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Ballymodan Protestant Census of 1846 in alphabetical order

Surnames A to D inclusive

Ballymodan Census1846                    
No of Protestants  1835   2225                    
No of Protestants  1846 2244                    
No members of families being Roman Catholic are in this list                
No protestants in the poor house are included excepting those belonging to the parish of Ballymodan            
  Condition Residence                
Abbott St John widower Boyle Street Receives small pension from members of the late corporation    
Abbott George basket maker Boyle Street son to former.  Very industrious.  Works at Chs Skuses    
Abbott Martha wife Boyle Street                
Abbott Richard Son Boyle Street                
Ahern Judy widower Church Street A deserving poor woman.  Is on the poor list      
Allen William   Lane off South Main Street Was a weaver.  Is employed at Mrs Scotts.  A very well conducted man.  His wife is very delicate
Allen Mary wife Lane off South Main Street                
Allen Mary Anne Daughter Lane off South Main Street                
Allen Henry son Lane off South Main Street                
Allen James son Lane off South Main Street                
Allen Joanna Widow  Lane off South Main Street                
Allman Mrs widow  Cavendish Quay Mother of William Allen.  A good poor woman on the poor list  
Allman Emma daughter Cavendish Quay                
Allman Susanna daughter Cavendish Quay                
Allman Jane daughter Cavendish Quay                
Allman William Nailer Boyle Street A very hard working man.  His wife a most respectable woman    
Allman Anne wife Boyle Street widow Daly, p60, M Seales, p 184 and Thomas Wright, p238 in the same house
Allman George son Boyle Street                
Allman John son Boyle Street                
Allman Susan daughter Boyle Street                
Allman ? Nailer Boyle Street Is married to a Roman Catholic          
Allman William Nailer G. Hill                
Allman Dora wife Fox's Street                
Allman Anne daughter Fox's Street                
Allman Thomas Farmer Ballylangly                
Allman Joanna wife Ballylangly                
Allman Redmond son Ballylangly                
Allman George son Ballylangly                
Allman Charles son Ballylangly                
Allman William son Ballylangly by former marriage            
Allman Thomas son Ballylangly                
Allman John son Ballylangly                
Allman Jane daughter Ballylangly                
Allman Richard son Ballylangly                
Allman Mrs     Mother of Thomas and lives with him.        
Allshire Thomas Farmer Fox's Street a very respectable family          
Allshire Phebe wife Fox's Street                
Allshire Thomas son Fox's Street                
Allshire Ralph son Fox's Street                
Allshire Richard son Fox's Street                
Allshire John son Fox's Street                
Allshire Sarah daughter Fox's Street                
Allshire Thomas farmer Shannon Street A quiet industrious and well conducted family      
Allshire Eliza wife Shannon Street                
Allshire Joseph son Shannon Street                
Allshire William Son Shannon Street                
Allshire John son Shannon Street                
Allshire Thomas son Shannon Street married on 8th October, 1846 at Kilbrogan.  Listed as writing clerk.  Married Mary Lovell, father deceased
Allshire Samuel son Shannon Street                
Allshire Benjamin son Shannon Street                
Allshire Miss   South Main Street Assistant in Miss Dawsons shop        
Applebe Edward   Shannon Street Thse brothers live with their uncle, Thomas p 214      
Applebe John brother Shannon Street                
Applebe Alexander brother Shannon Street                
Applebe Pierce Farmer Killountain                
Applebe John brother Killountain                
Applebe Edward brother Killountain                
Atkins John Parish Clerk Hill Street                
Atkins Anne wife Hill Street                
Atkins Benjamin son Hill Street                
Atkins Catherine daughter Hill Street Lovell  p 130            
Atkins Richard son Hill Street                
Atkins William Teacher of Music Shannon Street son of J. Atkins p 6            
Atkins Jane wife Shannon Street                
Atkins Georgina daughter Shannon Street                
Atkins Thomas Teacher of Music South Main Street Gone to America.  Son of J. Atkins p 6.  Organist of Ballymodan Church  
Atkins Eliza   South Main Street                
Atkins James   South Main Street Jane Morgan  p 142 in same house        
Atkins John   South Main Street                
Atkins John   Bridge Street Apprentice at Mr H. Belchers  p18        
Atkinson William Painter Bridge Lane                
Atkinson Mary Anne wife Bridge Lane                
Atkinson John son Bridge Lane                
Austen William   Kingston Buildings did live at Skaffe            
Austen Elizabeth wife Kingston Buildings                
Austen Elizabeth Mary daughter Kingston Buildings                
Austen Mary Sullivan Daughter Kingston Buildings                
Austen Jane Anne daughter Kingston Buildings                
Austen Mary sister to William Kingston Buildings lives with her brother          
Austen Samuel   Lisapooka Lives at G. Birds   p 26          
Austen Richard   Near Potato Market Has a Huxters shop.  Is brother to William Austen  p8.  Wife a very good woman.  Her mother widow S? in same house
Austen Fanny wife Near Potato Market                
Austen Thomas son Near Potato Market                
Austen Eliza daughter Near Potato Market                
Austen Mary Anne daughter Near Potato Market                
Bailey Travers Schoolboy Cavendish Quay At Mr Reddys school p 72          
Bailey David brother Cavendish Quay At Mr Reddys school p 72          
Bailey Jane   Church Street A very decent poor woman.  Unmarried and old      
Bailey Thomas nephew Church Street                
Bailey William labourer Boyle Street In employment at Castle Bernard.  Lives in Boyle Street and has a huxters shop in market street.  A well conducted family
Bailey Catherine Wife Boyle Street                
Bailey Mary Anne daughter Boyle Street                
Bailey Amelia daughter Boyle Street                
Bailey Hester Daughter Boyle Street                
Bailey William son Boyle Street                
Bailey Margaret girl Church Street daughter of Robert Buchanan  p 38        
Baker John shopkeeper South Main Street                
Baker Sarah wife South Main Street                
Baker Robert son South Main Street                
Baker Jonas son South Main Street                
Baker Mary daughter South Main Street                
Baker Sarah Daughter South Main Street                
Baker John showmaker South Main Street son to former.  Very industrious.  Works at Chs Skuses    
Baker Maria wife South Main Street                
Baker Rebecca daughter South Main Street                
Baldwin Martha widow Hill Street daughter of G. Hodson who died 24th February 1847  p80.  Very industrious
Baldwin Martha daughter Hill Street Her daughter is weak in intellect        
Banfield Mrs widower South Main Street Mother of Mrs R. Wheeler  p230        
Bandon Earl of   Castle Bernard                
Bandon Countess of                    
Bandon Lady H                    
Bandon Hon H.B.                    
Bandon ?                    
Bandon ?                    
Bandon Hon Miss Louisa                  
Bandon Hon Miss Emily                  
Bandon Hon Miss Emma                  
Bandon Hon Miss Adelaide                  
35 servants                      
Barrett John Carpenter Killountain Has a farm.  His wife an excellent woman        
Barrett Elizabeth wife Killountain                
Barrett John   Killountain                
Barrett Anne   Killountain                
Barrett Rebecca   Killountain                
Barrett Elizabeth   Killountain                
Barry  Mrs widow Castle Road sister to William Dodd  p64.  A poor woman      
Barry  James servant Castle Road servant at Rev Donovans  p66          
Bassett Mary sister Castle Road maid servant at Rev Donovans        
Bassett John an old man Church Street                
Bassett Mrs widow Shannon Street A most worthy poor woman - Sickly.  On the poor list    
Bassett Jonathan son Shannon Street                
Beamish Charlotte girl Castle Road These 4 girls are orphans          
Beamish Susan sister Castle Road                
Beamish Eilen sister Castle Road                
Beamish Elizabeth sister Castle Road                
Beamish Thomas   Hare Hill                
Beamish Mary Helena wife Hare Hill                
Beamish Barbara daughter Hare Hill                
Beamish Jane daughter Hare Hill                
Beamish John son Hare Hill                
Beamish Mary daughter Hare Hill                
Beamish Mary Helena   Hare Hill                
Beamish Thomas dyer South Main Street Has a farm            
Beamish George son South Main Street                
Beamish Henry son South Main Street                
Beamish John son South Main Street                
Beasly Mary Dressmaker Shannon Street Sister to Thomas Keynes and wife  p124.  A good girl    
Beasly Mrs widow Shannon Street A good old woman.  Paralytic.  On poor list      
Beckford James Butcher Shannon Street Lives at Ed Dillons   p64          
Belcher Henry Apothecary Bridge Street                
Belcher Hannah wife Bridge Street                
Belcher Margaret daughter Bridge Street Mrs Freyne  p82.  Mr J. Atkins p 8 apprentices      
Belcher Thomas son Bridge Street Mrs Bermingham  p22 and Hannah Riordan p 174 maid servants  
Belcher William son Bridge Street                
Belcher Hannah daughter Bridge Street                
Belcher Henrietta daughter Bridge Street                
Bell Zachariah Gardener Castle Bernard                
Bell Margaret wife Castle Bernard James Burns p44 in same house        
Bell Joshua son Castle Bernard                
Bennett Thomas shopkeeper South Main Street Mrs Scott p 182 and Jane Glasson p 90 in same house    
Bennett Mary wife South Main Street                
Bennett Joseph pawnbroker Castle Street                
Bennett George son Castle Street Phebe Farr p 78 maid servant          
Bennett George flour shop South Main Street                
Bennett William shoe maker Castle Street Has a public house            
Bennett Hannah wife Castle Street Eliza Browne step daughter p 38 in same house.  Also Dennis Kelly p 124  
Bennett Mary Anne daughter Castle Street                
Bennett Miss shopkeeper Bridge Street Has a partner in the shop, a Roman Catholic woman      
Bennett Hester Girl Cavendish Quay maid servant at W. Phipps   p 164        
Bere George   Castle Road Lives at t he office on Castle Road        
Bere Lydia wife Castle Road                
Bere John labourer Castle Road                
Bere Jane wife Castle Road                
Bere Mary daughter Castle Road                
Bere Susan daughter Castle Road                
Bere Mrs dead G. Hill St Mother of John.  Very sickly.  J. Phillips sister p 162 in house    
Bere George labourer Fox's Street A very honest good man.  Not regularly employed by any persons.  His daughter Jane generally at service
Bere Anne wife Fox's Street                
Bere Jane daughter Fox's Street                
Bere John son Fox's Street                
Bere Anne daughter Fox's Street                
Bere John farmer Boyle Street Drinks.  Has children in Australia and America.  Wife nearly blind.  His son is a painter
Bere Elizabeth wife Boyle Street                
Bere George son Boyle Street                
Bere Sarah daughter Boyle Street                
Bernard Hon W.P.   The Farm Thomasina and R. Brangan.  S. Salter p 180      
Bernard Mrs wife                  
Bermingham Mrs widow Bridge Street Maid servant at W.H. Belchers p 18        
Bermingham Ellen daughter Church Street Lives at widow Rice's  p 172          
Berry Thomas a knacker South Main Street Dresses skins.  His wife is daughter of William Glasson p 88    
Berry Mary wife South Main Street                
Berry Thomas son South Main Street                
Berry Mary Jane daughter South Main Street                
Berry John son South Main Street                
Berry Robert son South Main Street                
Berry William son South Main Street                
Beville Alexander farmer Near Brookfield Nearly quite blind.  His wife is very deaf.  She can read and is an excellent woman.  This is a very respectable family.
Beville Mary wife Near Brookfield                
Beville Elizabeth daughter Near Brookfield married 28th May, 1848 at Kilbrogan, Richard Mills,  aged 27, bachelor, cooper, son of Edward, shopkeeper
Beville Clara Anna daughter Near Brookfield                
Beville Thomas farmer Near Brookfield son to farmer and in same house        
Beville Eliza wife Near Brookfield                
Beville Anne daughter Near Brookfield                
Beville Mary old woman Artillery Road Lives at J. Lannon  p 126          
Bevin Roger painter Boyle Street A decent poor man.  Does not get sufficient work to support his family.  His daughter William Willis and her children p 232 live with him
Bevin Anne wife Boyle Street                
Bevin Thomas   Boyle Street                
Bevin Ralph   Boyle Street                
Bevin William painter Bridge Street son to farmer            
Bevin Sarah wife Bridge Street                
Bevin Roger   Bridge Street                
Bevin Eliza   Bridge Street                
Bevin Isaac   Bridge Street                
Bevin William   Bridge Street                
Bevin Anne   Bridge Street                
Bevin John   Bridge Street                
Bevin Sarah   Bridge Street                
Bibby Thomas labourer Boyle Street Employed at the gasometer.  A quiet hardworking man.  The eldest son also works at the gasometer.
Bibby Mary wife Boyle Street                
Bibby William son Boyle Street                
Bibby John   Boyle Street                
Bibby Thomas   Boyle Street                
Bibby Frank   Boyle Street                
Bibby Catharine a foundling   Nursed by Mrs Bibby.  Afterwards kept by her and surnamed Bibby  
Birchfield Attiwell shoemaker Castle Road His family belongs ?   About 2 years in Bandon      
Birchfield Elizabeth wife                  
Birchfield Richard                    
Birchfield Eliza                    
Birchfield William                    
Birchfield Benjamin                    
Bird Robert   Castle Road Has some property near Bantry and houses in Castle Road    
Bird Mrs wife Castle Road                
Bird George farmer Roundhill Also a hatter.  A respectable family in good circumstances.    
Bird Elizabeth wife Roundhill died 21st March            
Bird Jason   Roundhill                
Bird Ellen   Roundhill                
Bird Elizabeth   Roundhill                
Bird John   Roundhill                
Bird Susan   Roundhill                
Bird George   Lisapooca son to former.  He and his wife very respectable      
Bird Mrs wife Lisapooca Samuel Austin p 8 and Mary Tynn p 218 servants      
Bird George son Lisapooca                
Bird Ralph hatter G Hill Street Very poor.  William and Mary well disposed.      
Bird William brother G Hill Street                
Bird Mary sister G Hill Street                
Bird Richard farmer Nay Hill Eldest son of G Bird p 26 and a very good man      
Bird Anne wife Nay Hill                
Bird George   Nay Hill                
Bird Mary   Nay Hill Eliza Levinge p 128 in same house        
Bird Eliza   Nay Hill                
Bird Edward   Nay Hill                
Bird Richard   Nay Hill                
Bird William   Nay Hill                
Bitchnell Mrs widow Castle Road A deserving old woman.  Poor.  Her children are in America    
Blake Benjamin dead At work house Porter at work house.  His wife and children live at Fox's Street    
Blake Elizabeth wife                  
Blake william                    
Blake Margaret                    
Blake Benjamin                    
Blake Bernard                    
Bleakley Rev John   St Marys                
Bleakley Mrs wife   plus 2 servants            
Bloxham Richard Painter Bridge Lane Lives at Atkinsons   p8          
Bond John Brush maker South Main Street                
Bond Mary wife South Main Street                
Bowen John   Castle Road son to late Rev Bowen          
Bowman John weaver Shannon Street Does not work at his trade now.  He sells needles      
Bowman Mary wife Shannon Street                
Bowman John   Shannon Street                
Bowman Sarah   Shannon Street                
Boyle Thomas farmer Butlers Cross Brother to Joseph and Samuel  p 32        
Boyle Eliza   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Eliza   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Anne   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Robert   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Thomas   Butlers Cross                
Boyle William   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Samuel   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Joseph   Butlers Cross                
Boyle John Hatter Shannon Street very quiet.  Poor people          
Boyle Eliza wife Shannon Street                
Boyle Anne   Shannon Street                
Boyle Eliza   Shannon Street                
Boyle Agnes   Shannon Street                
Boyle Anne widow Mayfield In Cork at Mrs Pooles.  Has a daughter attending protestant orphan society
Boyle Thomas son Ballylangly lives at widow Sekes p 184          
Boyle Joseph carrier Roundhill An industrious man.  His wife was married before and is mother to Frank oberts p 174
Boyle Anne wife Roundhill                
Boyle Robert   Roundhill                
Boyle Sarah   Roundhill                
Boyle Samuel farmer Butlers Cross brother to Joseph and to Thomas p 30.  His wife is daughter to George Bird.  See p 26
Boyle Catharine wife Butlers Cross                
Boyle Robert   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Samuel   Butlers Cross                
Boyle George   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Elizza   Butlers Cross                
Boyle Catherine   Butlers Cross                
Boyle William   Butlers Cross                
Brady Andrew Carrier Boyle Street                
Brady Jane wife Boyle Street                
Brady William son Boyle Street                
Brady Mary granddaughter Boyle Street                
Brady Richard shoemaker Castle Road Footman at Castle Bernard.  His wife Roman Catholic    
Brady Mary wife Castle Road Dora Serles p 186 lives in this house.