BANDON GENEALOGY                        

a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Cork Marriage Licence Bonds - Not known what part of Cork
1797 Heazell Margaret and William Tarrant
1754 Heazell Robert and Ann Flyn
1779 Heazell Susanna and Edmond Homan
Other Heazle Marriages connected to Bandon
18th Aug 1825 William Heazle and Amelia Holmes Amelia, d of Holmes of Ballymoney
not known John Reilly and Elizabeth Heazle Before 1798

31 Oct 1714 Henry Hazel and Margaret Lehy
8th April 1729 Henry Hazel and Mary Cleer
7 Aug 1731 Catherine Hazel and John Marshall
2nd Jan 1748 Mary Hazel and Thomas Shears
1 Nov 1754 Henry Hazel and Elizabeth Farr
2 Jan 1767 Benjamin Hazel and Eilener Doodley
5 Sept 1767 James Hazel and Bridget Burk
15 April 1792 John Heazle and Jane Reily
30 Sept 1792 Mary Heazle and James Donovan
20th Jan 1805 Thomas Heazle and Elinor Reily
22nd Sept 1801 Mary Heazle and Samuel Johnson of Cavan Regiment
12th Feb 1815 Francis Heazle and William Jennings
8th April 1828 George Heazle and  Eliza White
25th Oct 1831 Mary Heazle and david Lee
20th Nov 1847 George Heazle  and Margaret Murray George, widower, Baker of Boyle St, son of Henry, Weaver
Margaret, of Kilbrogan, d of John, Farmer