a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Date Name Forename Occupation Location Rental per annum Lives Relationship Other
1759 Dowden Richard   Watkins       Expired, let to Christopher/Isaac Dowden 1816
Welsh Thomas   Litten/Scott       Expired  
Ward William   Frekes        
1772 Dowden Richard   Tuckers       Expired  
Wilson? Thomas   Jennings/Bennett        
Biggs Jacob Jnr   No 6 Scale   Jacob Biggs 28 yrs Lessee East side Bridge St. Last life died 1849
          John Biggs 11 yrs Son of John Snr  
              2nd son of Thomas Biggs Jnr  
1783 Sealy James           Expired  
Sealy Robert            
Sealy James            
Gillman Edward           Expired. Relet to John Richards/Mary Marshall on yearly rental
Roche Attiwell Cabinet maker         New lease granted to Thomas Biggs 1820
1786? Travers Mrs Mary           Expired 1845
Tanner Walter           Expired 1852
Preston Edward Carpenter         Let to Thomas Biggs 1827
1793 Biggs Jacob     17/18 Scale       Lincombe tenements?
1794 Sealy Baldwin   10 Scale       Roes tenement?
Abbott George   Flaxons 12 George Abbott Lessee House/yard South Main St, 41 on Scale survey. George Abbott died in 
          Thomas Busteed 12 yrs Son of Thomas, shoemaker London 1842. Robert Lovell alive in America at that time.
          Robert Lovell 8 yrs Son of John, farmer  
Welsh James           Surrendered and let to Robert Edwards 1851
Allman William   38 on Scale 24 William Allman 33 yrs Lessee  
            Francis Allman  1st son of George Allman  
            James Allman 3rd son of George Allman New lease to William Dowden 1833
Brown Robert   26 on Scale        
Welsh Thomas   Littons        Relet to R Wheeler. 5/6 on Scale survey, South Main St
Sealy James   47 on Scale       Relet to Abraham Isaac
1795 Wheeler John   11 on Scale 25 Thomas Wheeler 10 yrs    
          Richard Wheeler 6 yrs    
Biggs Abraham   Maynes tmt 28 Jeremiah Biggs 13 yrs All lives sons of Abraham 12/13 on Scale survey, South Main St
          James Biggs 8 yrs    
          Thomas Biggs 4 yrs    
1796 Biggs Thomas Jnr   15 on Scale