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GUYS Directory of Bandon 1886


On of the most respectable towns in county Cork, pleasantly situated on right bank of Bandon river (which gave the town its name) in a broad open valley bounded on north by the Clara hills.  Population of town 3,997 (2,698 catholics, 1,299 protestants and others) inhabiting 614 houses.  It is partly in the parishes of Ballymodan (pop 3,157) and Kilbrogan (pop 3,309).  The small parish of Killowen (pop 198) and the village of Roundhill (pop 138) in this postal district.  The land in general tolerably good; prevailing substratum clay-slate; scenery varied.  The Desmond rebellion and subsequent wars of the revolution, subjected the country stretching west to Bantry – in the possession of the ancient Irish septs of the MacCarthy-Reaghs, O’Driscolls, O’Learys, O’Donovans, O’Mahonys etc – to a thorough confiscatin.  The O’Mahonys were seated in Kinalmeaky, the district which encompasses Bandon.  Their chief castle occupied the site of the mansion of the earls of Bandon and a hamlet called An Driohid (the bridge) occupied the site of the present town of Bandon.  The word Bandon is from Bun-dhu-abhan, the district of the dark river.  A great number of English and Scotch protestant colonists were introduced from time to time into this and surrounding district by the earl of Cork and other English patentees who obtained grants out of the forfeited estates above referred to.  For a long period Bandon was an almost exclusively protestant settlement, and enclosed by strong walls.  These walls were commenced in 1614 and finished about 1628.  They were protected by three castles, and varied from six to nine feet in thickness, with a height of over ninety feet.  Several portions of the wall are still discernible.  The town received a charter of incorporation in 1613 (James 1).  There are two protestant churches and a catholic church.  The church of Kilbrogan, built in 1610, was the first edifice ever raised in Ireland for protestant worship.  Ballymodan protestant church and the catholic church are handsome structures: the former is erected on the site of the old church of that name built in 1614, and contains a monument of Judge Bernard, ancestor of the Earls of Bandon, and other members of the Bernard family.  Bandon contains a large distillery (Allman’s), doing an extensive business, a brewery, and two excellent hotels.  The manufacture of camlets, stuffs, corduroys, and woollen goods, prevailed here to a great extent at the close of the last and beginning of the present centuries, and was succeeded by the spinning and weaving of cotton, which continued to flourish till 1825.  No portion of this trade is now in existence.  About a mile west of the town is the noble mansion and park of Castle-bernard, the seat of the earls of Bandon.  The borough of Bandon sent two members of the Irish parliament prior to the Union, since which period it returned on to the Imperial parliament.  Under the provisions of the Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885, Bandon is now included (with the borough of Kinsale) in the south east division of Co Cork, comprising the baronies Courceys, Kinalea, Kinsale, Kerricurrihy, Kinalmeaky, and parts of East Carbery, ED, and Ibane and Barryroe.

Postal address – Bandon, Co Cork

Head post, money order and telegraph office. Sub-offices:-

Ballinadee, Ballineen, Butlerstown, Carey’s Cross, Clonakilty, Courtmacsherry, Desertserges, Drimoleague, Dunmanway, Howe’s Strand, Kilbrittain, Kilmacsimon, Lisbealad, Lislevane, Mountpleasant, Newcestown, Reenascreena, Roscarbery, Rossmore, templemartin, Timoleague

Head Postmaster – Patrick Aug McCarthy

Conveyances – Station Cork and Bandon Railway – trains four times a day.  Railway communication with Cork, Kinsale, Skibbereen, Dunmanway and Bantry.  Line in course of construction to Clonakilty.  Conveyances to Clonakilty, Courtmacsherry and Timoleague on West Coast.  See published time tables of company.

Stationmaster – James Rattray

Fairs and Markets – 1st Wednesday every month, except May and Nov, 6th May, Ascension day, 29th Oct, 8th Nov, pig fair previous day.  Market days, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Poor Law Union of Bandon

Pop of Union 23,702.  20 electoral divisions.  Board of Guardians meet every Wednesday.

Chairman – Right Hon Earl Bandon, Castle Bernard, Bandon

Vice-Chairman – John R Berwick, JP, Coolfadda, Bandon

Dep Vice Chairman – John Heron, Bandon

Treasurer – Provincial Bank, Bandon

Clerk and Returning Officer – Abraham Haynes

Master and Matron – Peter Dumeen and Anne McCarthy

Chaplains. Church of Ireland – Rev JR Porte, Catholic – Very Rev Canon McSwiney, PP

Medical Officer – Dr WJ Belcher

Relieving Officer – Joseph Morris, Bandon

Rate Collectors – John Sullivan, Coolfadda, Geo Stanley, Ballylangley

Supt Regr Births, Deaths and Mariages – Abraham Haynes, clerk union

Dispensary and Registration Districts

Bandon (9,687) including electoral divisions of Ballymodan, Brinny and Kilbrogan

Med officer and Regr – Dr JJ Welply

Innishannon (2,974), including electoral divisions of Ballymurphy, Innishannon, Knockavilly, and Knockroe

Med officer and Regr – Dr Alex M Alcock

Kilbrittain (2,754) including electoral divisions of Ballinadee, Baurleigh, Kilbrittain and Rathclarin

Med officer and Regr – Dr James Shorten

Murragh (4,180), including electoral divisions of Begour, Boulteen, Cashel, Murragh and Teadies. Med officer and Regr – Dr Orpen Beamish

Templemartin (4,107) including electoral divisions of Ballygroman, Kilbonane, Moviddy and Templemartin.  Med officer and REgr – Dr Edward Wall

Officers under Public Health Act

Consulting sanitary officer – Dr Cooper, Bandon

Executive sanitary officer – Clerk of union

Medical officers of Health – Dispensary med offices

Sanitary sub-officers – Relieving officers

Local Government Board Officers

Inspector – Colonel George Spaight

Auditor – Arthur McHugh


Town Commissioners

Chairman- Timothy Foley

Belcher William John

Burts Robert

Calnan Joseph

Crowley Cornelius

Crowley William

Cummins Thomas

Fitzgerald James

Foley William

Healy Maurice

Hickey John

Hickey John C.

McDonnell William

McKeon Dominick F

O’Driscoll Daniel

Reidy Richard

Ryan Denis

Walsh John

Clerk – John McDonnell


Petty Sessions Court of Bandon

Petty sessions held every Monday.

Pop of district 11,631.  Quar Sess dist of Bandon

Res mag – George R. Cronin

Clerk Petty Sess – Stephen Molony

Civil bill officers – John Hosford, Jas Mahony and John Giles


Head Quarters Constabulary District

W.R. Co Cork

County Inspector – Berril Henry Maguire

District Inspectors:-

Bandon – Thomas Haues

Bantry – William H. Frizell

Castletownbere – TA Howe

Clonakilty – Charles A Carr

Dunmanway – Alexander R Andrews

Macroom – TJ Smith

Millstreet – Patrick Meehan

Schull – Thomas Cahill

Skibbereen – G Maxwell

Bandon District: District Inspector – Thomas Hayes

Head Constable – Michael Coghlan

Sergeants in charge of stations Bandon district:-

Bandon – M McDermott

Ballinspittal, 10m – M. Fleming

Innishannon, 4 m – Thomas Byrne

Kilbrittain, 6m – Robert Aiken

Mountpleansant, 5m – James Whelan

Upton, 5m – Michael McDermott


Inland Revenue Department

Supervisor – AB Burns

Officers – P Hurley and James Wren

Income Tax Collector

Jones John, Cavendish Quay

District Registrar of Marriages

Jones John, Cavendish Quay

Commissioners Affidavits

McCarthy PJ

Sherlock George K

Fishery Conservators

B Division

Quinn Thomas L, Firgrove, Innishannon

Sealy Richard, Barleyfield, Kilbrittain

Townsend Captain Horace, Courtmacsherry

D Division

Bayley DJJ, Lakemount, Bandon

Longfield Thomas, Churchill, Bandon

Shuldham Leopold, Coolkelure, Dunmanway

Ex officio

Bandon the Earl of, Castle Bernard, Bandon

Conner Daniel, Manch, Ballineen

Cramer Marmaduke C, Rathmore, Kinsale

Herrick Thomas B, Shippool, Innishannon

Hewitt TA Ludlow, Clancoole, Bandon

Longfield William, Churchill, Bandon

Payne James H, Beechmount, Upton

Rye John Balie Tonson, JP, Woodlands

Secretary – William O’Hara, Bandon

Militia Infantry

3rd Bn (South Cork Mil)  The Royal Munster Fusiliers – Depot Bandon

Hon Col – Hon HB Bernard

Lieut-Colonel – Col Sir AR Warren, bart

Majors – Lieut-Colonel C Deane, Lieut-Col JHE Donegan

Captains – FW Bell, G Lucas, WTW Newenham, Lieut-Col CM Davidson, RW Cooper, JEH Herrick, MW O’Donovan, AL Coppinger

Lieutenants – ARJB Warren, JH Cramer, TR Sarsfield, H wWrixon Becher, HJ L’Estrange, TH O’Connell, LJWT Parker, A Deane

Inst of Musketry – Capt G Lucas

Adjutant – Major CJ Butler-Kearney

Quartermaster – W Sullivan


Masonic Lodge

No 84.  Meet second Wednesday of month.  Sec – John W Dawson, South Main Street



Bank Ireland.  Agent, RE Sargent; sub-agent, FH Reid

Munster and Leinster Bank, Limited.  Manager, Robert Griffith, accountant – JJ Cleary

Provincial bank of Ireland, Limited. Manager, RH Chapman: Accountant, J Swan


Endowed School.  Headmasters – Principal, Thomas R Courtenay, AB ex-sch, classical gold medallist TCH: English and Mathematics, H Disney: French, German and Natural Sciences, Herr Tagsenbursh

St Brogans.  President, Very Rev Denis Canon McSwiney, WF, PP


Insp National Schools – Peter Connellan, Shannon Street.  Head Teacher – Michael Quinlan

Watergate.  Head teacher – Thomas Dixon

Watergate Place.  Head Teachers – Male, William Hawkins; Female, Miss Shorten

Hill Street.  Head teacher – P Murphy

Ballymodan, Cavendish Quay.  Head teacher – Male, Paul S Buttimer, AB

Ballymodan, Shannon Street.  Female, Alice Baily


Presentation.  Superioress.  Mrs MP Murphy

Chaplain – Rev Patrick Deasy

Places of Worship

Ballymodan Church.  Rev John R Porte, AM, rector; Rev Henry Paul, AB, curate

Kilbrogan.  Rev Benjamin C Fawcett, AB, rector; Rev John Ashe, AB, Curate

Catholic, St Patrick’s.  Very Rev D Canon McSwiney, VF, PP; Revs J Lyons and Denis McCarthy, curates

Presbyterian.  Rev Thos Brown, AM , min

Methodist.  Rev CH Crookshank, Am; Rev John Nash, ministers

Old Presbyterian Church (Synod of Munster). Minister (occas) Rev W Whitelegge, AM. Treas, JC Allman

Justices of the peace, Landed Gentry, &c

Allman James C, JP, Parkview

Allman Richard Lane, JP, Woodlands

Appelbe Edward A, Kildarra

Bandon Right Hon Earl of (James Francis Bernard, 4th Earl) JP lieutenant and custos rotulorum county and city of Cork; colonel Cork City Art; res Castle Bernard  (Ear and Visct Bernard 1800: Visct Bandon 1795; Baron Bandon 1793 (Irld); elected rep peer for Irld 1881)

Baldwin Captain, Brookfield House

Baldwin Frankllin, North Main Street

Baldwin Herbert, North Main Street

Baldwin James, Mountpleasant House

Baldwin Walter, North Main Street

Baylie John James, MD, Lakemount

Beamish Francis, Killaneer

Beamish George, Meelon

Beemish Thomas,  Hare Hill

Berwick John Rawdon, JP, Coolfadda House

Biggs Jacob, Callatrim

Butler-Kearney Capt CJ, Mountprospect

Clear Richard, JP, Janeville

Connor RW, Milton House

Cronin George, R, RM

Daunt William, Willsgrove

Dawson Charles G, Farranvane House

Dawson James, MD, Carhue House

Dawson Joh, Mountpleasant

Dowden William C, Floraville

Frost Thomas, Kilpatrick

Fuller Ralph, Mawmore

Gash Colonel, Gurrane

Gillman Colonel, Moanerone Cottage

Hayes Thomas, district inspector RIC

Hennessy Patrick, Kilbrogan

Hewett Thos Arthur Ludlow, JP, Clancoole

Hosford J, Oldpark

Hosford William, JP, Scartnamuck House

Hosford William, Eatonville

Lee Jervis, Drumkeen

L’Estrange Colonel, Overton House

Lombard John D, Shinagh

Longfield General, Kilcolman

Longfield, Thomas, Church Hill

Longfield William, JP, Church Hill

McDaniel JJ, JP, Woodlands

Maguire Berril Henry, Co inspector RIC

Maunsell Captain, Bellmont

Nash Matthew, Kilmore

Oswald Gordon, Roughgrove House

Poole Major Hewitt R, JP, Mayfield

Poole Thomas, Mileen

Pope George, St marys

Popham Bradshaw, Dromkeen

Popham John, Laragh

Rye John Balie Tonson, JP, Woodlands

Scott Benjamin, roughgrove

Scott Benjamin, Carhue east

Sealy Winthrop Baldwin JP  Barleyfield

Sullivan John, Hill House

Sullivan William Connor JP North Main Street

Sullivan William, qr master Royal Munster Fusiliers

Wheeler John Richrd JP (late capt 2nd Foot), Kilbrogan Hill


Clergy etc

Ashe Rev John, AB, curate Kilbrogan

Brown Rev Thomas, AM, presb minister

Connor Rev William, Milton

Crookshank Rev CH, AM meth minister

Deasy Rev Patrick, CC, North Main Street

Fawcett Rev Benjamin C, AB, rect Kilbrogan

Lyons Rev John, CC, South Main Street

McCarthy Rev Denis CC, North Main Street

McSwiney Very Rev Denis Canon, VF,PP

Murphy Mrs MP, sup presentation convent

Nash Rev John, Meth Minister, Watergate St

Paul Rev Hy, AB, curate CI, South Main Street

Porte Rev John Robt, AM, rect Ballymodan

Stevenson Rev James, CI, North Main Street



Doherty Richard W, Oakville (8 Anglesea Street, Dublin)

Levis Francis J, South Main Street (13 Wellington Quay, Dublin)

McCarthy PJ, South Main Street and Watergate St (65 Dame Street, Dublin)

Sherlock George K (sess crown solr WR), South Main Street (13 Wellington Quay, Dublin)

Sherlock Thomas, Devonshire Square

Sullivan Thos Kingston, The Retreat, South Main Street (1 Wellington Quay, Dublin)


Physicians and Surgeons

Baylie John James, MROSE, LRCP EDIN, Lakemount

Belcher Wm John, IRCPED, LFP & S GL, South Main Street

Bullen John Welply, MD, M CH RUI, Bridge Street

Cooper Charles, MDQUI, LFPSGL, LM, LAH, North Main Street

Dawson James MD, Carhue Cottage

McCarthy Edward Cudmore, LRCP & S EDIN, The Farm

Welply John Jagoe, MD, M CH QUI, LAH, Bridge Street


Principal Residents Town of Bandon

Allardyce W, Accountant, Summerhill

Allman and Co, Distillers

Allman, Dowden & Co, Brewers, Watergate Street

Allshire Joseph, grocer, North Main Street

Anglin Frank, Cavendish Quay

Appelbe George T, assistant surveyor, grocer etc, North Main Street

Atkins WI & Son, printers, Bridge Street

Baily Alice, national teacher, Shannon Street

Baker Robert, Wollen merchant, North Main Street

Baldwin Miss C, Watergate Street,

Baldwin Miss Fanny E, North Main Street

Baldwin Miss MJ, North Main Street

Banfield Francis, acct, Cavendish Quay

Banfield Mrs Anna, North Main Street

Bannon Bridget, vint etc Shannon Street

Barrett Miss B, Hotel prop, Wesley Quay

Barrett Richard, Clancool

Barrett Timothy, tanner, South Main Street

Bennett Mrs Eliza, Watergate Street

Bennett Mrs George, North Main Street

Bevin Isaac, painter, Shannon Street

Bevin Roger, painter, Shannon Street

Brady Richard, confect etc North Main St

Brangan Marmaduke, acct, North Main St

Brennan Jeremiah, vintner, Shannon St

Brennan Margaret, vintner etc, Shannon St

Bright Richard, bootmaker, Bridge St

Bright R, painter, Bridge Lane

Bright W & G, stationers etc, Bridge St

Bright W & J, hardware merchants, Bridge St

Brown Miss EF, North Main St

Browne James, boot warehouse, South Main St

Buckley Jeremiah, vintner, Kilbrogan Street

Burke John, victualler, Castle St

Burke Michael, vintner, Bridge St

Burke William, baker, Cavendish Quaya

Burts Robert, hardware mt, South Main St

Buttimer John, flour store, South Main St

Buttimer Paul S, AB, Cavendish Quay

Calnan Joseph, mineral water manufactory, wine and spirit merchant, Shannon Street

Canty Denis, vintner etc, North Main St

Carroll Miss, Boot and shoemaker, South Main St

Chapman RH, manager, Provincial Bank

Clarke John & Co, Hardmare merchants, South Main St

Clarke William and Son, tobacco manufacturer, South Main St

Clear Mrs Margaret, Watergate St

Clear Richard, tanner, Watergate St

Cleary JJ, accountant, Munster bank

Coghlan Michael, HCRIC

Connellan Peter, insp national schools, Kilbrogan Hill,

Connolly Miss Kate Mary, dressmaker, Warners Lane

Cooper Thomas, acct, North Main Street

Corcoran Mrs Mary, shopkpr, Shannon St

Coughlan John, vintner, Cavendish Quay

Coughlan Mrs Anne, shopkeeper, Bridge St

Courtenay Thos R, AB, Tchr, Devonshire Sq

Craig David, North Main Street

Crowley Catherine, vintner, North Main St

Crowley & Co, drapers, South Main Street

Crowley John, vintner, Shannon Street

Crowley Miss E, dressmaker, Cavendish Quay

Crowley Miss K, Fancy wrhse, South Main St

Crowley Miss C, Vintner, Wesley Quay

Crowley W, Grocer etc, South Main Street

Crowley Wm, flour and meal mt, Cavendish Quay

Cummins Joh, Leather mt, South Main St

Cummins Thomas, wine merchant, South Main St

Daly John & Co, drapers, South Main Street

Daly John, Hairdresser, Shannon St

D’Arcy James, brewer, Watergate St

Dawson Bros, drapers, South Main Street

Dawson John Wesley, South Main Street

Dawson Mrs Jane, boot wrhse, South Main St

Dawson Mrs M, boot wrhse, South Main Street

Dempsey John, painter, Boyle Street

Desmond Humph, prov mt, etc, South Main Street

Desmond, Miss H, butter mt, South Main Street

Dineen Thos, seedsman etc, Clancool Road

Dinneen Peter, vintner etc Shannon Street

Disney H, teacher, endowed school

Dixon Thomas, Gulley Cottage

Donovan Cornelius, harness mkr, Bridge St

Donovan John, harness maker, Weir Street

Donovan P, flour and meal store, Wesley Qy

Dowden C, North Main Street

Dowden & Co, flour and meal store, Burlington Quay and New Road

Downes J, com trav, North Main Street

Drew Mrs Ellen, vintner, Shannon Street

Driscoll Ellen, shopkeeper, Castle Street

Driscoll  John, vintner, North Main Street

Dwyer B, harness maker etc Cavendish Quay

Dwyer Daniel, boot warehouse, New Road

Eaton Mrs, North Main Street

Emerson George, coal mcht, South Main St

England Wm, flour and meal store, Bridge St

Fitzgerald James, victualler, South Main St

Fitzpatrick Jeremiah, sacristan to RC church, Cavendish Quay

Flynn C, vintner, Cavendish Quay

Foley & Co, drapers etc, South main Street

Foley Patrick, vintner, South main Street

Foley T, South Main Street

Foley William, grocer etc, North Main Street

Forde George, wool mcht, North main Street

Forde Thomas, vintner, North Main St

Forsythe David, hotel prop, North Main St

French Geo Williams, hotel prop, Shannon St

Fullam Patrick, coach builder, Weir Street

Fullam Patrick, vintner, Shannon Street

Gash Alexander S, wine mt, etc, North Main Street

Givin Miss S, North Main Street

Good John, agricult implement mcht, etc, South Main Street

Good Joseph, baker etc, North Main Street

Grady Mrs Margt, prov store, North Main St

Griffith Robert, manager Munster bank

Hallahan John, vintner etc, Market Street

Halley J, supervr inld rev, North Main St

Hardman Townley B, prof music, North Main Street

Harrington Patk, baker etc, South Main St

Harris Alexander, North Main Street

Harris John, draper, South Main Street

Harte Miss Anne, prof music, South Main St

Harte Mrs JH, timber yard, Cavendish Qy

Harte William, grocer etc, South Main St

Harte WH, temperance hotel, South Main St

Hawkins Mrs Maryann, millinery warehse, South Main Street

Hayes Catherine, shopkeeper, South main St

Hayes Miss Dora, North Main St

Healy Maurice, corn and wool merchant, Bridge St

Hegarty George, baker, Castle Road

Hegarty Miss Kate, music tchr, Castle Rd

Hennessy John, com trav, Cavendish Quay

Heron John, grocer, etc, South Main Street

Heron Wm, hardware mt etc South Main Street

Hickey John, vintner, New Road

Hickey John, vintner, North Main Street

Hickey John C, Vintner etc South Main Street

Highet John, Plumber etc Weir Street

Hosford Mrs Anna Maria, North Main St

Houston Matthew Henry, Mill Place

Hunter JH, seed warehouse, South Main St

Hunter JS, photographer, South Main St

Hurley Miss Ellen, stationer, South Main St

Hurley Patrick, tailor, Shannon St

Hurley P, Inland Revenue Officer

Jackson Nathaniel, co surveyor, Gurteen

Jermyn Mrs, North Main Street

Johnson Sauel, North Main Street

Johnson Thomas, whitesmith, Weir Street

Jones John, dist reg mar, Cavendish Quay

Justice Richard, boot and shoe wrhse, Castle St

Kearney Michael, grocer, etc Shannon St

Kelleher Patrick, vinctner, North Main St

Kelly Cornelius, car owner, Warners Lane

Kelly Denis, sergt RIC, North Main St

Keohane Mary, Egg mcht etc, New Road

Keyms Joshua, china wrhse, South Main St

Kingston William, pawnbr, North Main St

Lane Joseph, grocer etc North main Street

Lane The Misses, North Main Street

Larkin Miss Maria, dressmaker, Shannon St

Lawton T, Vintner, Cavendish Quay

Lee David, The Singer Manufacturing Co, North Main Street

Lee Samuel, grocer etc, Bridge Place

Leonard Alfred R, acct, North Main Stret

Loane Anne, vintner, Watergate St

Lordan Jeremiah, grocer etc, South Main St

Lovell C, shopkeeper, Shannon Street

Lovell Geo Jun, Chandler etc, Wesley Quay

Lucy Cornelius, victualler, Cork Road

Lynch John, vintner etc, Market Street

Lynch Miss Mary, North Main Street

McCabe Thomas, auctioneer etc, Cavendish Quay

McCarthy John, com trav, Bridge Street

McCarthy Miss Sarah, North Main Street

McCarthy Mrs, dressmaker, Castle Road

McCarthy F, timber mt etc, Shannoon St

McCarthy PA, postmaster, Bridge Street

McCarthy Thomas, baker, North Main Street

McDaniel Jerh, hairdresser, Watergate St

McDonnell John, grocer, Bridge Street

McDonnell William, wine merchant, South Main St

McKeon DF, grocer etc North Main Street

NcPherson C, distiller, The Hill

McSweeney, D, timber merchant, South Main St

McSwiney Margaret, four store, Shannon St

Maguire Alex, auctioneer, Watergate Street

Maguire Berill Henry, co inspector RIC, Devonshire Sq

Mahony Timothy, baker etc, Bridge Place

Martin Edward, manager gas works, Bandon

Mason John, woollen manufacturer, Shannon St

Massey Miss C. shopkeeper, North Main St

Massey OM, photographer, Watergate St

Mayne Miss Emily, North Main Street

Menagh Thomas, Kilbrogan Place

Mills James P, tchr music, Cavendish Quay

Mills JM, watchmaker, Shannon St

Moloney John, Shannon St

Molony Stephen, clerk petty sessions

Morgan W, victualler, South main Street

Moriarty James, Baker, drpr etc South Main Street

Morris Joseph, relieving officer

Moxley Mrs, hosier, South Main Street

Moynihan D, builder etc, Shannon Street

Murphy Cornelius, vintner, Castle Street

Murphy Denis, draper etc, South Main St

Murphy P, nat school teacher, Hill Street

Murphy Wm and John, victuallers, Castle St and Cork Road

Murray D, vintner, North Main Street

Nash the Misses, North Main Street

Norton William, boot warehouse, South Main St

O’Brien David, grocer etc, South Main St

O’Callaghan Thomas, vintner, Shannon St

O’Connell Patrick, whitesmith, Wesley Quay

O’Connor Timothy, vintner, Shannon St

O’Donoghue J, shopkeeper, North Main St

O’Donovan F, meal stores, Wesley Quay

O’Driscoll Daniel, butter merchant, South Main St

O’Driscoll John, vintner, North Main St

O’Gorman Chamberlayne, com trav, North Main Street

O’Hara William, Cavendish Quay

O’Leary Daniel, grocer etc, North Main St

O’leary Denis, shopkpr, South Main Street

O’Regan James F, vintner etc, North Main St

O’Regan Patrick, harness maker, Castle St,

O’Riordan Timothy, tailor, Shannon Street

O’Sullivan John, Vintner etc, Castle Street

O’Sullivan James, grocer etc, South main St

O’Sullivan Mrs, North Main Street

Peard Mrs William, North Main Street   ????

Peters Thomas, China and glass warhuse, Castle Street,

Peyton Ralph, builder, Castle Road,

Pope George, Corn merchant etc, Cavendish Quay

Pope William J, Cornn merchant etc, Cavendish Qy

Potter FPE, Eagle Printing Works, New Road

Quinlan Michael, Nat school teacher, Shannon St

Rattray James, Stationmaster, Castle Road

Reen Daniel, victualler, Castle Street

Regan Cornelius, bootmaker, North Main St

Regan T, lodging house keeper, Cavendish Quay

Reid FH, sub agent, Bank of Ireland, North Main St

Reidy R, egg merchant Weir Street

Robinson Mrs Ellen, Shopkeeper, North Main St

Robinson Wm & Son, drapers, South Main Street,

Roche James, Tailor, New Road

Roche Miss Martha, Cavendish Quay

Ruddick Thomas, cabinet maker, South Main Street

Ryan Denis, vintner, South Main Street

Salter Robert, clothier, South Main Street

Santry Mrs Ellen,  provision store, Castle Street

Sargent RE, manager bank of Ireland

Scott Henry, acct, Cavendish Quay

Scott Jas B, oil and color mt, South Main St

Scott Misses, tchr music, South Main St

Shine Bartholomew, whitesmith, Market Qy

Shine Daniel, shopkeeper, Watergate Street

Shine Jeremiah, plumber etc, North Main Street

Shorten Miss, nat tchr, Watergate Place

Smith A&R, boot warehouse, Cavendish Quay

Smith Arthur W, plumber etc, Bridge St

Smith George, tanner, Stantons Lane

Smith Henry, tanner, Stantons Lane

Smith Mrs AW, hosier, South Main Street

Spillane James, vintner, Shannon Street

Stafford Thomas, builder etc, Castle Street

Stanley D, tobacconist etc, South Main St

Stanley Mrs D, fancy wrhse, South Main Street

Stanley Mrs M, egg mt, Burlington Quay

Starkey Mary, hosier, South Main Street

Stawell Miss Catherine, North Main Street

Sullivan Mrs A, North Main Stret

Sullivan Samuel, tanner, Watergate Street

Sutton Robert, hardware and coal mt, Castle St

Swan J, acct, Provincial Bank

Swanton Robert, cashier, Provincial Bank

Syms William, tailor, North Main Street

Tanner Wm, baker etc, North Main Street

Teulon Charles P, North Main Street

Thomas Benjamin, Shannon Street

Tobin John, painter, Shannon Street

Togsenbursch Herr, tchr endowed school

Topham John, boot wrhse, North Main St

Topham Robert, bootmaker, North Main St

Tresilian SR, clerk of union, North Main St

Turpin A, dressmaker, North Main Street

Turpin George, watchmaker, South Main St

Unkles Bros, East Gully Mills, New Road

Unkles Bros, flour store, Burlington Quay

Unkles Mrs Kate, Cavendish Quay

Unkles Mrs Mary Anne, North Main Stret

Walsh John, draper, South Main Street

Walsh John & Co, wine importer etc, Cavendish Quay

Walsh Michael, vintner etc, Bridge Street

Webb Mrs, Clancool Terrace

Webster Alexander, the Nursery, Clancool

Webster, Geo, Harness Maker, South main Street

Weldon Patrick, Watergate Street

White Thomas, shopkeeper, Shannon Street

Wilson John, China warehouse and ? Distributor, South Main Street

Woods Christ, wine and spirit merchant, Bride Street

Wren James, Officer inland revenue


Agricultural Implement Warehouses, Seedsmen &c

Appelbe George T, North Main Street

Burts Robert, South Main Street

Dineen Thomas, Clancool Road

Good John, South main Street

Hunter JH, South Main Street

McKeon DF, North Main Street

O’Brien David, South main Street


JOHN GOOD, South Main Street.  Importer of all kinds of Agricultural implements and wearing parts for same; seeds, Manures, and Feeding stuffs; Ranges, Stoves, Portable Boilers, and a variety of Grates; Hardware in all its departments; also wholesale and retail grocer



McCabe Thomas, the Bandon auction mart, Cavendish Quay (see below)

Maguire A, Watergate Street


THOMAS McCABE, THE BANDON AUCTION MART, CAVENDISH QUAY.  Auctioneer, valuer for probate etc.  Auctions of houses, land stock and all descriptions of property, Furniture etc, conducted in town or country with accuracy and despatch.  Vide highest testimonials forwarded on application.  House, Land, Insurance, ship and general agent. Proprietor of the People’s Bakery, Grocery Establishment etc.



Brennan Margaret, Shannon Street

Burke William, Cavendish Quay

Good Joseph, North Main Street

Harrington Patrick, South Main Street

Harte Wm, H, South Main Street

Hegarty George, Castle Road

Heron John, South Main Street

Lane Joseph, North Main Street

McCabe Thomas, Cavendish Quay

McCarthy Thomas, North Main Street

McKeon DF, North Main Street

Mahony Timothy, Bridge Place

Moriarty James, South Main Street

O’Sullivan James, South Main Street

Tanner William, North Main Street

Booksellers and Stationers

Bright W and G, Bridge Street

Crowley Miss Kate, South Main Street

Hurley Miss Ellen, South Main Street

Stanley Mrs D, South main Street


Boot and Shoe Makers

Bright Richard, Bridge Street

Browne James, South main street

Carroll Miss, South main Street

Dawson Mrs Jane, South main street

Dwyer Daniel, New Road

Justice Richard, Castle Street

Moloney John, Shannon Street

Norton William, South Main Street

Regan Cornelius, North Main Street

Smith A and R, Cavendish Quay

Topham John, North Main Street

Topham Robert, North Main Street


Allman, Dowden and Co, Watergate Street



Moynihan D, Shannon Street

Peyton Ralph, Castle Road

Stafford Thomas, Castle Street


Cabinet Maker

Ruddick Thomas, South Main Street


Car Owners

Canty Denis, North Main Street

Forsyth David, Devonshire Arms Hotel

French George Williams, Railway Hotel

Hallahan John, Market Street

Kelly Cornelius, Warner’s Lane,

Lane Joseph, North Main Street

Lynch John, Market Street

O’Leary Daniel, North Main Street


Lovell George, Wesley Quay

Stanley D, South Main Street


China and Glass Warehouses

Desmond Humphrey, South Main Street

Keyms Joshua, South main Street

Peters Thomas, Castle Street

Wilson John, South Main street


Coach Builders

Fullam Patrick, Weir Street

O’Regan James F, New Road


Coal Merchants

Emerson George, South Main Street

Sutton Robert, Castle Street



Brady Richard, North main Street

Harte William Henry, South Main Street,

Corn Merchants

Healy Maurice, Bridge Street

Pope George and William, Cavendish Quay



Allman and Co (see preceding page)



Crowly & Co, the woollen mart, South Main Street (see next page)

Daly John & Co Ltd, South Main Street

Dawson Brothers, South Main Street (see below)

Foley & Co, South Main Street  (see below)

Harris John, South Main Street

Moriarty James, South Main Street (see p 136)

Murphy Denis, South Main Street  (se p 136)

Robinson Wm & son, South Main Street

Walsh John, South Main Street

DAWSON BROTHERS, South Main Street.  The Woollen, Linen and Silk Warehouse

The Cheap Drapery Warehouse


South Main Street

General Drapers and Importers of Iron Bedsteads, Wall Paper, Mirrors, Furniture, Carpets, Floor Cloths, ready made Clothing, Japanned Goods & C, General Furnishing warehouse, shipping agents to “White Star Line!  “Guion Line!  “The National Line”, “The Orient Line”, and several other New Zealand and Australian Lines


JAMES MORIARTY, Woollen, Manchester and London, Warehouse, South Main Street, BANDON

DENIS MURPHY, Draper, Hosier and Coal Merchant, South Main Street, BANDON

Dressmakers and Milliners

Connolly Miss Kate Mary, Warner’s Lane

Crowley Miss Ellie, Cavendish Quay

Hawkins Mrs Mary Anne, South Main St

Larkin Miss Maria, Shannon Street

McCarthy Mrs, Castle Road

Turpin A, North Main Street


Egg and Butter Merchants

Desmond Miss H. South Main Street

Dwyer B, Cavendish Quay

Keohane Mary, New Road

O’Driscoll Daniel, South Main Street

Reidy R, Weir Street

Stanley Mrs M, Burlington Quay


Emigration Agents

Brennan Margaret, Shannon Street

Dawson Mrs Jane, South Main Street

England William, Bridge Street

Foley & Co, South Main Street

Heron William, South Main Street

McCabe Thomas, Cavendish Quay


Flour and Meal Stores

Buttimer John, South Main Street

Crowley William, Cavendish Quay

Donovan P, Wesley Quay

Dowden & Co, Burlington Quay and New Road

England William, Bridge Street

McSwiney Margaret, Shannon Street

O’Leary Daniel, North Main Street

Unkles Bros, Burlington Quay



Appelbe George T, North Main Street

Allshire Joseph W, Corner House, North Main Street

Crowley W, South Main Street

Foley William, North Main Street

Good John, South Main Street

Good Joseph, North Main Street

Harte William H, South Main Street

Harrington Patrick, South Main Street

Heron John, South Main Street

Hickey John C, South Main Street,

Kearney Michael, Shannon Street

Keohane Mary, New Road

Lane Joseph, North Main Street

Lee Samuel, Bridge Place

London and Newcastle Tea Co, Bridge St,

Lordan Jeremiah, South Main St (See helow)

McCabe Thomas, Cavendish Quay

McDonnell John, Bridge Street

McDonnell William, South Main Street

McKeon DF, North Main Street

McSwiney Daniel, Cavendish Quay

Moriarty James, South Main Street

O’Brien David, South Main Street

O’Leary Daniel, North Main Street

O’Sullivan James, South Main Street

South Main Street

Importers of Teas, Coffee and Spices; Hennessy’s Brandy, Dublin Whisky, Guinness’s Pure XX in Bottle, Bass’s and other Ales

Hair Dressers

Daly John, Shannon Street

McDaniel Jeremiah, Watergate Street


Hardware Merchants

Bright W and J, Bridge Street

Burts Robert, South Main Street

Clarke John and Co, South Main Street

Cummins Thomas, South Main Street

Good John, South Main Street

Heron William, South Main Street

Sutton Robert, Castle Street


Harness Makers and Saddlers

Dwyer Bartholomew, Cavendish Quay

Donovan Cornelius, Bridge Street

Donovan John, Weir Street

O’Regan Patrick, Castle Street

Webster George, South Main Street



Moxley Mrs, South Main Street

Murphy Denis, South Main Street

Smith Mrs AW, South Main Street

Starkey Mary, South Main Street


Angel, Wesley Quay – Miss B. Barrett, Prop.

Commercial and Railway, Shannon Street – George Williams French, prop. (See preceding page)

Devonshire Arms, North Main Street, David Forsythe, prop

Temperance, South Main Street – WH Harte, prop



Bandon Catholic Young Men’s Society, St Brogan’s Hall, Shannon Street.  Hon Secretaries – John Hennessy and Timothy J Lynch

Bandon Church of Ireland Young Men’s Association, Allan institute, Watergate street.  Pres, John R. Berwick, JP, Hon treasurer, S Lee; hon secs- Thomas Menagh and Joseph Allshire


Insurance Agents

Alliance – Thos K Sullivan, South main Street; RH Chapman, Provinacial Bank Ireland

City and County – Foley & Co, South Main Street

Commercial Union Assurance Co. – Francis J Levis, solr, South Main Street

Life Assurance of Scotland – John Good, South Main Street

Liverpool, Loindon and Globe – R Griffith, Munster Bank

London and Provincial – John Wesley Dawson, South Main Street

National Assurance Co. – RE Sargent, Bank of Ireland

Royal, Fire and Life – THOMAS MENAGH

Scottish Widows Fund Life Assurance – Robert Griffith, Munster Bank

Sovereigh – Thos McCabe, Cavendish Quay

Standard and Imperial – Geo K Sherlock, solicitor


Leather Merchant

Cummins, John, South Main Street


Manure Merchants

Good John, South Main Street

McKeon DF, North Main Street

O’Brien David, South Main Street


Meal and Bran Dealers

Healy Maurice, Bridge Street

O’Donovan P, Wesley Quay

O’Leary Daniel, North Main Street



Allman Dowden & Co, Mill Place

Crowley TJ, Old Chapel Mills

Crowley Timothy, Roundhill Mills

Good Michael, Ballinacurra

McDonnell R, Castlenalact

Unkles Bros, East Gully Mills


Mineral Water Manufacturers

Calnan Joseph, Shannon Street

Gash Alexander S, North Main Street

Walsh John & Co, Cavendish Quay


Music Teachers

Hardman Townley B, North Main Street

Harte Miss Annie, South Main Street

Hegarty Miss Kate, Castle Road

Mills JP, Cavendish Quay

Scott Misses, South Main Street


Oil and Colour Merchants

Scott James B, South Main Street

Sutton Robert, Castle Street



Bevin Isaac, Shannon Street

Bevin Roger, Shannon Street

Bright R, Bridge Lane

Dempsey John, Boyle Street

Tobin John, Shannon Street



Kingston William, North Main Street



Hunter John S, South Main Street

Massy OM, Watergate Street


Plumbers and Gas Fitters

Highet John, Weir Street

Shine Jeremiah, North Main Street

Smith Arthur W, Bridge Street (see below)

ARTHUR W SMITH, Bridge Street, Bandon and Townsend Street, Skibbereen, Plumber and Gasfitter, and Contractor for Sanitary Works; Hot and Cold Water Supplies & C, & C, plans and estimates free


Atkins WL & Son, Bridge Street

Potter FPE, Eagle Printing works, New Road


Provision Dealers

Desmond Humphrey, South Main Street

Grady Mrs Margaret, North Main Street

Heron John, South Main Street

Mahony Timothy, Bridge Place

O’Sullivan John, Castle Street

Santry Mrs Ellen, Castle Street


Sewing Machine Agents

The Singer – Lee David, North Main Street


Shopkeepers (general)

Bannon Bridget, Shannon Street

Brady Richard, North Main Street

Brennan Margaret, Shannon Street

Corcoran Mrs Mary, Shannon Street

Coughlan Mrs Anne, Bridge Street

Driscoll Ellen, Castle Street

Hayes Catherine, South Main Street

Heron William, South Main Street

Hurley Miss Mary, Shannon Street

Lovell C, Shannon Street

McCarthy Miss Sarah, North Main Street

Massey Miss Catherine, North Main Street

O’Donoghue J, North Main Street

O’Leary Denis, South Main Street

Robinson Mrs Ellen, North Main Street

Shine Daniel, Watergate street

Tanner William, North Main Street

Walsh Michael, Bridge Street

White Thomas, Shannon Street



Stamp Distributor

Wilson John, South Main Street


Tailors and Clothiers

Foley & Co, South Main Street

Hurley Patrick, Shannon Street

O’Riordan Timothy, Shannon Street

Roche James, New Road

Salter Robert, South Main Street

Syms William, North Main Street



Barrett Timothy, South Main Street

Clear Richard, Watergate Street

Forde John, Kilbrogan

Smith George, Stantons Lane

Smith Henry, Stantons Lane

Sullivan Samuel, Watergate Street


Timber Slate and Lime Merchants

Harte Mrs JH, Cavendish Quay

McSwiney Daniel, South Main Street

Pope George and William, Cavendish Quay

McCarthy P, Shannon Street



Clarke William & Son, South Main Street

Lovell George, Wesley Quay

Stanley D, South Main Street



McCarthy P, Shannon Street



Burke John, Castle Street

Fitzgerald James, South Main Street

Lucey Cornelius, Cork Road

Morgan W, South Main Street

Murphy William and John, Castle Street and Cork Road

Reen Daniel, Castle Street



Appelbe George T, North Main Street

Bannon Bridge, Shannon street

Brennan Jeremiah, Shannon Street

Buckley Jeremiah, Kilbrogan Street

Burke Michael, Bridge Street

Canty Denis, North Main Street

Coughlan John, Cavendish Quay

Crowley Catherine, North Main Street

Crowley John, Shannon Street

Crowley Mrs C, Weesley Quay

Cummins Thomas, South Main Street

Dinneen Peter, Shannon Street

Drew Mrs Ellen, Shannon Street

Driscoll John, North Main Street

Flynn C, Cavendish Quay

Foley Patrick, South Main Street

Foley William, North Main Street

Forde Thomas, North Main Street

Fullam Patrick, Shannon Street

Gash Alexander, North Main Street

Hallahan John, Market Street

Hickey John C, South Main Street

Hickey John, New road

Kearney Michael, Shannon Street

Kelleher Patrick, North Mains Street

Keohane Mary, New Road

Lawton T. Cavendish Quay

Lee Samuel, Bridge Place

Loane Anne, Watergate Street

Lordan Jeremiah, South Main Street

Lynch John, Market Street

McKeon DF, North Main Street

McSwiney Daniel, Cavendish Quay

Murphy Cornelius, Castle Street

Murray D, North Main Street

O’Callaghan Thomas, Shannon Street

O’Connor Timothy, Shannon Street

O’Driscoll John, North Main Street

O’Regan James F, North Main Street

O’Sullivan John, Castle Street

Ryan Denis, South Main Street

Spillane James, Shannon Street

Walsh Michael, Bridge Street


Watch Makers and Jewellers

Mills JM, Shannon Street

Turpin George, South Main Street


Wine and Spirit Merchants

Calnan Joseph, South Main Street

Cork Distilleries Co Ltd, Agency, Burlington Quay

Cummins Thomas, South Main Street

Gash Alex S, North Main Street

Lordan Jeremiah, South Main Street

McDonnell William, South Main Street

McKeon DF, North Main Street (see below)

O’Brien David, South Main Street

Walsh John & Co, Cavendish Quay (see below)

Woods Christopher, Bridge Street

D.F. McKEON, North Main Street

Spirit and Wine Vaults, Baker and Grocer; Agent for Odams London Manures and Richardson & Fletcher, Dublin.  Seeds of all descriptions kept in stock.  Six Years Old Whisky.  Bass’s Ale.  Guinness’s Stout


Wholesale Wine Merchants

And Mineral Water Manufacturer.  Agents for Lane & Co, Brewers.Cork


Johnson Thomas, Weir Street

O’Connell Patrick, Wesley Quay
Shine Bartholomew, market Quay


Woollen Manufacturers

Mason John, Shannon Street


Woollen Merchants

Baker Robert, North Main Street

Forde George, North Main Street

Healy Maurice, Bridge Street


Principal Farmers

Parish Ballymodan

Applebe Pierce, Killountain

Barrett John, Killmountain

Beamish George, Meelon

Beamish Thomas, Hare  Hill

Bird Edward, Kilhassen

Bird Joshua, Roundhill

Bird William, Knockaveale

Bradfield James, Tullyland

Bradfield John, Lissaphooca

Buckley John, Corravreeda

Buckley Mary, Clashafree

Buckley Stephen, Garranbeg

Burchill George, Cloghmacsimon

Burchill James, Cloghmacsimon

Burns WP, Clogheenavodig

Busteed Abraham, Lissaphooca

Butler Edward, Clashafree

Carbery John, Corravreeda

Collins John, Tullyland

Crowley Daniel, Cancoolmore

Crowley Jeremiah, Clancoolbeg

Crowley Jeremiah, Dangan

Crowley John, Clancoolbeg

Crowley John, Kilmoney

Desmond Edward

Desmond John

Dow Andrew, Castlebernard

Driscoll Edward, Cloghmacsimon

Foley John, Ballylangley

Foley William


Harte Jeremiah, Cripplehill

Hosford Benjamin, Kemegaragh

Hosford James, Gaggan

Hosford William, Corravreeda

Hurley Patrick, Moanarone

Leary timothy, Clancoolmore

Lombard William, Hoe Lodge

McCarthy D, Knocknagarra

McSweeny Mrs, Margaret

Mahony John, Clancool

O’Brien Cornelius, Danganbeg

Regan William, Gurteen

Stanley George, ballylangley

Tanner Samuel, Curravaraha

Tanner Thomas, Curravaraha

Vickery William B, Clancool

Wilson John, Clashafree

Wren James, Cloghmacsimon

Wren John, Cloghmacsimon

Wren Michael, Cloghmacsimon


Parish Kilbrogan

Beamish Richard, Rough grove west

Bradfield John, Callatrim

Bradfield John, Tullyglass

Bradfield Richard, Tullyglass

Bradfield Thomas, Tullyglass

Crowley James, Gurteen

Deasy John, Derrycool

Donoghue Timothy, Curryclough

Duke William, Carhue East

Edwards Thomas, Carhue East

Gash Alexander, Riverview

Gash Maskelin, Mishells

Gash Robert, Curryclough

Good Benjamin, Littlesilver

Good Thomas, Mallowgaton

Halburd James, Curryclough

Harte Stephen, Roughgrove

Hennessy Patrick, Kilbrogan

Hickey Maurice, Kilbeg North

Hosford John E, Queensfort House

Hosford Samuel, Roughgrove

Leary Daniel, Derrycool

Lordan Denis, Tullyglass

Lovell George, Kilbeg North

McCarthy Daniel, Kilbrogan

McGrath Thomas, Kilbrogan

McNamara John, Curryclough

Mahony Jeremiah, Gurteen

Murphy John, Curryclough

Nicholson William, Tullyglass

O’Keeffe Daniel, Kilbeg South

Regan Cornelius, Gurteen

Shea Michael, Queensfort

Shorten John, Mallowgaton

Shorten Richard, Carhoon West

Smith Thomas, Mallowgaton

Splaine John, Kilbrogan

Stanley William, Tullyglass

Sullivan John, Knockbrogan

Wilson Charles, Derrycool

Woods Paul, Mishells

Wren William, Derrycool


Parish Killowen

Bradfield James, Killowen

Bradfield Michael, Killowen

Bradfield Thomas, Killowen

Daly James, Mawbeg East

Fuller George, Mawmore

Galvin Patrick, Killowen

Good William, Mawmore

Hayes Owen, Mawbeg

Holland Philip, Mawmore

Holland Timothy, jun, Mawmore west