a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Date Groom Details Bride Details
1661 ADDERLEY Edward of Innishannon HALE Mary d/o Sir Matthew HALE of Gloucestershire
Before 1791 ADDERLEY Thomas of Innishannon BOURKE Margaretta d/o Edmund BOURKE
1794 AIKIN George Cork city POPHAM Sarah d/o William, Castelack, Brinny
1807 APPLEBIE Edward of Innishannon DAUNT Eliza eldest d/o William D/Elizabeth HARTE of Liverpool
1828 BELCHER Henry Of Bandon WAUGH Hannah Hope d/o Rev Thomas Waugh
1800 BEAMISH Sampson Kilmalooda EVANS Catherine d/o Rev Thos, Dunmanaway
1750s BERNARD James   BOYLE Catherine Henrietta d/o Richard BOYLE and Catherine PONSONBY
1802 BIGGS Jacob at Douglas PHILPOT Miss of Newmarket
1850 BUSTEED Shaw s/o Captain BUSTEED, Carrigaline. Mar. Brinny QUIN Charlotte Elizabeth d/o Richard QUIN, Firgrove Innishannon
1805 CLARKE William   WALSH Miss Bandon
1836 CORBETT Richard of Innishannon HERRICK Mary de la Coer d/o Wm H HERRICK/Mary de la COER Shippool
1845 DAUNT William Henry at Carrigaline. s/o Henry D/Honora COTTER BUSTEED Jane d/o Henry BUSTEED and Letitia DAUNT of Innishannon
1824 DAY Robert Late judge of the King's Bench FITZGERALD Mary d/o late B Fitzgerald MD, Bandon
c1816 De COURCEY Edward   SEXTON Ellen 6 children baptised between 1818 and 1831 Bandon
1857 DOBBIN Frederick Rev at Donnybrook, of Bandon LOW Rebecca d/o Francis, Merrion Castle, Dublin
1857 DOBBIN George at Ballymodan, of Dublin WOOD Lizzie d/o Samuel, Avenue House, Bandon
1766 DUDLY Richard at St Finbarrs HOLLAND Alice Both of Bandon
1847 EDWARDS James Merchant of London COTTER Susanna d/o late Edward Cotter, Bandon solicitor
1802 ELLIS Abraham Chandler of Cork city SWEENY Miss d/o James SWEENY, Bandon
1767 HAGGERTY James Clockmaker of Cork MEDLEY Nancy of Bandon
1767 HEA William 1839 GRAINGER Judith at Timoleague
1824 HEAZLE William of Bandon, at Ballymoney HOLMES Amilia of Ardea
1814 HERRICK William Henry of Shippool de la COER Mary
1783 HEWITT James Brooke Lodge, Bandon WALL Frances Gertrude d/o Charles William WALL
1789 HINGSTON John Rev Curate of Kilbrogan ADDERLEY Mary sister of late Thomas ADDERLEY of Innishannon
1790s? HOWARD James at Innishannon SCOTT Mary  
1857 IRWIN William Rev at Macosquin, of Bandon HUSTON Eliza d/o Rev C, Macosquin
1791 KING Edward Rev   POPHAM Miss Bandon
1766 KINGSTON Samuel   GOOKIN Isabella Bandon
1817 LONGFIELD J Esq of Newton COTTER Mary d/o E COTTER Esq, Bandon
1857 LOVELL George Kilbeg House BULLEN Susan Y d/o late Thomas BULLEN, Baxters Bridge
1836 MAUNSELL-EYRE Robt H of Innishannon. S/o Richard M/Catherine HARE EVANS Anna Maria Stone d/o Eyre EVANS and Anna MAUNSELL
1793 MCCARTHY Francis at Ballymoney DAUNT Miss d/o William of Janeville
1823 MCHUGH John Surgeon RN NASH Catherine d/o Captain NASH, Brinny
1878 M'SWEENY James S/o Daniel M'Sweeny, Bandon CLEARY Mary Anne d/o Patrick Cleary, Killmallock
1841 MEADE John Campbell of Innishannon HERRICK Anne Harriet  
1856 MOFFATT Aaron of Meath ALLMAN Emma d/o late William Allman, Bandon
1849 MORTON James of Summerhill, Cork NASH Susannah Sarah d/o late John NASH, Brinny House
1754 NASH John of Brinny/at Brinny HOARE Jane d/o Deane HOARE and Susan INGRAM
1769 NATION William Baker of Bandon GREEN Alice Bandon
1851 OLLIFFE George Railway Constabulary. S/o Robert OLLIFFE GOOD Thomasine aged 20 d/o Peter GOOD, Brinny
1773 REGAN James of Londonderry WARD Miss of Bandon
1764 ROWLAND Samuel   HEWIT Miss Samuel = s/o Francis Rowland. Miss Hewitt has fortune of 2000
1843 SCANNELL T Apothecary of Cork HURLY Mary d/o C HURLY, Brewer, Bandon
1854 SCHRIEBER William Thomas   MEADE Sarah Martha of Innishannon
1791 SEALY Rev Dr   LANE Jane d/o late Anthony, Cork city
1857 SPILLER Augustus D at Cork, of 36th Reg. S/o W A, Uplands WARING Esther d/o late Wm BELCHER MD, Bandon
1857 SULLIVAN John Bond MD at Bandon, of Castle Donnington EIVERS Letitia d/o lat Robert H, Castle Eivers, Limerick
1791 SWETE Benjamin s/o Benjamin, Greenville SWETE Thamer Bandon
1862 THOMPSON John Seymour 4th s/o S M Thompson Cork? HUNTER Mary Anne d/o Matthew Hunter, Bandon.  
1826 WITHAM Henry Esq of Lismore; at Bandon SWANTON Bridget Augusta d/o William MD, of West Indies
Deaths Name Residence and burial place Age Other
1907 ALCOCK Alexander Mann of Innishannon, buried Kilowen    
1855 BAKER George Clancool, Bandon    
1847 BALDWIN John Mallowgaton Bandon later Quebec    
1846 BALDWIN Mrs William Bandon    
1857 BARRY Susan Anne Bandon 0 yrs  
1839 BEAMISH Elizabeth Palace Anne 91yrs D/o Arthur Bernard, widow of Richard Beamish
1871 BEAMISH Francis Morris of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 11 mths  
1871 BEAMISH Thomas George of Timoleague, buried Ballymoney 11yrs  
1872 BEAMISH William of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 6 mths  
1881 BEECHINOR Thomas Ballinamma, Courtmacsherry 66 yrs  
1797 BELESAIGNE Mary Mrs aged 89 yrs, Bandon    
1864 BELL Margaret Affleck at Madras   Wife of Rev Clifford Bell, d/o John J Thomson, late mgr Provincial Bank, Bandon
1856 BERNARD James Castle Bernard. Buried Bandon 71 yrs Earl of Bandon
1864 BIGGS Jacob At Callatrim Infant S/o Jacob Biggs
1762 BURKE Thomas Innkeeper, Bandon    Widow to continue business
1861 BURROWES George Rev Brinny    
1823 BUSTEED Thomas Sen Bandon    
1824 BUSTEED Thomas   Bandon    S/o late Thomas, leaves large family
1846 CALNAN Teresa Bandon    
1911 CLIFFORD Thomas Courtmacsherry    
1848 COMBS James of Bandon, buried Ballymoney    
1856 COOMBS Jane of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 21 yrs  
1856 CORNWALL George Bandon 72 yrs  
1826 CRIPPS James At Ballineen, of Bandon    
1881 CROWLEY Cornelius Bandon    
1881 CROWLEY Jeremiah Bandon    
1898 CROWLEY Mary Cecilia (Cissie) Kilbrittain 15 yrs  
1863 DALY Barbara of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 84 yrs  
1846 DAMERY James of Brinny, buried Ballymoney    
1807 DAVISON Eliza Mrs of Innishannon  87 yrs  
1856 DAWSON James Bandon 67 yrs  
1864 DAWSON James Bandon 21 yrs  
1882 DESMOND John Bandon    
1911 DONOVAN Ellen Cashelberg, Bandon    
1793 DUNNIGAN James the elder At Ballinhassig    
1855 EGAN James Bandon    
1847 ELLIS Abraham Ratharoon, Bandon 69 yrs  
1826 FALVEY Denis At Clohane, near Bandon 85 yrs  
1863 FARR Maria of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 10 yrs  
1882 FITZGERALD Julia Miss Bandon    
1847 FITZGERALD Maurice Bandon 52 yrs  
1847 FITZGERALD Wiliam Bandon 12 yrs  
1919 FORSYTH Margaret Mary Bandon   Widow of David Forsyth
1882 FORSYTH Rebecca Bandon   nee Loane
1764 FULLER Mrs Warrenbrook near Bandon   Wife of Mr William Fuller
1852 FULLER Mary of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 36 yrs  
1851 FULLER Ralph of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 44 yrs  
1855 GABRIEL Anne of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 90 yrs  
1872 GABRIEL Anne of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 58 yrs  
1870 GABRIEL Dora of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 7 wks  
1856 GABRIEL Elizabeth of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 55 yrs  
1863 GABRIEL James of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 50 yrs  
1853 GABRIEL John of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 76 yrs  
1870 GABRIEL George of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 10 wks  
1844 GASH Horatio T Newman River View 4 yrs of scarlatina, son of Thomas Gash
1844 GASH Richard Tresilian River View 6 yrs of scarlatina, son of Thomas Gash
1856 GILLMAN Mary Elizabeth Janeville, Bandon 73 yrs  
1919 GOGGIN Johanna Kilbrogan, Bandon    
1852 GOOD Elizabeth of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 17 yrs  
1866 GOOD Grace of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 5 yrs  
1870 GOOD Robert of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 23 yrs  
1847 GREAVES Charles Bandon later London    
1855 GREAVES Susan Bandon 58 yrs  
1807 HAINES Homan Mrs At Bandon    
1852 HALEY Mary of Innishannon, buried Balleymoney 26 yrs  
1847 HAMILTON Andrew Rev Bandon later Dublin 76 yrs  
1846 HART Edward Bandon 45 yrs  
1861 HEGARTIE Lucretia of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 64 yrs 64 yrs
1846 HERON Margaret Miss Ingleston, KKD Scotland later Bandon    
1881 HICKEY Andrew Bandon    
1881 HOLLAND Mary Aloysius Sr Of Bandon    
1847 HORNIBROOK George Anne? Kemegarah, Bandon    
1861 HORNIBROOK Mary Miss Bandon    
1881 HOUSTON Robert Fisher Bandon    
1764 JERVOIS Samuel Bandon   Very old
1846 KELLY Philipair (Phillipa?) Bandon 88 yrs  
1864 KEYS John Bandon    
1881 KINGSTON George Strickland Of Bandon   At sea, Bombay, India
1798 LEDBETTER Mrs Of Bandon   Wife of Dr LEDBETTER
1856 LEE Alice Bandon 0 yrs  
1856 LEGRES Anne Bandon    
1767 LISSON Mrs at Innishannon 96 yrs Widow of Robert LISSON
1898 LORDAN Daniel Timoleague 40 yrs  
1847 LOVELL John Bandon    
1846 LUCAS Elizabeth Timoleague 41 yrs  
1847 MAHONEY Johanna Bandon later St Johns, New Brunswick    
1861 MARTIN Francis Bernard Bandon    
1800 MCCARTHY Elizabeth Innishannon   Widow of Charles MCCARTHY
1882 MCDONNELL Ellen (BARRY) Bandon 76 yrs  
1898 MCSWINEY Jane Mary Timoleague 0 yrs  
1847 MOLESWORTH Herbert Phillips Rev Bandon    
1846 MOORE Joseph Bandon 1 yr  
1846 MOORE Margaret Helena Bandon 1 yr  
1847 MOORE Maryanne Bandon    
1846 MOORE Teresa Bandon 3 yrs  
1898 MURPHY Bartholomew Bandon 57 yrs  
1881 MURPHY Jeremiah Rev Courtmacsherry    
1856 NASH Hannah of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 15 yrs  
1847 NASH Robert of Brinny House    
1855 O'BRIEN John Bandon    
1897 O'CROWLEY Mrs Jeremiah Bandon 75 yrs  
1861 O'DELL Constance Miss Bandon    
1881 O'DONOVAN Jeremiah Timoleague 70 yrs  
1882 O'DRISCOLL Maryann (MORGAN) Bandon     
1881 O'HEA Anne Ballynakeen, Kilbrittain    
1881 O'HEA Michael Ballynakeen, Kilbrittain 25 yrs  
1846 PARRETT Catherine Bandon 12 yrs  
1855 PATTEN Margaret Innishannon    
1872 PATTERSON Henry of Kilpatrick, buried Ballymoney 54 yrs  
1869 PATTERSON John of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 25 yrs  
1871 PATTERSON John of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 43 yrs  
1846 PEYTON Richard of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 46 yrs  
1844 PIGOTT George Sir Innishannon 80 yrs  
1800 POOLE Hewitt Esq Of Mayfield, nr Bandon    
1861 POOLE Judith Elizabeth Courtmacsherry 33 yrs  
1857 POOLE Thomas of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 78 yrs  
1847 POPHAM Benjamin Bandon 66 yrs  
1847 QUINLAN James Bandon    
1847 ROBINSON William James Bandon 35 yrs  
1855 SCALY Anne (Mrs William) Innishannon   Frankfort
1847 SCOTT Mrs George (KINGTSON) Lislee    
1846 SCOTT James Bandon 64 yrs  
1846 SCOTT John Bandon 37 yrs  
1802 SEALY Jane Unmory, nr Bandon   Wife of Rev Armiger SEALY
1847 SEYMOUR Elizabeth Bandon    
1844 SHINE Mrs 2nd dau of John LAMB   Wife of William SHINE, Bandon
1793 SMITH John Rev Charlotte Quay, Cork city? 80 yrs Rector of Timoleague
1919 SPOTTISWOOD Charles John Courtmacsherry 63 yrs  
1791 STAMMERS Robert Esq Roche Castle nr Bandon    
1846 STAWELL Charlotte Doneraile/Kilbrittain Castle    
1846 St LEGER Charlotte Esther Lady Doneraile/Bandon    
1881 SULLIVAN Josias Tresilian Bandon 37 yrs  
1847 SUTTON Nathaniel Bandon 84 yrs  
1855 SWANTON Rachel Miss Bandon    
1763 SWINEY Roger Bandon   Thrown from his horse
1862 TEULON George Bandon   Colonel, late Her Majesty's 35th Regiment 
1847 THOMSON Melville Bandon 4 yrs  
1853 THOMPSON John J Bandon, mgr of Provincial Bank 55 yrs  
1856 TRESILIAN Stewart J Dr Bandon    
1882 TRESILIAN Stewart R Bandon 21 yrs  
1911 TWOHIG Cornelius Ballinakeen, Kilbrittain    
1864 VICKERY Joseph Bandon 37 yrs  
1791 WATERHOUSE Miss Hawthorne Hill   Near Innishannon
1847 WHEELER John Jospeh Bandon 57 yrs  
1861 WHITE Jane of Bandon, buried Ballymoney 68 yrs  
1861 WOLFE Alice Mary Miss Bandon    
1846 WREN John Keel, Bandon 90 yrs  
1840 YOUNG William of Bandon, buried Ballymoney    
Baptisms/births Name Parents Location Other
1853 CAPEL Arthur Ingerfield Arthur Algernon CAPEL/Beatrice Desmond Castle Desmond Beatrice of Innishannon
1874 CRONIN Alfred Martin Duggan   Innishannon  noted as a photographer in South Africa
1689 DAVENPORT Ralph Charles Innishannon Entered TCD 1707, later Vicar Choral of Cork
1810 KINGSTON Samuel M   Cork Noted in Madison County 1837
1797 MURPHY Jeremiah   Innishannon Noted in Madison County 1822