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Proposals for leases Bandon 1800s                  






William Moriarty


1825. To spend 400 to build on site he holds, formerly held by Mrs? Wheeler.

William Hosford

Kilbrogan St

1823. Lease? 2/0d

George Hosford

Kilbrogan St

1832. Lease? Bounded on north by Cornelius Randel, south by Robt Creech, East by Jas Sealy's garden, west by Kilbrogan St

John Clarke Swanston

Bridewell St

1826. Lease 2/spend 280 building 4? dwellings. Lives: Samuel Hornibrook Swanston, John Clerk Swanston, eldest and youngest sons of John.

William Rogers

Kilbrogan St, East side

1824. Lease 1.10/spend 1/-?? on building. Bounded on east by Kilbrogan St. north by Timothy Driscoll, South by Rovt Levens?

William Biggs

Kilbrogan St, West side

1826. Lease? 5/-


Daniel Quinlan, mason

Barretts Hill

1834. Lease 5/-.  Has already built house

John Humpheries

Bridewell Lane, East side

1823. Bounded on east by Stantons holdings, west by lane, north by Robt Burchill, south by Bridewell River. 3.10

William Hosford

North Main St, East side

1824. Has built 2 dwellings. 1.17

Armiger Sealy, J F Sweeny and Robert Tresilian Belcher

Gallows Hill, coalyard

1837. Trustees of Coal Yard Society. 5/-

Michael Fitzgerald

North Main St.

1828. House and garden formerly in possession of Garrett Heazle? 4 and 5 for repairs

Benjamin Ford, builder

North Main St, North side

1838. Has lately erected several dwellings. Bounded on north by field of Edward O'Brien, south by Nth Main St, west by Danl McCarthy, east by road to Cork. Lives: Benjamin Ford 14, Frederick Ford 11, George Meade Ford 6, 1st, 2nd and 3rd sons of Benjamin. 10

John Leary, quarryman

Barretts Hill

1837? Dwelling, yard and garden. Bounded on west by John Mahony, north by street, south by field of Wm Conner/Cornwall? 13/-. sold in 1845 to John Mahony by Timothy Leary, only son?

John Mahony, Gurteen

Barretts Hill

1835. 1.10

Robert Popham

Mawmore lands

1836. 57 acres, 125

William Pope

South Main St, South side

Bounded on east by Miss Dowden, west by William Moriarty, north by Sth Main St, south by Bridewell River. 15

Thomas Joseph Biggs, Lisfinny

South Main St

1825. Part Bruces holdings, formerly held by Edward Preston. 15 plus 150 repairs

John Beamish MD

Cavendish Square

1823. 45.10

John Burchill

Bridwell Lane

1824. Bounded on east by Stantons, west by Bridewell Lane, north by Richard Bright, south by Humphries. 1.4

Richard Bright

Bridewell Lane

1824. Bounded on north and east by Swanton, south by Burchill. 16/-