a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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1843 Lands re-let in Bandon Devonshire Estate within last 4-5 years. With comments from the Duke's agent Benjamin Popham


Tenant's name on old leases


West Carhoon


Abraham Stanley


James Stanley reps


Frederick Scott

Living in Bandon

William Stanley


Thomas Bradfield


Thomas Wilson


Joseph Nash


John Quinlan

Holds a large farm adjoining from Duke of Devonshire

Margaret Kelly


William Newman


Jeremiah Sullivan

Has got a small farm from another landlord





Ellen Halahan

Removed to another farm of Duke of Devonshire

James Good

Dead. No family, ground given to brothers William & John

John Good


William Good


Samuel B Beamish


Daniel Murnane


Cornelius Murnane

Has a farm a few miles from Bandon

Daniel Dwyer

Is living as a labourer a short distance from this

John Bradfield


Jeremiah Sullivan

Dead. His son, I believe, has a farm near Bandon

James Buckley


Ellen Bradfield


Michael Bradfield


Richard Bradfield


James McCarthy


Joseph Coombs




West Mawmore


James Wren


Michael Wren


Timothy Holland






William Good


John D Murray

? brother purchased the other out of his ??

Denis Hyde


Bartholomew Farrell


Widow Russell

This woman got a farm I think from Mr Alcock

Timothy Murray






Timothy Murray


Edward Halleran?

Is a carman about the country

James Bradfield

Holds another farm from Duke of Devonshire

James Good


Benjamin Quarry now Ellen Hallahan

Benjamin Quarry was put out, a steward to a Gentleman. Ellen Hallahan got the farm

Timothy Carthy

Got a farm after leaving this

William Walsh


John Keleher

I think he went to America

William Quarry

Holds a large farm under Daniel Connor Esq

Simon Punch


John Horogan


Brian Kelly and 2 brothers

I think they went into Cork to work as labourers





John Murphy

I don't know what became of him

Widow Buttimer

Is living in the same house, her sons are labourers to Denis Buttimer

Denis Buttimer


Timothy Coughlan






Joseph Lane

Part Carrigfroca

Andrew Syms


Jeremiah Syms


Daniel Collins


Denis Murray






Robert McCue


William Stanley






Jonathan Tanner


Patrick Hurley


A B Bernard

On hand, a bankrupt

Rev F Brady


William Chambers


Timothy Conners

I don't know where he is now

John Donovan


Timothy Horohan


Daniel Collins


George Daunt


Richard Shorten


William Stanley


Benjamin Hosford


John Quinlan

Quinlan is living on the ground still

Robert McCue


Bartholomew Taylor






Daniel Croneen


Richard Galavin


Charles McCarthy


Jeremiah McCarthy


Rev John Murphy


James Shorten Jnr


John Shorten Sen


Richard Shorten Jnr


James Shorten Snr


John Shorten Jnr


Catherine Shine


William Shine


Bartholomew Taylor






John Baldwin


R S Foulkes


James Shorten






Thomasina Burke


Arthur Burchill


James Bradfield


John Baldwin

Late Samuel Foulkes, ejected for non-payment

Benjamin Hosford


James Mullins

Still holds this land?

Denis Quinlan






Arthur Burchill




Innislingay Island


Epinetus Fitzgibbon






William Daunt






Daniel Desmond


John Thomas Hornibrook


John Hornibrook


Edward Hornibrook


George Harris


Abraham Loane


William Loane


William Moxley


John Nash


Thomas Seymour


Daniel Griffen

I think this man is living with Seymour as a labourer

Thomas H Sullivan


William Whiting


Denis Lyons and Jeremiah Flavy

One of these men still holds the ground, the other has given it up

William Whiting


Patrick Finn

Is living on the ground still

Patrick Connell


Robert Wrixon


William Whiting

Nash's part

John Desmond

Sold his interest to Whiting

Bartholomew Desmond

Is living in the house, sold his interest to Whiting Widow?





Jacob Biggs


Richard Bradfield


Michael Carney


James Crowley


Mary Dawson


Henrietta Hornibrook


William Hornibrook


Samuel Hornibrook reps


Frederick Mayne


Widow Desmond late Rev W Sullivan


James Tobin






William Keyes


Thomas Scott


John Desmond

A shopkeeper in Bandon

Patrick Connors


Robert Popham now Thomas Good

Robert Popham turned out for not paying rent

James Hawkes

I don't know where he is now

Timothy Crowley


James Woods


John Mahoney


John Keliher


John Crowley

Moved to another farm of Duke of Devonshire

Jeremiah Brown

Has got a farm about 7 miles from this

Jeremiah Carthy

part planted

Is a labourer on the ploughland





Maurice Connell


Patrick Connell

Is living on the land still

James Connell

Has got a farm about 4 miles from Bandon

John Crowley


Timothy Crowley

Is living on the land still

John Connors


Cornelius Doyle Jnr


Cornelius Doyle Sen

Is living on the land still

Jeremiah Doyle


Michael Doyle

Is living on the land still

Thomas Gash


Thomas Good

Removed to Castlenact, Duke of Devonshire farm

John Keleher

Is living on the land still

Patrick Sheehan


Edward Wrixon

A gentleman living in Bandon

Robert Popham now Joseph Nash

Turned out for non-payment of rent

Michael Good


Peter Mahoney

Is living on the land still





Horatio Hosford Sen


Horatio Hosford Jun


John Teagan






James Bradfield


James Bradfield


Timothy Crowley


James Good


John Splane


George Woods


John Dawson






Francis Splane


Jasper/Joseph Lucas now Crowley

Lucas is a bedridden man, no near relations, not able to manage the farm

John Woods






Daniel Sullivan


John Desmond

Living as a labourer

Jeremiah Sullivan


John Corkeran


Jeremiah Corkeran

I think is a labourer on the land

Thomas Haley

Is a carman going to Cork

Timothy Halloran part planted






Joseph C Gillman


Jeremiah Mahony


Daniel Mahony






Denis McCarthy


Timothy and John Halloran


John Buckley


Simon Punch


Cornelius Desmond


Humphry Desmond


Jonathan Tanner


Jonathan Tanner late Gillnan


Denis Leary

Has got a farm from another landlord

Jeremiah Mahony






Anne Payne


Walter Rogers


Bartholomew Toomey?