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Bandon Endowed School

Scholars of Dr Browne's School, Bandon 1831

Day Pupils    

Thomas Holwin

Richard Meade

Thomas Meade

William Cornwall

John Cornwall

Jackson Cornwall

Matthew Belasaigne

John Heazle

Joseph Dawson

John Beamish

William Fuller

Stewart Tresillian

Percival Sullivan

Thomas Popham

William A Conner

Henry Conner

Nathaniel Conner

Robert Wiseman

James Long

George Allman

Incil?? Hawkes

Henry Hawkes

Edward Hawkes

Charles Hurley

M Ottley






Left in last few days



Henry Ormiston

John Bowen

John Sealy




College pupils



Henry Gillman

Richard Long

Thomas Bennett







Adam Meade

Thomas Quin?

Robert Heard

William Browne

Jonas Stawell

William Stawell

Kilnan Wood

Richard Longfield

George Longfield

Robert Davies

William Taylor

William McDermott

Jacob Biggs

Thomas Biggs

Daniel Fenes?

James Carnegie

Abraham Evanson

Samuel Penrose? Left




Rev Dr John Browne was head master of the Bandon Endowed School from 1826 until 1842 when he left to take up the role at Kilkenny College. He was succeeded by his brother Stephen Browne. Rev Dr John was thanked in an address given by the Earl of Bandon on 1st September, 1842. Those who signed the letter were:-
Charles B. Bernard, Rector Kilbrogan Henry Boyle Bernard Hor. T. Newman, Dean of Cork
Rev John Stewart, Templetrine St John Augustus Clerk, Col, JP Rev Henry P. McClintock, Vicar Ballymodan
Rev Benjamin Swete, Kilbrittain Samuel Bernard Beamish JP Robert Tresilian Belcher JP
Rev Richard T. Meade, Killowen Rev John H. Freke, Curate Ballymodan Rev George C. Nash, Curate, Ringrone
Rev Thomas G. Bennett Curate, Innishannon Rev M. Longfield, Vicar, Desertserges
Thomas Barter John T. Barter J.W. Rogers
Robert Naylor Rogers Rev Herbert P. Molesworth, Curate Kilbrogan James Dawson
Edward Toole, MRCSL Henry Belcher Thomas Kingston Sullivan
Thomas Cronin AM William Connor Sullivan Edward Doherty
John Wheeler, jun Henry Baldwin, Mountpleasant Franklin Baldwin
Nicholas Cole Bowen J.V. Monson James Splaine JP
Robert Stowards Nicholas Wrixon, Captain Samuel Wood, AM, MB
William Sayers Michael Patrick England Rev William Baldwin, Rector, Vicar Kilfaughnabeg
Godfrey Baldwin Rev Somers Payne, Ballinadee B. Swan Harvey
Thomas Hornibrook Sullivan George Dowden Thomas Fuller

28th December 1826.  Rev John Browne.  Pupils included O'Brien snr, Fuller, McDonald, Donovan, Meade sen, Minchin, sen, Long, sen, Browne, Briscoe, Murphy, Bennett, White, Bernard, Sealy, Sen, Beamish, Beecher, Hornibrook, Jervois, Sullivan, Sweeny, Scott, Long, Falvey, McCarthy, Ormston, Ellard, Bennett, Wheeler, Lucas, Robinson, Penrose, Davies, Wren, Sealy, jun.

1st February, 1827.  Rev John Browne, AM, Principal.  'The system of Education, pursued includes selections from the Greek Plays, Demosthenes, Cicero etc and the science of the two first years after entrance.  The Classics & Sicences are taught by scholars of the College of distinguished merit & every other department is filled by Masters of approved talents.  The healthfulness of the situation, commodiousness of the houses, School Room, Play grounds will give unqualified satisfaction to the most anxious parent or guardian.  Terms. Boarders. 40 guineas and day 8 per year.  A few gentlemen who have already entered College and are desirous either to read for Premiums or to answer respectably to their Quarterly Examinations, can be accommodated with private apartments - Terms 100 per annum.

3rd April. 1827.  Letter to Cork Constitution
to the Rev. John Browne, Devonshire Square, Bandon
I beg leave in this public manner to return you my most SINCERE THANKS for the very great kindness and attention, that my son Robert, experiences from you and Mrs Browne, in the very severe fit of sickness which he has had lately at your school.
I am Sir, your very obliged humble Servant, Simon Davies, Rector of Macroom
March 30, 1827

6th November, 1828.  George Fuller, educated at Bandon School achieved the Premium in Classics at Trinity

6th August, 1829.  Rev Dr John Browne, AM, Master. School resumed on 3rd August.  Education comprises Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, French, English Languages, Euclid, Logic, Algebra, History, Geography, Drawing, Dancing, Fencing.  'These obviously advantageous arrangements (unparalleled in most schools) are greatly enhanced by the beautiful situation of the School House, at a convenient distance from the town, an extensive play ground, spacious and well aired school room, racket court, and such other facilities for recreation and study as cannot be surpassed by any School in the United Kingdom.  Terms for Boards under 15 ... 40 guineas per year and for day Pupils ... 8 guineas per year.

21st December, 1833
Rev Dr John Browne - School Master and former Scholar of TCD.  Half yearly exams held in Euclid, Algebra, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, History, Geography, Arithmetic, English Grammar, Writing.  The following students participated.  Longfield, Mason, sen, Teulon, Meade, Stawell, Conner, Popham, sen, Carnegie, Scott, Somerville, Mason, jnr, Tresilian, jnr, Biggs, sen, Biggs, Jnr, Meade, Sealy, Cornwall, Rogers, sen, Bernard, Longfield, Kenney, Hawkes, Popham jnr, Ottley, Conner, Kingston, sen, Kingston, jnr, Caulfield, Baldwin, Hornibrook.

24th January, 1835.  Rev Dr Browne.  'The arrangements for health and comfort, dormitories and well ventilated school rooms, play ground, gymnasium, ball courts.  A new Dining Hall and a Private Study for Senior Pupils has just been added to the accommodations making the establishment as complete as anything of the kind can possibly be.

11th December, 1834.  Students taking Scripture exams.  Teulon, Meade, Senr, Somerville, Scott, Stawell, Carnegie, Snr, Conner, Popham, Kenney, Meade, jnr, Sealy, Long, Popham, Mackintosh, Wright, Longfield, jnr, Crooke, Caulfield, Ottley, Tyner, Ellis, Loane, Baldwin,, Kingston, Snr, Kingston, Jnr.

13th Dec, 1838
The following students of the Bandon Endowed School obtained distinctions:
Mr George Longfield - A first Prize in Science
Mr Hewitt Robert Poole - A first Price in Science & in Classics
Mr James Gollock - A Prize in Science & in Classics  (He obtained 8 honors during the year, 3 in Science & 3 in Classics, one in Hebrew, one in Divinity)
Mr William Robert Conner - A Prize in Classics and Recommended in Science.
Hewitt Poole was the only student of any class who obtained Double First Honors at each Term Exam.  He also obtained the first Catechetical Premium of the year.

19th Nov, 1839  T
he following students of the Bandon School obtained distinctions at Trinity College: 
Mr George Longfield - A Senior Moderatorship in Mathematics & Physics & a Gold Medal
Mr Hewitt Poole.  A First Honor in Science & Second in Classics
Mr James Gollock.  A second Honor in Science & a Second in Classics.26th May, 1841

14th January, 1841.  Trinity Term distinctions.
Mr George Longfield - Hebrew premium
Mr Hewitt Poole - First honor in Science
Mr Becher Fleming - Second honor in Science
Mr Richard William Meade - Catechetical premium
Mr J. Ruthledge - 2nd place of 113 last October entrance.

26th May, 1841.  At the Trinity College exams, the pupils of Bandon School obtained the following:
Mr John Rutledge - First rank Honor in Science & Classics  (Double First Honors)
Mr Rd. M. Conner - First Rank Honor in Science & Honor in Classics
Mr Becher Lionel Fleming - Honor in Science
Mr Wensley Bond Jennings - Honor in Classics

20th August, 1842.  Mr Stephen Browne took on the role of head master from his brother who moved to Kilkenny College.  He obtained a scholarship in Trinity with the highest Classical Prize and the highest prize in Mathematics and Bishop law's Mathematical Premium.  At the time he took up  his position, he advertised for a resident classical assistant at the school at an annual salary of 40 guineas.

1st September, 1842.  Rev Dr Browne, late head master of the Bandon Endowed School has been promoted to the head mastership of the Kilkenny College.

2nd July, 1844.  Bandon School.  Head Master.  Stephen Browne.

14th January, 1848University honors for the following pupils
Mr John England.  Three first Honors in Science & 2nd Honor in Logics
Mr William Heazle.  A First & Second Class Honor in Classics & Second Honor in Science
Mr Ferdinand C. Spillar.  A Second Honor in Science
Mr Bartholomew Ring.  A Second Honor in Classics

6th January, 1853.  Stephen Browne, LLD, ex Scholar TCD.  Pupils obtained university distinctions
Mr Edward Townsend - First Moderatorship & Gold Medal in Mathematics & Physics
Mr William Norwood - First Honor in Mathematics
Mr John Lloyd - Engineering Diploma
Mr William Belcher - Selected for re-examination for first place at July entrance
Mr Thomas P. Edwards - Selected for re-examination for first place at October entrance
Mr Graves Lombard & Mr Richard LLoyd passed their examinations at the Military College of Sandhurst & obtained their Commission in the army.

17th January, 1857.  Stephen Browne, LLD, ex Scholar TCD. 'The pupils of this school are prepared for the universities, the Queen's Mlitary and Naval Colleges, Engineering and Commercial Professions etc.  They are taught Greek, Latin, Hebrew, French & German Languages, mathematics, Plane and Analytic Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Arithmetic, Book keeping, Globes, Surveying, History, English in all its branches.
Dr Browne receives a limited number of Boarders under the age of 15 years who are educated with his own ons and treated in every respect as members of his family.  He devotes his whole time to the improvement of his pupils.  Several hold Civil Appointments in India and have distinguished themselves in Woolwich and Sandhurst.