Tanner 9 yrs        
          James Bernard 8 mths Son of Francis Bernard      
TRAVERS Mary Widow Bandon 22.15 Mary Travers 20 yrs Youngest dau of Mary Tenement called TEAPS? Nth side Sth Main St. No 19 Scale    
          Jonas Stawell 6 yrs Eldest son of Sampson Stawell, Kilbrittain also part of Coolfadda late in possession of John Travers 11.1.2 Scale    
          George Sutton 12 yrs Only son of Andrew Sutton, Bandon Andrew Sutton = Dealer in Spirits    
1718 BERNARD Francis   Castle Mahon 24      4 acres Coolfadda, 141 acres Shenagh. 999 yr lease    
1720 CHILDS Robert Clothier Bandon 8 Robert Childs Eldest son of Robert Childs Turners tenements    
            John Sealy 4th son of Robert Sealy, clothier, Bandon      
          James Kells Only son of John Kells, taylor, Bandon      
1720 CHILDS Robert Clothier Bandon 4 Thomas Childs 2nd son of Robert Childs Sabry's tenements    
          Samuel Phelps Only son of Samuel Phelps, ale seller Note:  Thomas Childs was the last life, and dead by 1777    
            Edward Rice Jnr 2nd son of Edward Rice, clothier      
1720 BROWN Edward Peruke maker Bandon 7 William Brown 2nd son of Edward Brown Young's tenements    
            Stephen Brown 4th son of Edward Brown Note: died 25.7.1782, brother William died a little before this    
            John Brown 5th son of Edward Brown      
1720 BIGGS Elizabeth Widow Bandon 6 Jeremiah Biggs   Collier's tenements    
          Joseph Biggs        
          John Popham Son of Ichabod Topham (sic) Kilmore Ichabod = farmer. John Popham = last life, died 8.7.1793    
1720 SULLIVAN David Baker Bandon 4 John Sullivan Only son of David Sullivan Throwle's tenements    
          Ann Sullivan Daughter of David Sullivan      
          Jane Sullivan Daughter of David Sullivan      
1720 JONES John Gentleman Bandon 3.6.8 Hannah Jones 1st daughter of John Jones Prison House. Hannah married William Lynd    
          Thamar Jones 2nd daughter ditto Thamar married Captain Brown    
            Catherine Jones 3rd daughter ditto Catherine married ? Berry    
1720 KELLY Denis Sleator Bandon 4 William Giles Only son of Wiliam Giles, shoemaker Tenement Coolfadda side called Clark's or Roch    
          Sarah Giles Daughter of ditto      
            Mark Legoe 3rd son of Mark Legoe, clothier Mark = last life, died 1792    
1720 SAVAGE Abraham Clothier Bandon 6 Isaac Savage 4th son of Abraham Savage Savage's tenement, mother's house    
            Richard Savage 5th son of Abraham Savage      
            Stephen Brown 4th son of Edward Brown, peruke maker All noted as dead by 1794    
1729 BALDWIN Richard Clerk Bandon 8 Richard Baldwin Lessee Brickworth's tenement including house Sarah Wright lives in    
          Mary Baldwin His wife      
          Winthrop Baldwin Son of Richard Baldwin      
1720 FREKE George Brigadier Bandon 5 Hannah Jones 1st daughter of John Jones Bridewell. George Freke of Ross    
          Thamar Jones 2nd daughter ditto Last life dropped 1775, William Beamish held interest then.    
          Catherine Jones 3rd daughter ditto      
1720 SEALY Robert Clothier Bandon 6 Elizabeth Sealy Wife of Robert Sealy Part Roe's tenement, let to Baldwin Sealy in 1794 for 34.8 pa    
          Richard Sealy Eldest son of Robert Sealy      
            John Sealy 4th son of Robert Sealy      
1721 KNIGHT Thomas   Clothier Bandon 13 Thomas Knight jnr Son of Thomas Knight Nower's?? tenements    
          Abigail Knight Daugher of ditto      
          Jane Knight Daugher of ditto Note: Jane now wife or mother of Thomas Watson, Jane died 1793    
1726 LOANE Rebecca Widow Bandon 6 Richard Loane Youngest son of Rebecca Loane Goodchilds tenements    
            Henry Loane 2nd son of Thomas Loane      
          James Kells Only son of John Kells, taylor, Bandon Note: James Kells died c1791    
1729 BERNARD Roger   Inniskeane 190 Roger Bernard Lessee 772 acres Inniskeane, 346 acres Murragh. Roger Bernard of Palace Anne.   
          Arthur Bernard Younger brother of Roger Bernard      
          John Jones 13 yrs Youngest son of John Jones John Jones jnr died 1795    
1731 BIGGS Abraham Clothier Bandon 4 Thomas Biggs   Haynes tenements    
          Abraham Biggs        
          Jeremiah Biggs Eldest son of Abraham Biggs      
          Joseph Biggs Brother of Abraham Biggs      
1748 HAWKES John jnr Gentleman Kilpatrick 100 John Hawkes Lessee Part of Kilpatrick called Lisabroder. John Hawkes of Lisabroder    
          Abigail Hawkes Wife of John Hawkes      
          Elenor Hawkes Sister of John Hawkes      
1751 SAVAGE Richard Gentleman Bandon 2.10 Richard Savage Lessee Dodgin's tenements. Note: all dead within 21 years    
          Charles Savage Eldest son of Richard Savage      
          Nicholas Ford Nephew of lessee, e/s Nicholas, Limerick      
1751 McCARTHY Charles Gentleman Bandon 7 Thomas McCarthy   Rashleigh's tenement    
          Charles McCarthy        
          Catherine McCarthy Wife of Charles McCarthy died 1824      
          Arthur Bernard Eldest son of Arthur Bernard, Bandon      
1751 WHITING Catherine Widow Kilpatrick 106 Thomas Whiting Son of Catherine Whiting Lands of Kilpatrick    
          John Whiting Son of Catherine Whiting      
          Corlis Hawkes Son of Corlis Hawkes of Pollerick?      
1751 SAVAGE Richard Gentleman Bandon Lives as above        
1752 HARRIS John Clothier Bandon 5 Thomas Harris Son of John Harris Thomas Gittas tenement    
            Abel Harris 2nd son of Abel Harris, Forkell?  Note: Abel Harris jnr died 1798    
            Michael Harris 3rd son of ditto Abel Harris = brother of lessee    
1752 MARTIN Katherine   Bandon 34.10 Katherine Martin Lessee Bisse, Polsen and Fuller tenements    
          Ann Martin Daughter of Katherine Martin      
1752 LEDBETTER Joseph Dr of Physick Bandon Joseph Ledbetter Lessee Part of Collier's tenements in possession of Thomas Wheeler, linen weaver  
          Thomas Ledbetter 18 yrs Nephew of Joseph Ledbetter      
          Thomas Ledbetter 16 yrs Only son of Joseph Ledbetter      
1752 CONNOR Dau?   Mawmare 44.10 Rev Henry Connor 3rd son of Lessee? 200 acres East Mawmor, 59 acres West Mawmore, formerly Knowles    
          Walter Baldwin 21 yrs Eldest son of Henry Baldwin, Curravordy      
          Joseph Wheeler 8 yrs Eldest son of Thomas Wheeler      
1720 JACKSON James Merchant Bandon Henry Baldwin jnr Son of Henry Baldwin, Mosgrove Linscombe and Landon tenements    
          Thomas Reycroft Only son of William Reycroft, clothier      
          Jonathan Tanner jnr Only son of Jonathan Tanner, forester      
1733 TANNER Jonathan Merchant Bandon 4 Jonathan Tanner jnr Only son of Jonathan Tanner Osborn's tenements. 1792 William Biggs is tenant    
          John Wheeler Merchant, Bristol Note: Jonathan Tanner Snr died 1775, Jonathan jnr some time before that    
          Jonathan Alleyn Son of Edward Alleyn, City of Cork      
1720 ROCH Andrew Cooper Bandon Richard Clarke Eldest son of Robert Clarke, shoemaker Webb tenements in possession of Abraham Beare    
          Daniel Deason Son of Jervis Deason deceased      
          Hannah Luskin? Daughter of John Luskin? Ballymountain      
1731 BIGGS Jacob Clothier Bandon 6 Jacob Biggs Lessee William Litten's tenements    
          Mary Biggs His wife      
          Jonathan Tanner jnr Only son of Jonathan Tanner, merchant See note above    
1752 CONNOR Rev Henry   Mishells 130 Henry Connor Lessee 598 acres now in possession of Daniel Connor and subtenants    
          William Crooke 12 yrs Son of Samuel Crooke, Kilconsee?      
          John Beamish 10 yrs Son of Richard Beamish, Cashelmore Note: John Beamish still alive 1815, living in Cashill, near Bandon    
1752 POPHAM John   Kilnegrady 336 John Popham   716 acres Kilmore, 669 acres Kilnegrady, 678 acres Moneen    
          Walter Baldwin 21 yrs Eldest son of Henry Baldwin, Curravordy occupied for many yrs by late Ichabod Popham and subtenants    
          George Foot 7 yrs Only son of Thomas Foot, Balladaniel      
1752 POPHAM John & William Caslelack 214 As above   725 acres Castlelack, 545 Scartnamuck, previously Ichabod Popham.     
              John of Kinagrady, William of Kilmore. Note: William died 1800    
1752 GILLMAN Herbert   Shanacloyne 168 Henry  Baldwin 13 yrs Only son of late William Baldwin 348 acres Shanacloyne, 643 acres Maskeagh    
          Henry  Baldwin 13 yrs Youngest son of Henry Baldwin      
            Herbert Gillman 16 yrs 2nd son of Herbert Gillman      
1752 SPLAINE James   Garrane 160 James Splaine   Only son of James Splaine, Ballyguille? 1176 acres East and West Gurrane    
          James Splaine 4 yrs   Only son of James Splaine, lessee?      
          Herbert Gillman 16 yrs Son of Herbert Gillman, Shanacloyne      
1772 HAWKES John Gentleman Ballygagan 200 John Hawkes Son of John Hawkes 125 acres Ballygagan in possession of William Hawkes    
          Thomas Hawkes Son of John Hawkes John Hawkes of Surmount?    
          William Hawkes Son of John Hawkes      
1748 STAMMERS John   Bandon 3   John Stammers   Hewitts/Charters tenements, waste land Bandon to store materials etc    
          John Deyshir? Grandson of John Stammers during repair of Market House    
          Joseph Biggs Clothier, Bandon      
1752 WARE William   Bandon William Ware Lessee Frank's tenement formerly h/by George Alby. Bridge St Bandon    
          Martha Ware His wife William Ware of Farraclough    
          John Ware 8 yrs Son of John Ware, Killineen      
1752 JONES John Merchant Callatrim 108 John Jones   Lessee 620 acres Callatrim. John Jones of Cork City died 1795    
            Benjamin Jones 3 yrs 1st son of John Jones      
            Henry Jones 2 yrs 2nd son of John Jones      
1783 SEALY James   Bandon 20  Armiger Sealy 19 yrs 1st son of James Sealy  Birds tenements 13/14 Scale survey, Hewitts/Spratts tmts 30/31 Scale    
            John Sealy 17 yrs 2nd son of James Sealy South Main St. formerly h/by Sir Richard Cox    
            Robert Sealy 16 yrs 3rd son of James Sealy      
1783 WREN John elder  Farmers Kilmoylan 75 John Wren younger 25 yrs 1st son of John Wren 301 acres Kilmoylan lately h/by Thomas Kingston. Wrens of Dromavean    
    and younger       James Wren 23 yrs 2nd son of John Wrenn David Wren still alive in 1838, living at Dromovean    
            David Wren 9 yrs 3rd son of John Wren Lessee to spend 300 improving premises    
1759 WELSH Thomas   Carpenter Bandon ? 6 Barry Welsh 21 yrs Son of Thomas Welsh 2 tenements Littens, h/by Thomas Littens and Hibernia Scott.    
          Stephen Welsh 10 yrs Son of Thomas Welsh In main street called King St. 27 feet by 244 feet.    
          James Callaghan 20 yrs Son of Car? Callaghan Lessee to build 2 good substantial buildings within 2 yrs for 100    
1757 DAVIS George Shoemaker Bandon 3   George Davis Lessee His dwelling house, formerly Flaxon's tenement. Let to Geo Abbott 1794    
          Edward Davis 28 yrs Brother of George Davis      
          Jonathan Roe 12 yrs Only son of William Roe      
1760 HARPUR John   Kielucranagh? 134 Roger Bernard 17 yrs Son of Roger Bernard, Palace Anne 892 acres lately h/by Arthur Bernard. John Harpur = guardian of Roger B    
          Francis Bernard 18 yrs Eldest son of Arthur Bernard, Bandon      
            Thomas Bernard 15 yrs 2nd son of Arthur Bernard, Bandon Thomas Bernard died 1795    
1761 SAVAGE Richard Gentleman Coolfadda 100 Charles Savage Son of Richard Savage Mills of Coolfadda + strip of land with fishing rights, approx 10 acres    
HARRIS John Gentleman     John Harris Lessee Note: Evicted several years later by ejectment, now held by Biggs    
          Catherine Harris 28 yrs Wife of John Harris      
1772 CUE Robert Cordwainer Inniskeane 12.10 Robert Cue Lessee Father's house, formerly h/by Denis Hurley, part of Bullens holdings late    
          John Cue 10 yrs Son of William Cue, uncle of lessee in possession of Owen Carthy 6 acres    
          Diana Cue 8 yrs Niece of lessee      
1783 SHORTEN Benjamin   Kilnecranagh Benjamin Shorten 22 yrs 2nd son of Benjamin Shorten Cabins, gardens formerly h/by Charles Bloss, John Crowley & Boigand?    
            Richard Shorten 20 yrs 3rd son of Benjamin Shorten 6 acres    
            George Shorten 8 yrs 4th son of Benjamin Shorten      
1783 SEALY James   Bandon 6 James Sealy Lessee Milligans/Recrofts tenements 35, 36, 37 Scale. Nth side of Sth Main St    
            Armiger Sealy 19 yrs 1st son of James Sealy  formerly let to Robert Sealy. 1818? lease surrendered, new lease to    
            John Sealy 17 yrs 2nd son of James Sealy. Died 1797 Rev Armiger Sealy, dwelling house & brewery? 40.3.1    
1759 MURRAY Richard Carpenter Bandon 3   Bridget Murray 30 yrs Daughter of Richard Murray Dwelling house late Brigadier Freke, joining church gate Ballymmodan.    
          Robert Gookin 10 yrs Son of Robert Gookin, deceased 20 to be spent on repairs within 3 yrs    
          John DeCourcy 11 yrs Eldest son of John DeCourcey, Kinsale John DeCourcey Snr = mariner    
1759 DOWDEN Richard Linen weaver Bandon 8 Joseph Dowden 12 yrs Son of Richard Dowden Willows tenement formerly Freke. Lessee to lay out 150 on 2 good    
          Richard Dowden 3yrs? Nephew of Richard Dowden substantial houses within 3 years.    
          Joseph Wheeler 8 yrs Son of Thomas Wheeler jnr, Linen weaver Thomas Wheeler of Bandon    
1759 COLLINS William Heelmaker Bandon 6.10 William Collins Lessee Wades tenements    
          Mary Collins His wife      
          Mary Collins Only daughter of William Collins      
1760 SEALY George Merchant Bandon 4   Robert Sealy 10 yrs 1st son of George Sealy Messuage formerly Freke, lately h/by Richard Reecroft, next to Richard    
            Richard Sealy 8 yrs 2nd son of George Sealy Murray    
            Armiger Sealy 3 yrs 3rd son of George Sealy      
1760 BERNARD James   Castle Bernard 150 James Bernard   Lessee Plowlands at Laragh and part of Shinagh. 8 acres enclosed w/in walls of    
          Charles Bernard Only brother of James Bernard Deer Park of Francis Bernard. Lately enjoyed by Samuel Townsend.     
          Francis Bernard 6 yrs Eldest son of James Bernard Covenenant 7rs to build dwelling, plant orchard, plant/preserve 500 trees    
1760 BANFIELD William   East Caroon 80 James Bernard 12 yrs Only son of Philip Bernard 270 acres E Caroon formerly h/by Francis Banfield.     
          James Peed 12 yrs Eldest son of Edward Peed William Banfield of Tullyglass    
            Joseph Aldworth 10 yrs 2nd son of Thomas Aldworth All 'lives' grandsons of Francis Banfield    
1760 BROWN William Carpenter Bandon 12  William Brown Lessee Ballins/Battins tenements lately h/by John Martin    
          William Bridges Brown 13 yrs Son of William Brown William Bridges Brown still alive in 1806    
          Mary Brown 4 yrs Daughter of William Brown      
1760 GOOD John   Mawbeg 44  John Good Lessee 107 acres Mawbegg. John Good of Tullyglass    
          James Good 12 yrs Eldest son of John Good Note: James Good aged 75 in 1813    
          William Good 13 yrs Only son of James Good, Tullyglass      
1760 STANLEY David Forester W Carroon 120 Joseph Stanley 24 yrs Son of David Stanley 515 acres West Carroon, excepting 10 acres turf bog reserved with     
          David Stanley 15 yrs Son of David Stanley passage for horse & carriage for other tenants with turf for fires.    
          James Stanley 7 yrs Son of David Stanley Note: David and James Stanley alive in 1815    
1760 WREN John Farmer  Dromovean 120 John Wren   Lessee 478 acres Dromovean with 5 acres reserved for the accommodation of    
          John Swanton 14 yrs Son of George Swanton decd, Ballybanion? West Mawbegg    
          William Swanton 10 yrs Son of George Swanton decd, Ballybanion?    
1760 WARE Thomas     Scrainavidogue 100 Thomas Ware Lessee 595 acres plowlands Scrainavidogue. Thomas Ware of Farron Thomas    
          Thomas Ware 6 yrs Only son of Thomas Ware      
          Elizabeth Ware 15 yrs Eldest daughter of Thomas Ware      
1767 JAGOE John Farmer  Derrycool 150 William Jagoe 13 yrs 2nd son of John Jagoe 403 acres Derrycool. John Jagoe of Milane, John Milner of Dunmanaway    
MILNER John Farmer  Derrycool   John Milner 14 yrs Eldest son of John Milner      
            Edward Hayes 7 yrs 2nd son of Henry Hayes, Clonakilty      
1760 BALDWIN John   Mallowgeaton 60 John Baldwin Lessee 317 acres Mallowgeaton.     
          Mary Elizabeth Baldwin His wife      
          Thomas Baldwin 2 yrs Eldest son of John Baldwin Note: 1815 Thomas Baldwin living in Skibbereen    
1761 JERVOIS Samuel   Bandon 10  Samuel Jervois 35 yrs Eldest son of Samuel Jervois Part of Dodgins tenements    
          Joseph Jervois 16 yrs Youngest son of Samuel Jervois Note: Samuel Jervois jnr died 1804    
          Richard Marley 16 yrs Son of Jonathan Marley, Bandon      
1783 ROCHE Attiwell Cabinet maker Bandon Attiwell Roche Lessee Stammers tenement formerly let ot George Roche, grandfather. No 4 on    
          Thomas Welsh 22 Eldest son of Barry Welsh, Saddler Scale survey, Nth side of Sth Main St.     
          David Stanley 12 yrs Eldest son of Joseph Stanley, farmer Barry Welsh of Bandon, Joseph Stanley of Carroow    
1783 SHORTEN Benjamin Farmer  Inniskeane 38 Benjamin Shorten   Lessee House, stable, orchard, cabbins, gardens, land. Evans/Brambles tenmts    
          Richard Shorten 7 yrs Son of William Shorten, Woolcomber lately h/by thomas Warren. 1-13 on Scale + field 14, part 23, part of     
          John Stanley 16 yrs Son of George Stanley, former woolcomber MacNamara holdings 25 acres. William Shorten of Pullerick.    
1783 SEALY Robert   Bandon 13  Robert Sealy   Lessee Freke tenement and part Smythe tmt lately h/by John Cox. No 9 on    
          Rev George Sealy 24 yrs Brother of Robert Sealy Scale survey, Sth side of Sth Main St.     
          Thomas Poole 11 yrs Son of Hewitt Poole, Mayfield      
1786 SEALY George   E Mawbegg 60 Baldwin Sealy 20 5th son of George Sealy 232 acres farmlands East Mawbegg. George Sealy of Bandon.    
          Jonas Stawell 9 yrs Eldest son of Sampson Stawell, Kilbrittain      
          George Robert Sealy 2 yrs Eldest son of Robert Sealy, Bandon      
1786 PRESTON Edward Carpenter Bandon 12  William Preston 12 yrs 1st son of Edward Preston Bruce tenements lately h/by Saul Bruce. 1, 2, 3. and 4 on Scale survey.    
            Richard Preston 8 yrs 2nd son of Edward Preston Sth side of South Main St at the West Gate    
            Francis Preston 5 yrs 3rd son of Edward Preston      
1772 WELDON Thomas     Bandon Thomas Weldon Lessee Jennings/Bennett tenements formerly h/by Cesar Alcock, deceased.    
            Armiger Sealy 16 yrs 3rd son of George Sealy South side of South Main St.    
            Strickland Kingston 16 yrs 3rd son of Peter Kingston, shopkeeper Note: Thomas Weldon died 1806    
1772 WHEELER Thomas   Merchant Bandon Joseph Wheeler 22 yrs Eldest son of Thomas Wheeler Clothier tenements formerly School House, Bridge St. formerly h/by    
            John Wheeler 14 yrs 3rd son of Thomas Wheeler John Jones, deceased    
            William Dowden 10 yrs 2nd son of Richard Dowden, linen draper