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Ballymodan Protestant Census of 1846 in alphabetical order

Surnames Q to W inclusive  (there are no further entries)

Quinlan Alice widow South Main Street Daughter to Mrs Fisher p 78 and lives in her house.              
Quinlan Harriet daughter South Main Street
Quinlan Andrew son South Main Street
Quinlan Alicia daughter South Main Street                        
Rankin Mrs widow Fox's Street Sister of John Gabriel,, pensioner.  P 86                
Reddy Robert schoolmaster Cavendish Quay A classical school.  Bailey p 12 and Howe p 108 in same house.          
Revell Benjamin Horse trainer Boyle Street His wife RC                    
Revell Margaret wife Boyle Street                        
Revell James son Boyle Street                        
Reynolds   pensioner Castle Road                        
Rice Mrs widow Church Street Mother of Hannah Riordan p 174.  E. Bermingham p 22 in house          
Rice John weaver Castle Road Dead in 1847.  A very delicate poor man.  Well conducted.  His wife RC          
Rice Mrs wife Castle Road                        
Rice Catherine daughter Castle Road                        
Rice Henry farmer Fox's Street Pound keeper and bailliff to Mr Tresilian? Marmaduke Hare p 78 in this house        
Rice Jane wife Fox's Street                        
Rice Tamar daughter Fox's Street                        
Rice Samuel watchmaker Bridge Street Catherine Shortliffe p 192 in same house.                
Rice Ellen wife Bridge Street                        
Rice Henry son Bridge Street                        
Rice Samuel son Bridge Street                        
Richardson William   South Main Street Clerk in Mr Moriartys cloth shop                
Richardson Charlotte wife South Main Street P. Hamilton p 96 lives in this house                
Richardson John son South Main Street                        
Richardson William son South Main Street                        
Richardson Anne daughter South Main Street                        
Richardson Jane   Swantons Lane Sister to William Richardson p 172 and lives at Mr Loanes p 130          
Riordan Hannah girl Bridge Street daughter of William Rice and maid servant to Mr Belchers p 18          
Roberts Frank labourer Clancoole son of J. Boyle p 32 by former marriage.  Employed by MR Robinson.  His wife RC        
Roberts Ellen wife Clancoole                        
Roberts Mary old woman Fox's Street A very sickly old woman and very poor                
Roberts Richard Farmer Careys Cross A respectable good kind of man                
Roberts Jane wife Careys Cross                        
Roberts John son Careys Cross                        
Roberts Frank son Careys Cross                        
Roberts Margaret daughter Careys Cross                        
Roberts Jane daughter Careys Cross                        
Roberts Mary daughter Careys Cross                        
Robinson William weaver Clancoole Dead in 1847.  A most industrious poor man but scarcely able to provide enough for his family.  His wife RC.  The eldest daughter is at service.
Robinson Joanna Wife Clancoole                        
Robinson Anne daughter Clancoole                        
Robinson Eliza daughter Clancoole                        
Robinson Fanny daughter Clancoole                        
Robinson Susan daughter Clancoole                        
Robinson William shopkeeper South Main Street The wife is daughter of Mr Shine                
Robinson Margaret wife South Main Street                        
Robinson John son South Main Street                        
Roche Attiwell   Cavendish Quay A very old man and most respectable                
Roche Miss daughter Cavendish Quay                        
Roche George millwright Castle Road Son to former.  Has a public house.  Is employed at Mr Sweenys Mill.  He and his wife are a very well conducted couple and bring up their children very nicely.
Roche Mary wife Castle Road                        
Roche Martha daughter Castle Road                        
Roche Eliza daughter Castle Road                        
Roche George son Castle Road                        
Roche James son Castle Road                        
Roche Charlotte daughter Castle Road                        
Roche Eunice daughter Castle Road                        
Roche John millwright Great Hill Street Son to Attiwell Roche.  Employed at Sweenys Mill              
Roche Mrs wife Great Hill Street                        
Roche Rebecca daughter Great Hill Street                        
Roche Elizabeth elderly woman Great Hill Street A very improved character.  Sells needles.  Very poor            
Rogers Mr  young man South Main Street Son of Mr Heazle p 104 by a former marriage              
Roycroft Jane girl Curravahan Thse two children are at Smithy p 198 under the Protestant Orphan Society.  They are from Schull    
Roycroft Frank brother Curravahan                        
Roycroft William young man South Main Street Shopman at Leavery, South Main Street                
Roycroft Joseph pawnbroker Cavendish Quay A quiet man.  His wife a particularly respectable woman.            
Roycroft Eliza wife Cavendish Quay                        
Roycroft Andrew son Cavendish Quay                        
Roycroft Thomas son Cavendish Quay                        
Roycroft Edmund son Cavendish Quay                        
Roycroft Henry son Cavendish Quay Joseph Morris p 144 lives in the same house              
Salter Samuel   Richmount Steward at Mr Sealys. His wife a good woman.              
Salter mrs wife Richmount                        
Salter Mrs widow Cavendish Quay Mother of Mrs Austen p 10 and lives with her              
Salter Samuel Coach man The Farm Coach man at Hon W. Bernard p 22                
Sayers William   Kingston Buildings Was in the army.  H is son is bound apprentice to Mr Jagoe p 118 and was by a former marriage    
Sayers Mrs wife Kingston Buildings                        
Sayers Henry son Kingston Buildings                        
Scannell Richard weaver Castle Road Is a pensioner.  Industrious and well conducted              
Scannell Mary wife Castle Road                        
Scannell Lydia daughter Castle Road                        
Scannell Marianne daughter Castle Road                        
Scannell Elizabeth daughter Castle Road                        
Scannell Amelia   Great Hill Street Her husband is RC.  Very poor                  
Scott Edward   Shannon Street Brother of Dr Scott of Kilbrogan                
Scott Eliza wife Shannon Street                        
Scott Barbara daughter Shannon Street                        
Scott John Francis son Shannon Street                        
Scott Edward son Shannon Street                        
Scott Robert   Shannon Street                        
Scott Sarah wife Shannon Street                        
Scott Robert son Shannon Street                        
Scott Marianne widow South Main Street widow of C. James Scott.  Has a blue dyeing establishment            
Scott Maria  daughter South Main Street                        
Scott Henry son South Main Street                        
Scott Frank son South Main Street                        
Scott Frank   Cavendish Quay                        
Scott Jane sister Cavendish Quay                        
Scott Emily sister Cavendish Quay                        
Scott Sarah sister Cavendish Quay                        
Scott Mary widow South Main Street wife of late John Scott.  Daughter of Thomas Bennett p 18 and lives with him        
Scott Rebecca daughter South Main Street                        
Scott Jane daughter South Main Street                        
Scott James son South Main Street                        
Sealy Richard   Richmount                        
Sealy John brother Richmount                        
Sealy Frank brother Richmount                        
Sealy Jonas brother Richmount                        
Sealy A   South Main Street                        
Sealy Mrs   South Main Street                        
Sealy Martha   South Main Street                        
Sealy Fanny   South Main Street                        
Sealy Richard   South Main Street                        
Serles Henry butcher Fox's Street His wife is a hard working poor woman.  The eldest daughter lives at Mr Honners p 108      
Serles Anne wife Fox's Street                        
Serles Anne daughter Fox's Street                        
Serles Ellen daughter Fox's Street                        
Serles John son Fox's Street                        
Serles Thomas son Fox's Street                        
Serles Sarah daughter Fox's Street                        
Serles Henry butcher Fox's Street son of former                    
Serles Marianne wife Fox's Street                        
Serles Henry   Fox's Street                        
Serles Robert   Fox's Street                        
Serles Elizabeth widow Ballylangley Blind.  A poor woman                  
Serles Edward butcher Ballylangley Son of former.  Thomas Boyle p 30 lives in this house            
Serles Elizabeth wife Ballylangley                        
Serles William son Ballylangley                        
Serles John son Ballylangley                        
Serles Robert son Ballylangley                        
Serles Edward   Ballylangley Son to Mrs Mahony p 134 by former marriage and in her house          
Serles Matthew   Shannon Street Lives at W. Allmans p 2. Mrs Serles daughter of W. Daly p 60 by a former marriage        
Serles Mary wife                          
Serles Betty widow Boyle Street Mother of Eliza Gorman p 92 and lives with her              
Serles Mr widow Castle Road Did live at Castle Bernard.  His sons are employed in the gardens at Castle Bernard and his daughter lives at Richard Bradys p 32
Serles William son Castle Road                        
Serles Thomas son Castle Road                        
Serles Doras daughter Castle Road                        
Serles Elizabeth girl Church Street The 4 children are Mrs Smiths by a former marriage              
Serles Anne   Church Street                        
Serles Edward   Church Street                        
Serles William   Church Street                        
Serles Edward butcher Fox's Street                        
Serles Anne wife                          
Serles Ellen daughter                          
Serles Sarah daughter                          
Serles Henry                            
Serles Thomas                            
Serles Daniel boy Fox's Street Lives with his uncle H. Serles p 184                
Serles William brother   Lives with his uncle, Ed Serles p 186                
Seward Jane widow Shannon Street Has a huxters shop.  Her mother Mrs Heard p 104 lives with her          
Seward Robert son Shannon Street                        
Seward Jane daughter Shannon Street                        
Seymour Thomas Tin man South Main Street Always at work but seems to be always poor.  His daughter Eliza is apprentice mistress at the infant school  
Seymour Marianne wife South Main Street                        
Seymour Caroline daughter South Main Street                        
Seymour William son South Main Street                        
Seymour Eliza daughter South Main Street                        
Seymour Edward son South Main Street                        
Seymour Thomas son South Main Street                        
Seymour Hannah daughter South Main Street                        
Seymour Fanny daughter South Main Street                        
Shannon Joseph labourer Mayfield employed by W. Poole                  
Shannon Anne wife Mayfield                        
Shannon Edward son Mayfield                        
Shannon Joseph son Mayfield                        
Shannon Eliza daughter Mayfield                        
Sheehan May girl Mayfield Maidservant at W. Poole p 166                
Sherlock Thomas Solicitor Kingston Buildings Two Miss Hollands, p 108 and Miss E. Sherlock p 190 in this house          
Sherlock Mary Catherine wife Kingston Buildings                        
Sherlock George son Kingston Buildings                        
Sherlock Wigmore son Kingston Buildings                        
Sherlock Hester Holland daughter Kingston Buildings                        
Sherlock Mary Catherine daughter Kingston Buildings                        
Sherlock Emily daughter Kingston Buildings                        
Sherlock Mary Priscilla daughter Kingston Buildings                        
Sherlock Emily   Kingston Buildings sister of W. Sherlock p 188 and lives in his house              
Shine John pawnbroker Bridge Street In office on Castle Road                  
Shine Anne wife Bridge Street                        
Shine Fanny   Bridge Street                        
Shine William Postmaster Boyle Street Son of former                    
Shine Eliza wife Boyle Street                        
Shine James Letter carrier Shannon Street Brother of John Shine.  V. deaf and delicate.  A quiet poor man            
Shine Mrs wife Shannon Street                        
Shine Isabella daughter Shannon Street                        
Shine Charlotte daughter Shannon Street                        
Shine John Lamb   Castle Road Has some property by his wife in Desert Parish              
Shine Wilhelmina wife Castle Road                        
Shine William son Castle Road                        
Shine Martha daughter Castle Road                        
Shine John son Castle Road                        
Shine George son Castle Road                        
Shine Vincent son Castle Road                        
Shine Harriet daughter Castle Road                        
Shorten Benjamin Slater Boyle Street                        
Shorten Mary wife Boyle Street                        
Shorten Stephen work house work house Blind and has been insane.  A very good man              
Shorten Margaret wife work house                        
Shorten John son work house                        
Shorten Eliza daughter work house                        
Shorten John pensioner Church Street brother of former.  Very well conducted                
Shorten Rebecca wife Church Street                        
Shorten John schoolmaster Work house master of the boys school at the Bandon work house and his wife is mistress of the girls school.  She is daughter of Wilson Carbury p 48.  A most respectable couple
Shorten Jane wife work house                        
shorten william son work house                        
Shorten John son work house                        
Shorten Wilson son work house                        
Shorten James son work house                        
Shorten Richard son work house                        
Shortliffe Catharine young woman Bridge Street Sister of Mrs Rice p 172 and lives with her              
Shortliffe Thomas Old man work house Subject to fits.  Very quiet poor man.                
Skuse Mrs widow Boyle Street dead.  Mother of Ch. Skuse.  On poor list                
Skuse Charles Basket maker Shannon Street A respectable family                  
Skuse Mary wife Shannon Street Jane Gillman p 88 in this house                  
Skuse Thomas son Shannon Street                        
Skuse John son Shannon Street                        
Skuse Charles son Shannon Street                        
Skuse Richard son Shannon Street                        
Skuse Mary daughter Shannon Street                        
Skuse William farmer Boyle Street Can make baskets.   His wife has been deranged but is now well.  She is a very respectable person    
Skuse Marianne wife Boyle Street                        
Skuse Thomas son Boyle Street                        
Skuse Susanna daughter Boyle Street                        
Skuse William son Boyle Street                        
Skuse Elizabeth daughter Boyle Street                        
Skuse Marianne daughter Boyle Street                        
Skuse Agnes daughter Boyle Street                        
Skuse Richard son Boyle Street                        
Skuse Sarah daughter Boyle Street                        
Sloane Thomas painter Castle Road                        
Sloane Eliza wife Castle Road