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Some Lislee baptisms from 1809 to 1862
Date Surname Forename Parents Residence Occupation Other
12th Mar 1809 Jefferds? Edward John      
17th Mar 1809 Kingston James Thomas/Mary Courtmacsherry   Entry made 1829
14th Jan 1810 Varian Anne William      
28th Jan 1810 Smith Anne Henry      
1st Sep 1811 Waugh Catherine William      
8th Sep 1811 Chambers Elizabeth Charles      
15th May 1815 Smith Hannah Henry      
1820? Travers William Robert      
7th Jan? 1821 Dempsey Mary James      
3rd May 1821 Dempsey William Thomas Butlerstown    
17th Jan 1823/5? Robertson Elizth Jane Thomas/Elizabeth      
3rd Oct 1823? Lobb? Frances Jane James/Marianne Courtmacsherry Water guard  
13th Mar 1825 Colbey? Hannah Thomas/Mary Sevenheads Water guard  
19th Feb 1826 Dempsey Eliza  James/Elizabeth Butlerstown    
28th Feb 1826 Tresilian Thomas Thomas/Ellen      
5th Mar 1826 Smith Rebecca Thomas/Mary Ballinvrokig    
27th Apr 1826 Hungerford Elizth Mary Richard/Mary Carrigeen    
29th Apr 1826 Cornish Harriet William/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry   Born 29 Mar
21st May 1826 Allen Anne Edward/Maria Sevenheads Water guard  
28th May 1826 Howell Rebecca Robert/Rebecca Ballygarriffe?    
4th Jun 1826 Kingston Elizth Anne George/Elizabeth Ballycullinane    
13th Jun 1826 Jeffers Mary Thomas/Ellen Courtmacsherry Shoemaker  
1st Oct 1826 Matthews Mary Ann William/Ally? Courtmacsherry Water guard  
16th Dec 1826 Quadling* Catherine Ann Barnabas Edw/Jane Courtmacsherry Water guard *C/be Gradling
18th Mar 1827 Robertson Benjamin Thomas/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Water guard  
19th Apr? 1827 Gammen William James/Sarah Courtmacsherry Water guard  
1st Jul 1827 Perrott William David/Elizabeth Ardgehane   Of Abbey Mahon
8th Jul 1827 Perrott John Thomas/Mary Ardgehane    
? Walker Jones (Jonas?) Jones/Catherine Sevenheads Water guard B 10th Mar 1825
3rd Sep 1827 Walker Thomas Jones/Catherine Sevenheads Water guard B 29 Aug? 1827
11th Nov 1827 Smith William Thomas/Mary Bullinbrohig*   *Ballinvrokig?
15th Nov 1827 Perrott William John/Anne Courtmacsherry    
14th Oct? 1827 Perrott Elizabeth Richard/Abigail Ardgehane    
9th Jan 1828 Dempsey Susan James/Elizabeth Butlerstown    
27th Jan 1828 Shannon Joseph James/Mary Butlerstown    
21st Feb 1828 Hungerford Charlotte Richard/Mary Carrigeen    
13th Jan 1829 Cooke Andrew James Stephenson/Catherine Donoughmore Water guard  
6th Feb 1829 Tresilian Mary Thomas/Ellen Dunworly    
26th Feb 1829 Jeffers Edward Thomas/Ellen Courtmacsherry Shoemaker  
4th May 1829 Perrott Bess Robert/Elizabeth Ardgehane    
14th Jun 1829 Kingston William George/Elizabeth Ballycullinane    
8th Jan? 1829 Matthews William William/Alice Courtmacsherry Water guard  
22nd Mar 1829 Howell Susan Robert/Rebecca Ballilangley*   Ballylangy?
5th Apr 1829 Smith William William/Anne Ballinovokig   Ballinvrokig?
10th May 1829 Sutton John Nathaniel/Jane? Ballinovokig   Ballinvrokig?
27th Jun 1829 Martin Richard Richard/Mary Butlerstown    
20th Jul 1829 Walker Sarah Ann Jonas/Catherine Travara Water guard Courtmacsherry
31st May? 1829 Perrott Susan Thomas/Jane Ardgehane    
26th Jul 1829 Fuller Richard Thomas/Sarah Barrystown Water guard  
2nd Aug 1829 Perrott Eliza  John/Anne Courtmacsherry    
10th Aug 1829 Smith Hannah Thomas/Mary Ballinbronig   Ballinvrokig?
30th Aug 1829 Perrott Mary Richard/Abigail Ardgehane    
1st Oct 1829 Leslie Catherine Mary Rev John/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry    
1st Nov 1829 Robertson George Henry Thomas/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Water guard  
30th Dec 1829 Dempsey James James/Elizabeth Butlerstown    
24th Jan 1830 Pascoe Marianne Walter/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Water guard  
10th Apr 1830 Perrott Richard David/Elizabeth Ardgehane    
16th May 1830 O'Sullivan Rogerina Thos J/Catherine Lislee Schoolmaster  
27th May 1830 Jeffers Thomas Thomas/Ellen Courtmacsherry Shoemaker  
24th Jul 1830 Kingston Dorah Caroline George/Elizabeth Ballycullinane    
10th Sep 1830 Jennings John Hewitt John/Mary Courtmacsherry Tidemaster  
17th Oct 1830 Leslie John Robert Rev John/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry    
21st Nov 1830 Pearse Hannah Henry/Hannah Travara   Courtmacsherry
13th Feb 1831 Tresilian Thomas Robert/Sarah Dunworly    
27th Feb 1831 Hambly? Marianne William      
27th Feb 1831 Pascoe Walter Elizabeth     Father Walter died 28th Nov 1830
6th Mar 1831 Dobson William James/Mary Travara    
27th Mar 1831 Smith Ellen William/Anne Ballinvokig   Ballinvrokig?
29th May 1831 Perrott Matthew Thomas/Jane Ardgehane   Sps: John, Matthew, Susan Perrott
3rd Jul 1831 Perrott Anne John/Anne Courtmacsherry   Sps: Matthew/Barbara Perrott, Mrs ??
17th Jul 1831 Robertson Edward William Thomas/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Water guard Sps: T J O'Sullivan, R Williams, Eliz Brien
31st Jul 1831 Smith Robert Thomas/Mary Ballivocky   Ballinvrokig?
7th Jan 1832 Atkins Thomas Philip Robert/Elizabeth Carrigeen   Born 20th Jan
13th May 1832 Hungerford John Sealy Henry/Marianne     Born 20th Mar
27th May 1832 O'Sullivan John Thos J/Catherine Lislee Schoolmaster  
23rd Sep 1832 Downing Saint John John Flynn D/Mary Tresilian      
7th Oct 1832 Smith Elizabeth Thomas/Mary Ballinskogig   Ballinvrokig? Born 20th Sep
13th Oct 1832 Tresilian Sophia Robert/Sarah Dunworly   Born 11th Oct
20th Nov 1832 Jeffers Ellen John/Catherine Scart    
10th Mar 1833 Atkins Elizabeth French? Robert/Elizabeth      
14th Mar 1833 Jeffers John Thomas/Ellen Courtmacsherry    
5th Apr 1833 Dobson John James/Mary   Water guard  
4th Aug 1833 Smith Anne William/Anne     Ballinvrokig?
11th  Aug 1833 Parks? Elizabeth John/Catherine Sevenheads Water guard Born 24th Jul
21st Sep 1833 Leslie Jonas Travers John/Elizabeth Carey's Wood   Near Castle Martyr. Born 10th Sep
24th Nov 1833 Gammen Elizabeth Anne Sarah Courtmacsherry   Father James drowned on duty at Cove
30th Dec 1833 Highland John Thomas/Eleanor Sevenheads Preventive Service Born 9th Feb 1823
11th Feb 1834 Jeffers Mary Anne John/Catherine Courtmacsherry   Born 9th Feb  
27th Apr 1834 Smith John Thomas/Mary Ballinovokig   Ballinvrokig?
3rd Aug 1834 Hodge Maria  George/Elizabeth Sevenheads Preventive Service Born 12th Jul
? Tewkesbury Benj Francis John Francis/Victoria Sevenheads Preventive Service  
10th Oct 1834 O'Sullivan William Mortimer Thos J/Catherine Lislee Schoolmaster  
27th Oct 1834 Bennett Sarah Ann William/Joanna Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
Dec Jeffers Ellen Kingston Thomas/Ellen Courtmacsherry    
1st Feb 1835 Good William Peter/Elizabeth Agher   Agha?
8th Mar 1835 Morley Richard Joseph James/Mary Phylareal Preventive Service Lislee
15th Mar 1835 Dobson James James/Mary Sevenheads Preventive Service  
12th Apr 1835 Berrell? Richard James/Mary     Travelling shoemaker of Cashel
9th Aug 1835 Wagner John George/Jane Ballymacraheen   Born 4th Aug
23rd Aug 1835 Jeffers Robert John/Catherine Courtmacsherry   Born 22nd Aug
5th Oct 1835 Perrott Richard John/Anne Courtmacsherry   Born 27th Sep
7th Jan 1836? Clark Joseph Thomas Edward/Maria Phylareal Preventive Service Nr Dunworly. Born 16th Nov 1835
26th Feb 1836 Baker Anne James/Anne Lislee Parish Clk/Schlmstr  
1st Apr 1836 Woodburn Samuel Samuel/Jane Ballincurrig    
8th May 1836 Groves Sarah Elizabeth John/Lydia Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
24th Jul 1836 Hodge Eliza Jane George/Elizabeth Sevenheads Preventive Service  
31st Oct 1836 Hewitt Margaret & Anne William/Anne Courtmacsherry    
1st Dec 1836 Bennett William Henry William/Joanna Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
18th Dec 1836 Wagner Richard George/Jane Ballymacraheen    
29th Jan 1837 Parks? William John/Catherine Sevenheads Water guard  
15th Oct 1837 Groves Mary Jane John/Lydia Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
16th Oct 1837 Smith Thomas William/Anne Ballinvrokig    
10th Dec 1837 Clark Victoria Phillipina Edward/Maria Phylareal Preventive Service Mother's name entered as Martha
10th Dec 1837 Woodburn Matthew Samuel/Susanna      
11th Feb 1838 Travers Marianne Jasper/Susan Courtmacsherry    
13th May 1838 Jeffers Richard Kingston Thomas/Ellen Courtmacsherry    
10th Jun 1838 Ker James John Irwin K/Mary Courtmacsherry    
5th Sep 1838 Travers Catherine Robert/Dorah Courtmacsherry    
16th Sep 1838 Morley Frances Ann James/Mary Phylareal Preventive Service  
6th Nov 1838 Tewkesbury Edwin Hy Bonney Francis/Victoria Phylareal Preventive Service  
25th Nov 1838 Hea John Marshall/Margaret Abbeymahon    
23rd Dec 1838 Perrott Wilhelmina John/Anne Courtmacsherry    
23rd Dec 1838 Robertson John Lannon Thomas/Jane Courtmacsherry Mariner  
9th Jan 1839 Hamilton Anne Henry/Ellen Courtmacsherry Unreadable  
24th Feb 1839 Wagner James George/Jane Ballymacraheen    
21st Apr 1839 Bennett Thomas George William/Joanna Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
25th Aug 1839 Travers Martha Jasper/Susan Courtmacsherry    
4th Sep 1839 Cambridge Jonas   John/Anne Butlerstown    
17th Nov 1839 Groves Eliza Ann John/Lydia Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
8th Dec 1839 Clark Caroline Edward/Maria Phylareal Preventive Service  
13th Dec 1839 Hungerford Marianne Henry/Marianne     Aged 2 months
31st Jan 1840 Travers Jasper Jasper/Mary Courtmacsherry    
28th Feb 1840 Ker Mary John Irwin K/Mary Courtmacsherry    
March Jeffers ?? Edward/Anne      
10th May 1840 Hodge Emma George/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
10th Oct 1840 Travers Robert Robert Jun/Catherine Courtmacsherry    
27th Dec 1840 Wagner Abraham George/Jane Ballymacraheen    
21st Mar 1841 Robertson James Dyer Thomas/Jane Courtmacsherry Mariner  
9th Apr 1841 Lannon Anne Samuel/Anne Lislee Schoolmaster  
16th May 1841 Hamilton Henry Henry/Ellen Courtmacsherry    
29th Jun 1841 Jeffers John Edward/Anne Cullenagh Shoemaker  
11th Jul 1841 Travers Robert Jasper/Susan Courtmacsherry    
25th Jul 1841 Perry Elizabeth Thomas/Margaret Phylareal Preventive Service  
2nd Nov 1841 Bennett Elizabeth Jane William/Joanna Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
2nd Mar 1842 McNab? Thomas Thomas/Ellen Cork   Formerly of Courtmacsherry
12th Jun 1842 Travers Jonas   Robert Jun/Catherine Courtmacsherry    
24th Jul 1842 Jeffers John Thomas/Elizabeth Cullenagh Shoemaker  
18th Sep 1842 Clark Charles Reginald Edward/Maria Phylareal Preventive Service  
25th Sep 1842 Jeffers Anne Maria John/Catherine Courtmacsherry    
25th Sep 1842 Davie Robert James Joseph/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
9th Oct 1842 Cambridge Anne John/Anne Butlerstown    
25th Mar 1843 Lannon Harriet Samuel/Anne Lislee Clerk  
May Parker? Walter Bullen ?/Mary Seacourt Steward Butlerstown
12th Jun 1843 Hamilton Elizabeth & Helena Henry/Ellen Courtmacsherry    
18th Jun 1843 Travers Jasper Jasper/Susan      
15th Jul 1843 Jeffers Eliza Ann Edward/Anne Cullenagh    
9th Aug 1843 Hamilton Claudius James/Anne Courtmacsherry   Born 26th May 1842
8th Oct 1843 Wagner Elizabeth Anne George/Jane Ballymacraheen    
5th Nov 1843 Perry Thomas Morris Thomas/Margaret Phylareal Preventive Service  
8th Mar 1844 Keating Thomas William/Mary Courtmacsherry Nailer  
10th Mar 1844 Davie Sarah Elizabeth Joseph/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
21st Jul 1844 Coghlan Edward Martin James/Catherine Kinsale    
4th Aug 1844 Bennett Emma William/Joanna Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
29th Aug 1844 Clark Richard Edward/Maria Phylareal Preventive Service  
10th Dec 1844 Travers Susanna Jane Jasper/Susan Courtmacsherry    
5th Jan 1845 Perrott William David/Catherine Ballilangley*   Ballylangy?
21st Jan 1845 Cambridge John John/Anne Butlerstown    
18th Jun 1845 Jeffers John John/Catherine Courtmacsherry    
13th Jul 1845 Davie George Alfred Joseph/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Preventive Service Aged 5 weeks
12th Oct 1845 Jeffers Mary Jane Edward/Anne Cullenagh    
15th Dec 1845 Jeffers Thos Wellington* Thomas/Elizabeth Cullenagh   *Thomas Wellington Frederick Augustus
4th Jan 1846 Wagstaff Henry Robert/Anne Lislee Steward/gardener at Lislee Glebe
19th Feb 1846 Robinson Mary Esther John Watson R/Matilda     Late Captain 9th Regiment
15th Apr 1846 Proudfoot Elizabeth John/Deborah     Corporal Queens Bays Cavalry
10th May 1846 Roach Mary Jane William/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
17th May 1846 Perry Maria Jane Thomas/Margaret Phylareal Preventive Service  
28th May 1846 Perrott David David/Catherine Ballilangley*   Ballylangy?
7th Jun 1846 Travers Matthew Perrott Jasper/Susan Courtmacsherry    
20th Jul 1846 Cooke Anna Maria James/Anne Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
6th Sep 1846 Foster Henry Lieut/Bridget Courtmacsherry Chief Water Guard  
8th Oct 1846 Wagner George   George/Jane      
8th Jan 1847 Cambridge Robert Sutton John/Jane Butlerstown    
14th Mar 1847 Aicheson Alexander George Robert/Anne Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
23rd May 1847 Sweeny Rebecca Thomas/Anne Innishannon   Straveen Cottage
23rd May 1847 Hamilton Kate Henry/Ellen Courtmacsherry    
18th Jul 1847 Burke Charles   John/Esther Sevenheads Preventive Service  
1st Aug 1847 Mitchell James Albert William/Jane Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
10th Oct 1847 Davie Joseph Thomas Joseph/Elizabeth   Preventive Service  
7th Nov 1847 Adams Peter James George/Marianne   Preventive Service  
20th Feb 1848 Bristow Isaac George Robert/Elizabeth Sevenheads Preventive Service  
25th Jun 1848 Allen William John Rev James/Sarah Lislee Curate  
27th Aug 1848 Roache Susanna   William/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
3rd Dec 1848 Wagstaff Robert Robert/Anne Lislee Steward/gardener Lislee Glebe
11th Feb 1849 Travers Catherine Jasper/Susan Courtmacsherry    
11th Feb 1849 Burke Hester John/Hester Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
24th Jun 1849 Allen James Hy Leslie Rev James/Sarah Lislee Curate Born 8th Jun
8th Jul 1849 Mitchell Maria Berry William/Jane Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
9th Aug 1849 Jeffers Ellen Kingston Edward/Anne Cullenagh    
10th Sep 1849 Wagner William George/Jane Sevenheads Preventive Service  
30th Sep 1849 Adams George William George/Marianne Sevenheads Preventive Service  
13th Nov 1849 McCartney Elizabeth Sarah Thomas/Frances Sevenheads Preventive Service  
? Casey Mary Protestant Soc Orphan child     Godparents: Robert/Eliz Baker, Anne Wagstaffe
27th May 1850 ffolliatt William Francis/Catherine Timoleague M D  
16th Jun 1850 Wagstaff John Robert/Anne      
23rd Jun 1850 Roache Elizabeth Anne William/Elizabeth Sevenheads Preventive Service  
19th Aug 1850 Burke Charles   John/Hester Synge Castle Preventive Service  
28th Sep 1850 McCreight Creighton John William/Mary Courtmacsherry    
29th Sep 1850 Andrews John Leslie Chas Jas Fox A/Anne Elizth Dublin   Born 24th Aug
22nd Nov 1850 Baker Robert Henry Robert/Eliza  Lislee Schoolmaster  
4th Jan 1851 Allen John Charles Rev James/Sarah Lislee Curate  
28th Aug 1851 Matthews Margaret   Hy Rowan M/Eliza Butlerstown Chief Constable Aged 9 months
2nd Oct 1851 Heard Edward John Edward H/Eliza Farmley    
12th Oct 1851 Gough Dorah   George/Mary Courtmacsherry Mason  
15th Oct 1851 Richards Maryanne David/Anne Wales Ships carpenter Pillguibly?? Wales. Aged 1 year
15th Oct 1851 Richards Jane Elizabeth David/Anne Wales Ships carpenter Pillguibly?? Wales. Aged 3 weeks
26th Oct 1851 Adams John Thomas George/Maryanne Sevenheads Preventive Service  
30th Nov 1851 Sutton Robert Nathaniel/Susanna Agher   Agha?
14th Dec 1851 Jermyn Eliza  David/Bridget Mt Ramsey? Labourer  
3rd Feb 1852 Travers Frances Elizabeth James W T/?? Courtmacsherry Lieut Coast Guard  
25th Apr 1852 Allen Catherine Ann Rev James/Sarah Lislee Curate  
30th May 1852 Phillips Mary Jane Joseph/Eliza  Courtmacsherry    
20th Jun 1852 Upton Frederick George John/Sarah Sevenheads    
11th Jul 1852 Gill Elizabeth Samuel/Ellen Phylareal Coast Guard  
2nd Jan 1853 Jackson Thomas Henry John/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Coast Guard  
30th Jan 1853 Sutton Anne  Nathaniel/Susanna Agher   Agha?
3rd Jul 1853 Wagstaff Anne   Robert/Anne      
24th Aug 1853 Latham Jane   Thomas/Anne Barraragh Parish Clk/Schlmstr  
9th Sep 1853 Jeffers Margaret   Thomas/Elizabeth Cullenagh Shoemaker  
11th Sep 1853 Adams Francis Henry George/Maryanne Sevenheads Coast Guard  
18th Sep 1853 Mitchell Caroline Victoria William/Jane Sevenheads Coast Guard  
18th Dec 1853 Finlay? Lucy Anne James/Margaret Barryspoint Coast Guard Synge Castle
18th Dec 1853 Phillips Walter William Joseph/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry    
16th Apr 1854 Gough Thomas George/Mary  Cullenagh Mason  
23rd Apr 1852 Shiel Peter   George/Ellen Courtmacsherry Land steward  
13th Aug 1854 Jermyn Margaret   David/Bridget Mt Ramsey? Labourer  
10th Sep 1854 Upton Elizabeth Anne John/Sarah Courtmacsherry Coast Guard  
24th Sep 1854 Daunt Francis (male) Nicholas?/Elizabeth Abbeymahon Tanner Cornhaven. Could be Michael
15th Oct 1854 Sutton Rebecca Nathaniel/Susanna Agher   Agha?
15th Oct 1854 Travers James Walter James/Emily Courtmacsherry Lieut Coast Guard  
29th Apr 1855 Read Joseph Joseph/Hannah Phylareal Coast Guard  
3rd Sep 1855 Phillips Joseph Joseph/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry    
6th Jan 1856 Hamilton Letitia Bridget William/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Policeman  
20th Apr 1856 Travers Cathn Anderia Roche James W T/Emily Courtmacsherry    
27th May 1856 Heard Richard Croker John Edward H/Eliza Farmley    
14th Sep 1856 Sutton John Nathaniel/Susanna Agher   Agha?
30th Sep 1856 Conner Henrietta Louisa Daniel/Patience Manch House?   Enniskeane?
16th Nov 1856 Upton James Warrlor? John/Sarah Courtmacsherry Coast Guard  
23rd Nov 1856 Jermyn David David/Bridget Courtmacsherry    
25th Jan 1857 Carrahes? Emma Jane Michael/Jane Arklow Preventive Service  
7th Feb 1857 Roche Henry Edward Francis R/Dorah Seacourt   Butlerstown
1st Mar 1857 Adams Margaret Anne George/Marianne Courtmacsherry Preventive Service  
17th May 1857 Read Thomas Philip Joseph/Hannah Bantorf? Phylareal Coast Guard  
5th Jul 1857 Phillips Catherine Joseph/Eliza  Courtmacsherry    
13th Jul 1857 Gough John George/Mary   Mason  
6th Sep 1857 Robertson George William George Henry/Elizth Anne   Coast Guard  
8th Nov 1857 Hamilton William William/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry Policeman  
13th Dec 1857 Shannon Mary Ann Isabella Edward/Jane Tiernananes Carpenter  
25th Jan 1858 Conway Benjamin Patrick/Jane Courtmacsherry Scripture reader  
4th Mar 1858 Clark Henry Maria Sevenheads    
5th Jul 1858 Cooke George Frederick James/Anne Courtmacsherry Preventive Service Born England 5th Nov 1841
12th Sep 1858 Sutton Thomas Nathaniel/Susanna   Farmer  
16th Jan 1859 Knight Margaret Anne James/Margaret Anne Lislee Gardener Lislee Glebe
17th Jan 1859 Travers Mary James Walter T/Emily Courtmacsherry Lieut Coast Guard  
30th Jan 1859 Jermyn Peter   David/Bridget Courtmacsherry Labourer  
20th Feb 1859 Howell John Robert/Marianne Ballylangly   Ballylangy?
22nd Apr 1859 Shannon Margaret Hannah Edward/Jane   Carpenter  
24th Apr 1859 Read Elizabeth Jane Joseph/Hannah Bantorf? Phylareal Coast Guard  
3rd Jul 1859 Kingston Henry Freeland Thomas/Jane Courtmacsherry    
23rd Oct 1859 Phillips Walter William Joseph/Elizabeth Courtmacsherry    
13th Nov 1859 Gough Sarah   George/Mary   Mason  
4th Jan 1860 Adams Mary Ellen George/Maryanne Courtmacsherry Coast Guard  
5th Feb 1860 Robertson James Thomas George/Eliza Anne   Coast Guard  
12th Feb 1860 Conway Ezra Patrick/Jane Courtmacsherry Scripture reader  
24th Jun 1860 Burchill Samuel Beazley/Mary Courtmacsherry Gardener  
12th Aug 1860 Poole Elizabeth Isabella Horatio/Judith* Courtmacsherry & Mayfield, Bandon Horatio Townsend P/Judith Isabella. 
16th Aug 1860 Jennings John Hewitt Barnabas Edw/Anna Maria Courtmacsherry    
October Sutton Nathaniel Nathaniel/Susanna      
20th Dec 1860 Longfield John Robert Henry/Eliza Augusta Seacourt    
31st Dec 1860 Shannon Elizabeth Edith Edward/Jane     Born 13th Feb
10th Feb 1861 Read Philip Henry Joseph/Hannah   Coast Guard  
25th Apr 1861 Bennett Benjamin Benjamin?/Ellen   Scripture reader  
7th Jul 1862 Burchill Elizabeth Beazley/Mary