a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Year Name Occupation Location Amount Other Property bounded by
Rev William Sullivan   Cavendish St 10 Kept lease as long as he had School  
Miss Mary Kenney   No 1 Cavendish St 56.17.6 Given up, now in possession of Benjamin Popham  
William, Jacob and John Biggs   Coolfadda Mills 128.8.9    
William Jenkins   North Main St 10    
David Bushe   North Main St     East by Joseph Lisson/Richard Gash
        Let to sundry tenants 1865 North by John Shorten. 
Misses Jenkins   North Main St     North by Kilbrogan churchyard wall. East by William Shine
        Surrendered 1852 West by James Sullivan. 
William Jenkins   North Main St   Dwg house/premises. Ejected for non payment. New lease to
        Benjamin Popham  
Joseph Bullen Shopkeeper North Main St 18 Ejected 1848 East by Preaching House, west by John Wheeler. 
Paul Williams Builder The Inn & Livery Stables     North by bog. East Thomas Lovell/Jonathan Clerke. 
    North Main St     West Edward Scott/Kilbrogan churchyard.
Timothy Murphy Shopkeeper North Main St     East by Thomas Porter. West site of old castle.
          Between Main St and Bandon River
George Kingston   North Main St     On south by house occupied by James Douglas. At rear by
          John Hornibrook
Christopher Brooks   North Main St 6 Let to Daniel? Callahan 1823  
Jonathan Clerke   North Main St 14    
Richard Wheeler   North Main St 14   East by Main St. West by field of Benj Popham. North by
        Went to ruins. Let to Richard Williams as building ground Elizth Hingston. South several ruined tmts. 
George Harris   North Main St 12   Where fish market is. Cancelled  
William Shine Boot and shoe maker North Main St 10   South by Main St. North by Mrs Jenkins garden. West Mrs
          Jenkins dwg. East by John Gosnell
William Dowden   South Main St   Ejected for non payment 1826?  
Rev Armiger Sealy   Western part South Main St     North by garden of David Ring
Christopher Dowden   South Main St 15 Expired Expired
James Scott/William Dowden   South Main St   Ejected for non payment. Let to Thomas Beamish  
Rev Armiger Sealy   South Main St   Ejected. Let to G Lane 1866  
Edward Scott Shopkeeper South Main St   Ejected for non payment. Let to John Lordon 1829  
Joseph Beek Shopkeeper South Main St 28 Ejected. Let to Bank of Ireland  
Giles Sullivan   South Main St 10 This premise taken down to make passage to the river East of Sealy's Lane next Geo Emerson. 
1817 James Connell   Bridewell Quay      
George Cornwall   North Main St 19 Presented to court of bankruptcy 1837. Surrendered to Town  
        Hall trustees 1861  
James Baldwin   North Main St 1     North by Bejn Popham/Stephen Mawson. South by Old Malting
        Cancelled House. Between Nth Main St and stream. 
William Bull   North Main St     3 dwelling houses. South by Main St. North by garden late of
          Philip Splane. East waste ground. West Edward Hayes.
Attiwell Roche   North Main St     New lease. East by Main St. West by Rev Edw King. 
          North by William Moxley. South by Geo Wheeler
Edward Hayes   North Main St   Ejected    
Samuel Sullivan   North Main St   Ejected for non payment. Let under new lease to Richard Cole
Jeremiah Collins   North Main St   Ejected    
William Sloane Cordwainer North Main St   Expired West by Nth Main St. East by churchyard. North by
          William Hunter/Benj Ford. South Mrs Ellis
John Gosnell   North Main St   Expired. Let to T Taylor 1863  
Benjamin Ford Builder North Main St   Surrendered 1853  
William Hunter   North Main St   Surrendered, let to Edward Preston with adjoining premises  
1818 Thomas Beamish   Bridewell Quay      
Ann, Martha, Elizabeth Jenkins   Bridge St      
Mrs Elizabeth Mason   Bridge St     Dwelling House, part Edward Doherty's holding?
William Samuel Curry   Cavendish St     On both sides by Thomas Biggs
Thomas Gash   North Main St      
Joseph John Wheeler   North Main St   Ejected    
Joseph Williams   North Main St      
John Williams   North Main St      
John Wheeler   North Main St   Surrendered 1875 North by Nth Main St. East Mrs Jenkins/Preaching House
          Lane. South Bandon River. West by Mary Sullivan
George Emerson   South Main St      
1820 Joseph Williams   North Main St   Interest surrendered 1852 by Jane Allen Hayes West side Nth Main St. Mr King's field at rear
1821 John Cullinane   North Main St   Ejected    
1822 Benjamin Popham   North Main St 15 Ejected 1849. Notice served on Regina Popham, Bandon, West by Nth Main St. East by stream. South by Wm Jenkins
        Robert Popham, Mawbeg, Anna Maria/Elizabeth Regina -  North Mrs Hannah Baldwin.
        daughters, Mawbeg.  
1824 George Cornwall   North Main St      
Rev Armiger Sealy   South Main St     Brewery concerns
James Biggs   South Main St     Part Bruce's holdings for 6 months
Rev Armiger Sealy   South Main St   Surrendered   Two houses. North/East by Brewery concerns. South by
          South Main St. West by William Alman
Rev Armiger Sealy   South Main St 4.11.3 New lease granted 1851 Tenements
1825 John Beamish MD Cavendish Square      
James Scott    South Main St   Ejected   Plot of ground
1826 Daniel Callahan   North Main St   Expired 1845  
1827 Thomas Biggs   South Main St     Bruce's holdings
1835 John Mahony   Barretts Hill 1.19 Renewed 1845? John Sullivan and John  Murphy. T K Sullivan at rear
1839 R T Belcher       New lease dated 1863 to James Allen/William Shaw Plot of land whereon the Savings Bank stands. Between 
          Barracks and courthouse
1840 Robert Fuller Shopkeeper North Main St 12   Ejected for non payment, premium/rent not returned? Lives: George Fuller 15 yrs, Amelia 8 yrs, Eliza 3 yrs
1845 John Mahony   Barretts Hill     Two dwellling houses, see previous lease
1851 Edward Doherty   South Main St   Garden/use of passage. Part Roes tenement
John Desmond   South Main St 9   Dwelling house, late Edward Doherty
1852 Lucy Carroll   South Main St 15    
1853 William Bright   Bridge St 14    
Christopher Dowden   Weir St   Expired 1934 Corn store
Thomas Fuller Solicitor South Main St 16 New lease for 61 yrs? Dwelling house between Weir St/Armiger Sealy. William C
          Dowden at rear
1854 George Grandon   Water Lane (end of) 2     House and yard
George Grandon   North Main St 16   Late in possession of John Wilson
1855 Michael Hayes   South Main St 14   Dwelling house, shop and yard
1857 John Cummins   South Main St 12     West by Miss Marshall/John Clerke. East by Factory Lane.
          South by Sth Main St. North land of Duke of Devonshire
1858 Timothy Barrett   South Main St 14   Dwelling house, shop and yard, use of gateway in common
          with tenant on west side.
Denis Desmond   South Main St 25.10   Dwelling house, offices, garden plus yard next to John Murphy.
          Late Richard Tresilian
John Desmond   South Main St 13   Dwelling house, offices, yard, use of passage from street