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Ballymodan Protestant Census of 1846 in alphabetical order

Surnames J to P inclusive  (there are no entries for I)

Janes Robert land surveyor South Main Street Employed under government only.  Lately come to Bandon            
Janes Isabella wife South Main Street                        
Janes Joseph   South Main Street                        
Janes Isabella   South Main Street                        
Janes George   South Main Street                        
Janes Rosina   South Main Street                        
Janes Edward   South Main Street                        
Janes Susanna   South Main Street                        
Janes Perrott   South Main Street                        
Janes Susanna   South Main Street Mother to Robert Jones                  
Jane   Abraham   South Main Street Clerk to government commissioners.  His eldest daughter has a school          
Jane   Mrs wife South Main Street                        
Jane   Catharine   South Main Street Miss Clerk p 50 in same house                  
Jane   Alice   South Main Street                        
Jane   Sarah   South Main Street                        
Jackson Jeremiah pensioner Cavendish Quay Has a huxters shop.  His wife was Roman Catholic              
Jackson Mrs   Cavendish Quay                        
Jackson daughter   Cavendish Quay                        
Jagoe Anne   Cavendish Quay a young woman.  Lives at W. Philips  p 164              
Jagoe William St  John apothecary South Main Street                        
Jagoe Mrs William   South Main Street                        
Jagoe Anne   South Main Street                        
Jenkins Mrs widow Cavendish Quay Her husband was a physician.  Shie is sister of Mrs J. Wheeler            
Jennings William carpenter Castle Road Employed at Castle Bernard. Eldest daughter is at service            
Jennings Frances wife Castle Road                        
Jennings Jane   Castle Road                        
Jennings John   Castle Road                        
Jennings Fanny married Lee Castle Road Married David Lee, leather draper of Watergate, son of Samuel Lee, weaver on 2nd Nov, 1847 at Kilbrogan      
Jennings Margaret   Castle Road                        
Jennings Catherine   Castle Road                        
Jennings William   Castle Road                        
Jennings Eliza   Castle Road                        
Johnson Mary widow Castle Road a poor woman.  Very deaf.  On poor list                
Jones Elizabeth Frances girl Crossmahon niece to Mr Penrose  p 158                  
Joyce Henry   South Main Street Has a public house and some land.  His wife is very sickly            
Joyce Frances wife South Main Street                        
Joyce William son South Main Street Anne Ford p 80 in same house                  
Joyce Anne daughter South Main Street married on 8th February 1848 in Kilbrogan Francis Beamish, aged 26, bachelor, grocer of Clonakilty, son of Abraham      
Joyce Sarah   Bridge Street At J. Perrotts p 160                    
Justice Mrs widow Boyle Street sister to J. Burchill. P 40 and lives with him              
Justice Richard shoemaker Church Street Lives at W. Topham  p 214                  
Keeffe Cornelius Shoemaker South Main Street Was a Roman Catholic.  A well conducted man.  Does not get work sufficient for support of his family.  Has a delicate chest
Keeffe Margaret wife South Main Street                        
Keeffe Eliza daughter South Main Street                        
Keeffe Margaret daughter South Main Street                        
Keeffe Cornelius son South Main Street                        
Keeffe Susan daughter South Main Street                        
Keeffe Ellen daughter South Main Street                        
Kiely Mrs widow Cavendish Quay Old woman. Quite blind.  Mother in law to J. Hamilton p 98 in his house.          
Kelly Thomas   Great Hill Street A very poor man.  Deaf.  Asthmatic and weak.  Was a weaver. An honest quiet couple.  Their daughter is at service  
Kelly Elizabeth wife Great Hill Street                        
Kelly Mary daughter Great Hill Street                        
Kelly Thomas   Boyle Street Was a weaver.  Is now a watchman in Bandon              
Kelly Hannah wife Boyle Street                        
Kelly Hannah daughter Boyle Street                        
Kelly Mrs widow Boyle Street mother of former and lives with him.  Very old and on poor list.            
Kelly John farmer Careys Cross An honest man.  His wife a good woman.  He cannot read.  The children go to school      
Kelly Mary wife Careys Cross                        
Kelly Jane daughter Careys Cross These children were gone to America in 1848              
Kelly Anne daughter Careys Cross John Knight p 124 in same house                
Kelly Margaret daughter Careys Cross                        
Kelly Robert son Careys Cross                        
Kelly Richard son Careys Cross                        
Kelly Mary daughter Careys Cross                        
Kelly Denis Old man Castle Street Lives at W. Bennet p 20                  
Keynes Joshua slater Castle Road A very industrious well conducted man                
Keynes Mary wife Castle Road                        
Keynes Joshua son Castle Road                        
Keynes Mary daughter Castle Road                        
Keynes Richard son Castle Road                        
Keynes William son Castle Road                        
Keynes Thomas son Castle Road                        
Keynes Fanny daughter Castle Road                        
Keynes Anne daughter Castle Road                        
Keynes Thomas Slater Shannon Street Brother of former.  Gets no work.  Is very poor.  His wife a worthy person.   His sister M. Beasly p 18 lives in the house with them
Keynes Mrs widow Castle Road Mother of the two former, Joshua and Thomas              
Knight Samuel pensioner Market Street                        
Knight Alice young woman Shannon Street A very respectable person.  Has  shop.  H. Harding in her house          
Knight John child Careys Cross A fondling at J. Kellys p 122                  
Knowles William lawyer Deal Yard Lane Not sober.  His wife a most respectable woman              
Knowles Jane wife Deal Yard Lane                        
Knowles Elizabeth daughter Deal Yard Lane                        
Knowles Robert son Deal Yard Lane                        
Lane Robert pensioner Swantons Lane His wife takes in washing                  
Lane Elizabeth wife Swantons Lane                        
Lane Henry   Bridge Lane Not sober.  His wife in a very precarious state of health having got cancer in the breast      
Lane Mary wife Bridge Lane                        
Lannon Thadden?   Distillery Road Has a farm and garden.  His son is watchman in Bandon.  His wife was RC.        
Lannon Jane wife Distillery Road                        
Lannon Thomas son Distillery Road                        
Lannon Hannah daughter Distillery Road                        
Lannon Jane daughter Distillery Road                        
Lannon Mary daughter Distillery Road                        
Lannon Catherine daughter Distillery Road                        
Lannon James old man (dead) Distillery Road Brother of former.  Blind and poor.  On poor list              
Leahy Elizabeth widow South Main Street At Mr Edwards p 72.  Her 2 sons are under the protestant Orphan Society at W. Connells p 50.  She has a daughter at her fathers near Clonakilty.  Her husband is dead and was Roman Catholic
Leahy John son South Main Street                        
Leahy Timothy son South Main Street                        
Leary Mary girl Castle Road Grand daughter to M. Brangan  p 34                
Lawler Anne girl Hill Street Daughter of Mrs Walmsley p 222 by former marriage            
Lee Emanuel   South Main Street Went to America in 1848. His wife and daughters are bonnet makers.  He assists in preparing the straw bonnets.  He is frequently in a very nervous state and they can do nothing.  This is a ? Family
Lee Alice wife South Main Street                        
Lee Catherine daughter South Main Street                        
Lee Rebecca daughter South Main Street                        
Lee Alicia daughter South Main Street                        
Lee John son South Main Street                        
Leech Mary widow Boyle Street Daughter of John Malony p 136.  Very poor.  A good daughter to his old parents.  Her eldest son is kept by her brother in law William Leech.
Leech James son Boyle Street                        
Leech Robert son Boyle Street                        
Leech Thomas son Boyle Street                        
Leech William labourer Great Hill Street Not regularly employed.  His sister who is very near sighted is on the poor list.        
Leech Dora sister Great Hill Street                        
Lees John Boy Cavendish Quay Apprentice to Ed Harte  p 102                  
Leonard Richard slater Castle Road Gets but little work.  The children by a former marriage.  His wife is a most excellent young woman.  His daughter Jane has gone to America
Leonard Sarah wife Castle Road                        
Leonard Jeremiah son Castle Road                        
Leonard Anne daughter Castle Road                        
Leonard Jeremiah slater Castle Road Brother of former.  His wife was maried before and has son.  W. Hogg p 108 lives in this house      
Leonard Mary wife Castle Road                        
Levinger Hugh   Brookfield                        
Levinger Eliza girl Nag  Hill Lives at R. Birds p 28                  
Lindsay Mrs widow Boyle Street A nurse tender.  Very respectable woman                
Lisson Richard barman Castle Mahon Also a shoe maker.  Very asmatic.  In comfortable circumstances - A very upright respectable family    
Lisson Sarah wife Castle Mahon                        
Lisson William son Castle Mahon                        
Lisson Richard son Castle Mahon                        
Lisson Anne daughter Castle Mahon                        
Lisson William labourer Castle Mahon brother of former.  Rather foolish.  Lives with his brother.            
Loane Mary widow Swantons Lane deaf, delicate old woman.  Her daughters are very industrious.  A respectable family.      
Loane Susan daughter Swantons Lane                        
Loane Rebecca daughter Swantons Lane                        
Loane Anne daughter Swantons Lane                        
Loane Harriet daughter Swantons Lane                        
Loane Sarah daughter Swantons Lane                        
Loane Anne granddaughter Swantons Lane                        
Long Richard   Cavendish Quay Has a house near Maulnewgy                  
Long Richard boy Castle Road                        
Long Maria sister Castle Road                        
Long Catherine sister Castle Road The children of Mr R. Long.  Their mother an RC              
Long Elizabeth child Killountain A foundling at W. Goods                  
Lovell   girl Hill Street Niece to Mr Atkins and lives with him                
Lovell Anne widow South Main Street Has a confectioners shop.  Is sister to ? Who formerly lived in one of the lodges at Castle Bernard    
Lovell Thomas son South Main Street married on 22nd Aug, 1848 at Kilbrogan, Francis Hunter of North Main Street, daughter of William, shopkeeper  Thomas listed as shopkeeper      
Lovell Harriet daughter South Main Street married 25th July, 1848 Kilbrogan, John Hannan Feely, bachelor, teacher of North Main Street, son of Luke, farmer.    
Lovell George shoemaker South Main Street Has a shop                    
Lovell Mary wife South Main Street                        
Lovell William son South Main Street                        
Lucie Margaret girl Cavendish Quay maid servant to D. Tresilian. P 216.  Was RC              
Lynch Patrick boy workhouse Foundling of Ballymodan Parish                
Macklin Joseph weaver Boyle Street Died 22nd May.  A very decent quiet poor man.  His eldest son works at weaving        
Macklin Hester wife Boyle Street                        
Macklin Joseph son Boyle Street                        
Macklin Harriet daughter Boyle Street                        
Macklin John son Boyle Street                        
Macklin William son Boyle Street                        
Macklin Elizabeth daughter Boyle Street                        
Mahony Jeremiah   Ballylangley Has a garden on the Innishannon Road and sells vegetables.  His wife was married before and has son.  Ed Serles p 184 lives in this house.
Mahony Anne wife Ballylangley                        
Mahony Jeremiah son Ballylangley                        
Mahony Anne daughter Ballylangley                        
Mahony William son Ballylangley                        
Mahony Mary   Warners Lane Her husband and 2 sons are RCs but the daughters go to church with their mother.  They are sent to the repository school.
Mahony Anne daughter Warners Lane                        
Mahony Ellen daughter Warners Lane                        
Mahony Mary daughter Warners Lane                        
Mahony Susan daughter Warners Lane                        
Mahony James labourer Castle Road Is employed at Castle Bernard.  His wife is a delicate and respectable woman.        
Mahony Sarah wife Castle Road                        
Mahony Stephen son Castle Road                        
Mahony Sarah daughter Castle Road                        
Maloney John   Boyle Street Dead.  A very old man.  A little deranged.  Has a pension from Lady Bernard        
Maloney Margaret wife Boyle Street                        
Maloney Thomas labourer Boyle Street Son to former.  Was a weaver.  Has no regular employment.  A quiet poor man.  His wife was married before and his son Thomas Harris p 98 lives in this house.
Maloney Sarah wife Boyle Street                        
Maloney John son Boyle Street                        
Maloney Thomas son Boyle Street                        
Maloney Margaret daughter Boyle Street                        
Maloney Mary daughter Boyle Street                        
Marshall John   South Main Street                        
Marshall Margaret sister South Main Street                        
Marshall Mary sister South Main Street These two sisters have  a shop also some land.  Their brother is supported by them.      
Maynard   widow Castle Road Mother of Mrs Warner p 224 and lives with her              
Maynard Thomasina   Castle Road Aunt to Mrs Warner p 224 in her house.  On poor list. Bed ridden          
Maynard boy   Shannon Street Nephew to Mrs Burchill p 42 and lives with her              
McCabe Elizabeth   Castle Road A very ill tempered old woman.  Poor.  Her daughter is a good girl          
McCabe daughter   Castle Road                        
McCabe Mary widow Hill Street Weighs potatoes in the potato market.  Very poor              
McCabe Elizabeth daughter Hill Street Her son is bound apprentice to a shoemaker              
McCabe James son Hill Street                        
McCarthy Anne girl Bridge Street Maid servant at W.M. Hunter p 114                
McCarthy   girl Curriovidig Niece to Mrs Collins p 50                  
McCarthy Harriet   Castle Road These sisters have some landed property in the parish of Ballymodan          
McCarthy Hannah sister Castle Road                        
McCarthy Amelia sister Castle Road                        
McCarthy Mary widow Gaggin Lives in a cottage of Lord Bandon.  One of her sons works in Castle Bernard gardens.  Her daughter Frances McQuirk p 140 lives in this house
McCarthy John son Gaggin                        
McCarthy Thomas son Gaggin                        
McCarthy Horace son Gaggin                        
McCarthy Catherine daughter Gaggin                        
McCormick Mrs widow Castle Road Very sickly old woman on poor list                
McCourt John   Boyle Street Was a weaver.  Has a wheel for grinding and sharpening knives.  Very poor.  His wife was RC and is a quiet honest poor woman.  The eldest son is bound apprentice to Skuse p 192 but lives with his father 
McCourt Ellen wife Boyle Street                        
McCourt John son Boyle Street                        
McCourt Henry son Boyle Street                        
McCourt Eliza daughter Boyle Street                        
McCourt Mary daughter Boyle Street                        
McCourt Ellen daughter Boyle Street                        
McCourt Thomas son Boyle Street                        
McCourt William son Boyle Street                        
McDaniel Jeremiah ropemaker Castle Road A hard working man                  
McDaniel Elizabeth wife Castle Road                        
McDaniel Michael son Castle Road                        
McDaniel John son Castle Road                        
McDaniel Thomas son Castle Road                        
McDaniel William son Castle Road                        
McDaniel Eliza daughter Castle Road                        
McDaniel Joseph son Castle Road                        
McDowell Catherine girl Boyle Street granddaughter of widow Connor p 52                
McLintosh     workhouse Assistant matron of work house.                  
McLaurin     Castle Bernard Park                        
McLaurin wife   Castle Bernard Park                        
McLaurin Peter son Castle Bernard Park                        
McQuirk Mrs widow South Main Street The widow of a methodist preacher                
Meara Richard   Church Street Lives by selling old clothes.  An industrious quiet couple            
Meara Elizabeth wife Church Street                        
Meara Richard son Church Street                        
Meara Henry son Church Street                        
Meara William son Church Street                        
Meara     Shannon Street writing letters for poor people                  
Mellefont Richard boy  South Main Street Lives at H. Turpins p 218.  His parents are in America            
Mills Richard cooper Boyle Street Employed at Allmans Distillery. Son of Edward, shopkeeper.  27 on 28th May, 1848 when married Elizabeth Bevill, daughter of Alexander at Kilbrogan.  Listed as cooper on marriage        
Moore George labourer Church Street Employed at Castle Bernard and his son at the office, Castle Road.  Wife an RC        
Moore wife   Church Street                        
Moore Samuel son Church Street                        
Moore Mary daughter Church Street                        
Moorhead Mary   Bridge Street Has a printing office.  The grandchildrens father is dead.  She was an RC          
Moorhead Eliza daughter Bridge Street                        
Moorhead George son Bridge Street                        
Moorhead Joseph son Bridge Street                        
Moorhead Jane daughter Bridge Street                        
Moorhead Martha daughter Bridge Street