BANDON GENEALOGY                        

a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland


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Some Lislee burials from 1825 to 1861
Date Name Age Other  
26th Sep 1825 William Travers 5 yrs Son of Robert/Marianne  
30th Dec 1826 John Travers ? Son of Robert/Marianne  
27th May 1827 Thomas Coloby? 37 yrs Water Guard, Dirk Cove  
29th Apr 1829 Eliza Henwood 18 mths D/o John, Barry Cove  
24th Jun 1830 Miss Sutton 66 yrs Barryspoint  
30th Nov 1830 Walter Pascoe 35 yrs Water Guard, Courtmacsherry  
13th Dec 1832 Ellen Jeffers 3 wks D/o John, Scart  
19th Dec 1832 Rev Charles Ferguson   Rector, Timoleague  
25th Feb 1833 Thomas Moore 19 yrs Of Lympton, Somerset. Wrecked off Dunworly of iron and tin trader, Newport
17th Sep 1833 Campgell Hungerford 13 yrs 2nd s/o Richard, Carrigeen  
24th Mar 1834 John Jeffers 10 mths s/o Thomas/Ellen  
8th May 1834 Mrs Hungerford 43 yrs Wife of Richard, Carrigeen  
2nd Sep 1834 Henry Hungerford 4 yrs S/o Richard  
26th Sep 1834 Mary Ann Jeffers 7 mths D/o John/Catherine, Courtmacsherry  
16th Oct 1834 William Mortimer O'Sullivan 10 days S/o Thos J, schoolmaster, Lislee  
29th Mar 1836 Mrs Sealy 87 yrs Abbeymahon  
19th Sep 1836 Edward Jeffers 75 yrs Farmer, Cullinagh  
24th Jan 1837 Eleanor Woodburn 2 yrs Ballincurrig  
31st Jan 1837 Mrs Kingston 88 yrs Ballyculnane  
12th Sep 1838 Catherine Travers 5 days D/o Robert Jun, Courtmacsherry  
11th Nov 1838 Elizabeth Travers 58 yrs 11 mths Wife of Jasper, Courtmacsherry  
17th May 1839 Dorah Travers 22 yrs Wife of Robert Jun, Courtmacsherry  
15th Jun 1839 Travers Cottrell 79 yrs Ballinascarthy  
4th Dec 1839 Jane Turner 28 yrs Wife of Richard, Sevenheads  
22nd Jun 1840 James Sinclair 56 yrs Water Guard, Phylerean  
18th Jul 1840 Mrs Cottrell 62 yrs    
12th Sep 1840 James Sampson 34 yrs Water Guard, Phylerean  
10th Apr 1841 Richard Hungerford 47 yrs Carrigeen, late Clonakilty  
17th Oct 1841 Robert Sutton 80 yrs Ballymacwilliam  
27th Jul 1842 Edward Quadling 78 yrs Courtmacsherry  
19th Dec 1843 Mrs Sealy 73 yrs Wife of John, Ballylangy  
12th Mar 1844 Marianne Travers 23 yrs D/o Jasper, Courtmacsherry  
14th May 1844 John Jennings 13 yrs S/o John, Meelmand  
25th May 1844 Marianne Arnold 6 mths D/o John, Courtmacsherry  
29th Aug 1844 Lieut Joseph Wright RN 49 yrs Preventive Service, Courtmacsherry  
17th Apr 1845 John Cambridge 5 mths S/o John/Anne, Butlerstown  
24th Apr 1845 Anne Cambridge 30 yrs Wife of John, Butlerstown  
7th Sep 1845 Eliza Clarke 13 yrs D/o Edward, Water Guard, Phylerean  
19th Dec 1846 Miss Mary A Mullens 70 yrs Ballylangy  
20th Jan 1847 Thomas Beamish 78 yrs Courtmacsherry  
10th Mar 1847 Nathaniel Sutton 84 yrs Lislee  
27th Apr 1847 Edward Cottrell 37 yrs Ballinadee  
10th Jul 1847 Ellen Jeffers 72 yrs Wife of John, Cullinagh  
23rd Oct 1847 Joseph Boyd 47 yrs Coast Guard, Phylaneal  
20th May 1848 William Edward Devenish 1 yr 5 mths S/o Widow Devenish  
1st Sep 1848 John Andrew Cooke 11 yrs S/o James, Coast Guard  
24th Dec 1848 Maria Ann Huggins 32 yrs Wife of ??, Barryscove  
14th Jun 1849 James Travers 78 yrs Ships carpenter, Courtmacsherry  
5th Jul 1849 Anne Sullivan 16 yrs D/o Mary, housekeeper, Courmacsherry  
? Jan 1850 Catherine Travers 82 yrs Widow, Cullinagh  
8th Aug 1850 William John Allen 2 yrs 2 mths S/o Rev James  
14th Jan 1851 William Kingston 21 yrs S/o George, Ballyculnane  
8th Apr 1851 Frances Nettles 7 yrs Protestant orphan  
31st May 1851 Edward Clarke 20 yrs S/o Edward, Coast Guard, Sevenheads  
16th Oct 1851 Maria Harton 9 yrs D/o James, Abbeymahon  
25th Oct 1851 Andreas Attridge 7 mths S/o Robt/Catherine, labourer, Meelmane  
18th Dec 1851 Catherine Mary Leslie 79 yrs Relict of John, Courtmacsherry House  
15th Mar 1852 Cornelius Peters 80 yrs Butler, Rev J Steward, Lislee Glebe  
2nd Apr 1852 Deborah Proudfoot 30 yrs Wife of J,, Berwick, Scotland & d/o C Peters above  
3rd Dec? 1852 Elizabeth Jackson   Wife of John, Coast Guard, Courtmacsherry  
19th Apr 1853 Infant Heard 1 wk D/o John    
15th Sep 1854 Mrs Kingston 79 yrs Wife of Thomas, Courtmacsherry  
7th Feb 1855 Mary Travers 39 yrs Wife of Jasper, Ships carpenter, Courtmacsherry  
10th Dec 1855 William Gammon 22 yrs S/o Sarah, Courtmacsherry  
6th Nov 1857 Margaret Hawkins 43 yrs Courtmacsherry  
2nd Dec 1857 Elizabeth Ann Cole 24 yrs D/o Robert, Preventive Service, Phyleneal  
2nd Feb 1858 Maria Clarke 26 yrs D/o Edward, Preventive Service, Sevenheads  
28th Apr 1858 Robert Travers 86 yrs Courtmacsherry  
9th Mar 1860 Elizabeth Jane Davie   Wife of Joseph, Preventive Service, Crookhaven.   
    And D/o Thomas Robertson.  
24th Mar 1860 Eliza Williamson   D/o late Thomas, Ballinascarthy & Kilmalooda  
27th Nov 1860 John Sealy 78 yrs Ballylangy  
1st Jan 1861 Jasper Travers 77 yrs Ships carpenter, Courtmacsherry  
8th Jan 1861 Thomas Kingston 86 yrs Courtmacsherry  
4th May 1861 Benjamin Bennett 1 wk S/o Benjamin/Ellen, Courtmacsherry