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Ballymodan Protestant Census of 1846 in alphabetical order

Surnames E to H inclusive

Eaton Mrs excise officer Shannon Street                        
Edwards Robert chandler South Main Street Mrs Connell p 50, Eliza Leahy, p226, Thomasina Teascup p212 and James Doherty p 64 live in same house  
Edwards Anne wife South Main Street                        
Edwards Mary   South Main Street                        
Edwards Anne   South Main Street                        
Edwards Thomas   South Main Street                        
Edwards William   South Main Street                        
Edwards Rebecca   South Main Street                        
Edwards Robert   South Main Street                        
Edwards Joseph   South Main Street                        
Edwards Ellen   South Main Street                        
Edwards John tanner Great Hill Street brother of former.  A very good kind of man              
Edwards Mary Anne wife Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Eliza   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Sarah   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Jane   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Hester Jane   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Mary Anne   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Catherine   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Robina   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Robert   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards James   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Emily   Great Hill Street                        
Edwards Hester Jane widow South Main Street Has a pawn office                    
Edwards Thomas   South Main Street                        
Edwards Robert   South Main Street                        
Edwards Hester Jane   South Main Street                        
Edwards Anne   South Main Street                        
Elms Stephen shoemaker South Main Street Has a public house                    
Elms Jane wife South Main Street                        
Elms John boy workhouse a foundling of the Ballymodan Parish                
Emerson Margaret girl South Main Street Niece to Mr Clarke p50 and lives with him              
Emerson John brother South Main Street nephew to Mr Clarke and lives with him                
English Richard   Careys Cross Was captain in the Waterford Militia.  His wife is a Roman Catholic and has a young son Edward.  John is a man being the son of a former marriage
English Edward son Careys Cross                        
English John son Careys Cross                        
English Richard   Near Potato Market Has a small huxters shop                  
English Anne wife Near Potato Market                        
English Eliza   Near Potato Market                        
English Richard   Near Potato Market is son to Captain English.  Used to drink                
English Anne   Near Potato Market                        
English John   Near Potato Market                        
English Matilda   Near Potato Market                        
Evans Richard   Castle Road vetinary surgeon                    
Evans Sarah wife Castle Road                        
Evans Deborah   Castle Road                        
Evans Sarah   Castle Road                        
Evans Thomas   Castle Road                        
Evans Mrs widow South Main Street Has a small shop                    
Evans Robert son South Main Street                        
Evans John son South Main Street                        
Evans Mrs excise officer South Main Street                        
Evanson Mrs widow Castle Road sister to Mr Harris p 198 and lives with him              
Farr William weaver Nag Hill A simple quiet industrious poor man and is very delicate            
Farr Mary wife Nag Hill                        
Farr Richard   Nag Hill                        
Farr Catherine   Nag Hill                        
Farr Marmaduke old man Foxes Street lives at H. Rices p 172.                    
Farr Phebe maid servant Castle Street sister to former and maid servant at Castle Bernard              
Fawcitt Edward Senior South Main Street Mends guns, locks - a widower                
Fawcitt John auctioneer South Main Street Son to former                    
Fawcitt Mary wife South Main Street                        
Fawcitt Stephen   South Main Street                        
Fawcitt Henry   South Main Street                        
Fawcitt Anne   South Main Street                        
Fawcitt Dora   South Main Street                        
Fawcitt Catherine   South Main Street                        
Fawcitt Edward junior South Main Street son by former marriage                  
Fielding James boy work house founding of Ballymodan parish                
Fisher Alice widow South Main Street Has a shop in her house   (Mrs Quinlan p 170, Miss Hayes, p102 and Ms Williams live here also)    
Fitzgerald James   Bridge Street Has a public house.  This family were all Roman Catholic. Relieving officer of Bandon Union            
Fitzgerald Mrs   Bridge Street                        
Fitzgerald Mary Anne daughter Bridge Street married on 22nd February, 1848 in Kiobrogan to Edward Brady, bachelor, constable of police of Kilbrogan, North Main Street.  Listed as dressmaker    
Flaherty Mrs widow Miltown Cook at Mr Serles, Miltown                  
Flaherty Miss daughter Miltown A dress maker lives in L? at Miltown                
Flaxman Thomas excise officer Kingston Buildings                        
Flaxman Mrs   Kingston Buildings                        
Flaxman a Daughter   Kingston Buildings                        
Fleming Miss dressmaker Miltown This ? Woman Percy, sister and her sister lives with Miss Flaherty and assists her in dressmaking    
Flemming William   Castle Road A quiet poor boy and deaf.  Unfit for any labour              
Flynn John   near Allmans Distillery Clerk in W. Allmans Distillery and has a farm              
Flynn Mary Anne wife near Allmans Distillery                        
Flynn John   near Allmans Distillery                        
Flynn WIlliam   near Allmans Distillery                        
Flynn Cecilia   near Allmans Distillery                        
Ford George shoemaker Hill Street A very old man .  Died 27th February, 1847              
Ford George son Hill Street Well conducted.  On poor list.  His son, George, is a pensioner.  His daughter M. Baldwin in his house p 14  
Ford John shoemaker Hill Street Son to Ford son.                     
Ford Martha wife Hill Street His wife gone as maid to Ms Hewitt, Cork, Feb 1847              
Ford John grandson Hill Street                        
Ford Anne girl South Main Street Lives at Mr Joyce's  p118                  
Ford William boy Church Street apprentice to Mr Topham p 214                
Ford William labourer Gaggin Generally employed by Mr Beamish of C?  Quiet poor man, his wife is Roman Catholic      
Ford Ellen   Gaggin                        
Ford Samuel   Gaggin                        
Ford Mary   Gaggin at Castle Bernard                    
Ford Thomas   Gaggin in garden at Castle Bernard                  
Ford Henry   Gaggin                        
Ford William   Gaggin                        
Ford George   Gaggin                        
Frazer William   Castle Bernard lives in porters lodge                  
Frazer James brother Castle Bernard                        
Frazer Anne sister Castle Bernard                        
Franck George   Shannon Street Has Shannon Arms Hotel                  
Franck Mrs   Shannon Street                        
Franck George   Shannon Street The children are all by a former marriage.  Mr Browne lives in this house          
Franck Catharine   Shannon Street                        
Franck John   Shannon Street                        
Franck Jane   Shannon Street                        
Franck Thomas   Boyle Street A very old man.  Has some allowance from Mr Frewen            
Freyne William Francis   Bridge Street Apprentice to Mr H. Belcher  p 18                
Fuller George boy Kingston Buildings grandson to Mrs Williams p 282                
Fuller Elizabeth widow South Main Street                        
Fuller George son South Main Street a barrister                    
Fuller Thomas son South Main Street an attorney                    
Fuller Anne   South Main Street                        
Fuller Dora   South Main Street                        
Fuller Joseph   South Main Street                        
Gabriel James labourer Warners Lane Is employed constantly by Mr C. Dowden              
Gabriel Anne wife Warners Lane His wife is a very good woman                  
Gabriel John   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel Thomas   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel James   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel Anne   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel Richard labourer Warners Lane Cousin of former and lives in his house.  No regular employment          
Gabriel John pensioner Fever Hospital superintendent in the fever hospital                
Gabriel John weaver Warners Lane A widow.  Very delicate.  A well conducted poor man            
Gabriel Richard   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel James   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel William   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel Eliza   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel George   Warners Lane                        
Gabriel John labourer Ballylangly Not employed constantly by anyone                
Gabriel Anne wife Ballylangly                        
Gabriel Elizabeth   Ballylangly                        
Gabriel Thomas   Ballylangly                        
Gabriel Anne   Ballylangly                        
Goggin Mary   Union Hall Maid servant at Mr Sweeny p 206.  Was Roman Catholic            
Gamble Richard   South Main Street Apprentice to H. Parrott p 156                  
Garvin Jane widow Fox Street on poor list.  Her eldest son is able to work but is not in regular employment        
Garvin John   Fox Street                        
Garvin Eliza   Fox Street                        
Garvin William   Fox Street                        
Geale Margaret   Church Street An old woman.  Sells needles and thread                
Gillman Mrs widow Kingston Buildings                        
Gillman James   Kingston Buildings                        
Gillman Eliza   Kingston Buildings                        
Gillman Jane dressmaker Shannon Street Lives at the Skuses p 192                  
Glasson   widow Castle Road His sons are employed at Castle Bernard                
Glasson Anne   Castle Road                        
Glasson William   Castle Road                        
Glasson Stephen   Castle Road                        
Glasson Joseph   Castle Road                        
Glasson Rebecca   Castle Road                        
Glasson Thomas tailor Castle Road Eldest son of widow Glasson.  Has had an attack of paralysis.  Drinks.  His wife a sympathetic young woman.  
Glasson Jane wife Castle Road                        
Glasson Mary   Castle Road                        
Glasson Eliza   Castle Road                        
Glasson John   Castle Road                        
Glasson William   Castle Road                        
Glasson Jane   South Main Street Maid servant at the Bennetts p 18                
Gooly  Thomas Carrier Boyle Street Lives at widow thomas p 214.  A very good man.  He is employed constantly in Mr Sullivans tanyard in Watergate  
Gooly  Anne wife Boyle Street                        
Gooly  William   Boyle Street                        
Gooly  Martha   Boyle Street                        
Godson Mrs widow Foxes Street Very wretched.  On poor list.  A hard working woman whene she can get employment      
Godson Elizabeth daughter Foxes Street                        
Godson Anne   Foxes Street                        
Godson Margaret   Foxes Street                        
Godson Mary   Foxes Street                        
Gallagher Denis   Boyle Street A watchman in Bandon.  Was a Roman Catholic              
Gallagher Anne wife Boyle Street                        
Gallagher Michael   Boyle Street                        
Gallagher Edward   Boyle Street                        
Gallagher John Mansfield   Boyle Street                        
Good William labourer Killountain Employed constantly by J. Barrett p 16.  Gone              
Good Jane   Killountain E. Long p 180 a foundling in this house                
Good John   Killountain                        
Good Robert   Killountain                        
Good James   Killountain                        
Good Mrs widow Boyle Street She professes to belong to Mr Hunters congreation but her sons go to church.  The eldest William apprentice to Ch. Wade p 222
Good Jane   Boyle Street                        
Good William   Boyle Street                        
Good John   Boyle Street                        
Gorman Eliza   Boyle Street Her husband has been in England for many years.  She is an industrious eoman.  Her mother ? Serles and her son is apprentice to J. Brangan p 34
Gorman Edward son Boyle Street                        
Gorman Eliza   Boyle Street                        
Gough Robert shoemaker Boyle Street Always hard at work but scarcely able to support his family by his earnings.        
Gough Harriet wife Boyle Street                        
Gough John   Boyle Street                        
Gough Susan   Boyle Street                        
Gough Robert   Boyle Street                        
Gough George   Boyle Street                        
Gough Harriet   Boyle Street                        
Gough Martha   Boyle Street                        
Greaves Charles shopkeeper South Main Street A very respectable family                  
Greaves Susan wife South Main Street John Croston p 56 and James Browne p 36 live in this house            
Greaves Richard   South Main Street                        
Greaves Susan   South Main Street                        
Greaves Emily   South Main Street                        
Greaves Harriet   South Main Street                        
Greaves Charles   South Main Street                        
Greaves Ellen   South Main Street                        
Greene Arthur labourer Church Street Employed at Castle Bernard.  His son Thomas is an idiot            
Greene Anne wife Church Street                        
Greene Thomas   Church Street                        
Greene David   Church Street                        
Greene Thomas labourer Castle Road Employed at Castle Bernard.  His wife was a Roman Catholic            
Greene Ellen wife Castle Road                        
Greene Daniel   Castle Road                        
Greene Arthur   Castle Road                        
Greene John   Castle Road                        
Greene Elizabeth   Castle Road                        
Greene Mary   Castle Road                        
Greene Charlotte   Castle Road                        
Greene Mrs widow Castle Road Mother of Thomas Greene and in his house              
Greene Thomas shoemaker Bridge Lane A very poor old man.  Goes into the poor huse at times            
Gregory Jane widow Distillery Road Lives at J. Lannons p 126                  
Griffin Philip weaver Castle Road A very well conducted family.  Rich.  Wilmot p 234 lives with them          
Griffin Anne wife Castle Road                        
Griffin Mary   Castle Road                        
Grimley William shoemaker South Main Street Has several children in America.  His wife is a good old woman          
Grimley Elizabeth wife South Main Street                        
Grmiley Edward shoemaker Work House A very old man.  Can read well.  Is very pious              
Hales john labourer Church Street Died in 1847 Not constantly employed by anyone              
Hales Sarah wife Church Street                        
Hales Lydia   Church Street                        
Hales Alice   Church Street                        
Hales John   Church Street                        
Halnane William Farmer Crossmahon A very well conducted man.  His wife is a good woman            
Halnane Mary wife Crossmahon                        
Halnane Hannah   Crossmahon                        
Halnane Michael   Crossmahon