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List from an indenture between The Right Hon Sir Richard Boyle Knight Lord Boyle Baron of Youghal and Henry Beecher (who inherited from his father, Phane Beecher) of Castlemahown dated 2nd May 1619 which grants Castle Mahown. East Gulleigh otherwise called the Castle Ploughland lying on the south side of the river which was occupied at the time in several tenures by the Provost, burgesses and inhabitants of the corporation of Bandon or Bandon Bridge lisetd below as well as their tenants or undertenants.

William Newce, Bandon Provost 1619
Richard Shepherd gent
Francis Daniel
Charles Coombs
Augustyne Athyns
William Anstace
George Stewk Clarke
Edward Hollyday
William Chihiestor
Anthony Skipwith gent
Richard Comyns
James Daunt esg
Francis Bennett
John Hyndes
Stephen Skipwith
Richard Sheppard
William Fuller
John Exam
John Reynolds
Nicholas Rogerman
Widow Beck
John Parker
Edward Perry
Robert Pattyson
Christopher Burt
Robert Barry
Thomas Atkinson
George Wright
Richard Wadley
John Wood
William Walley
Thomas Smith
Charles Coombs (name mentioned previously also)
Henry Turnor
Edward Turnor
Edward Old
Robert Field
John Newgent
Thomas Potter
Xtopher Burt
Thomas Weldon
Thomas Smith
Richard Tickanan
Avis England
Charles Bixby
Xtopher Jacob
Randal Fenton
Thomas Radford
John coats
William Brown
William Thomas
Robert Shear Miller

Leases itemised are as follows

John Richmond als Sheppard and his brother George Sheppard.  Stipulations about their dwellings and woods around them.

A lease to James Daunt of his house where Russell dwelleth for years

A lease to William Newce for his house where he dwelleth

A lease to Francis bennet for his plt with the appurtenances where his forge standeth

A lease to John Hindes for two plots continent 80 foot to the street  - part held by John Hayward

A lease to John Oxham

A lease to John Oxham

A lease to Richard TIckner for his plot that was Chidderleys.

A lease to ? and Edward Turner for their home and where Ellis dwells.

A lease to Edward Perry for his house with the Appurtenance where Thomas Taylor Burgesse dwells

A lease to Thomas Smith for his plot where Thomas Taylors farm and welling

A lease to Thomas Chambers

A lease to John Hinds for his house and plot whiere Mr Tickner dwells.

A lease to Robert Pattison for his house

A lease to Thomas Weldon for his house and plot containing 20 foot

A lease to John Hinde for  his house and plot where John Heard dwells

A lease to John Huide

A lease to Thomas Atkinson for his house and plot

A lease to Robert Field for his house and plot partof which is in the possession of Thomas Dickenson

A lease to John Coats for his house at east end of the street

A lease to Edward Old assignee to Edward Halliday for his house and plot

Alease to Charles Coomb of his tenement at the bridge foot

A lease to John Huide of his shop under the market house stairs.

A lease to Richard Richmond als Sheppard

A lease to Stephen Shipwith for his house and garden

A lease toWilliam Brown for a plot by the church yard.

A lease to Randal Fenton