a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Index of Bandon-related Wills held at National Archives, UK 
Name Forename/s Date Other
CLERKE Thomas Henry Shadwell 1849 Major in the army
TEULON Mary 1841 Widow
LOANE Richard 1834 Surgeon
TEULON John 1829  
HEWITT Isaac Henry 1825 Lieutenant Colonel
CORNWALL George 1825  
DUNLOP James 1819 Captain, 26th Reg of Foot
LOANE Septimus Walpole 1811 Captain, 8th Reg of Foot
JERVOIS Sampson 1806 Otherwise JERVIS
DAUST? John (possibly DAUNT?) 1803 Sergeant, 85th Reg of Foot
LORD Priscilla 1801 Widow
COCKBURN Dame Phebe 1796 Widow
ALEXANDER George 1786  
COLLINS Thomas 1750 Mariner of HMS York
CONNER Daniel 1738 Gentleman
ADDERLEY Francis 1719  
BIRD Charles 1699 Mariner
BLIGH John 1629