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Ballymodan Protestant Census of 1834

Section 3

Bright Eliza 12
Main Street South 157 Carroll Edward dead
Carroll Mary
Carroll Mary 17
Carroll Lucy 15
Carroll Robert 7
Carroll Frederick 6
Carroll Edward 3
Townsend Eliza servant
Main Street South 160 Tresillian Stuart dead
Tresillian Anne wife
Tresillian Stuart 2
Tresillian William 3 mo
Main Street South 161 French George
French wife
French Mary 6
French Catherine 4
Tierney Rose servant
Wade James apprentice
same house
Dawson Mr
Dawson wife
Dawson Susan
Dawson Eliza
Main Street South 162 Jagoe Henry
Jagoe Fanny wife
Jagoe Mary
Jagoe Anne
Jagoe William
Lane Anne servant
Main Street South 163 Moriarty Mrs
Moriarty James
Moriarty William
Moriarty Margaret
Stanley Mrs
Joyer?? John apprentice
Main Street South 164 Pope William
Pope Eliza wife
Pope George
Pope James
Pope William 18
Pope Mary
Nicholls Dora assistant
Main Street South 165 Evans Mrs
Evans Jane
Evans Ellen
Evans John 14
Evans Robert 11
Brooks Amy servant
Porter Miss lodger
Main Street South 166 Fawcitt Edward
Fawcitt Dora wife
Hamilton Henry lodger at Falvys
Main Street South 167 Splain John
Splain Elizabeth
Splain William 10
Main Street South 168 Edwards James dead
Edwards Hester
Edwards Anna 2
Main Street South 169 Fawcitt John
Fawcitt Edward 12
Fawcitt John 9
Hitcock Thomas servant
Main Street South 170 Sweeny Widow
Sweeny Anna
Coppinger painter
Coppinger Anne wife
Coppinger Sarah Jane 1
Roche William shoemaker gone to America
Roche Eliza wife
Roche Andrew 7
Roche William 4
Bevill thomas apprentice
Main Street South 171 Robinson Mr dead
Robinson Ellen wife
Robinson William
Robinson John
Robinson Sylvanus 10
Robinson Mary A
Robinson Sarah
Daly Mary servant
Main Street South 172 Heazle Mr Heazles owned 21 South Main Street for about 100 years
Biggs Mrs mother dead
Main Street South 173 Wheeler Joseph
Wheeler Catherine wife
Wheeler Joseph
Wheeler William Popham 22 ages in 1831
Wheeler Thomas 20 ages in 1831
Wheeler Henry 14 ages in 1831
Wheeler Frederick SS 9 ages in 1831
Wheeler ? 6 ages in 1831
Wheeler Catherine 16 ages in 1831
Wheeler Eliza Francis 4 ages in 1831
Main Street South 174 Beamish Thomas
Beamish Ann widow
Beamish John
Beamish George
Beamish Henry
Beamish Catherine
Main Street South 175 Dogherty Edward
Dogherty Sarah wife
Dogherty Edward 19
Dogherty Richard Wheeler 17
Dogherty ? 4
Dogherty Maria Wheeler 15
Dogherty Sarah 7
Dogherty Harriet 5
Dogherty Martha Wheeler 14
Dogherty Mary 8
McDowell Mary A. Servant
Main Street South 176 Sloane Thomas
Sloane Eliza wife
Sloane Robert
Sloane Frederick Blucher sp??? 20
Sloane William 15
Sloane Mary 24
Sloane Ann 22
Sloane Hester 14
Main Street South 177 Lee
Lee Allie? wife
Lee Hannah 14
Lee Catherine 10 sore eyes
Lee Rebecca 7
Lee Anna 2
Seymour Thomas removed to other side
Seymour Mry Ann wife
Seymour Mary at Miss Marshalls 15
Seymour Catherine 14
Seymour Eliza Joan sp? 8
Seymour William 11
Seymour Edward 5
Seymour Thomas 8 mo
Main Street South 178 McCarthy Mrs
Main Street South 179 Wheeler Mrs dead
Wheeler Mary Ann dead
Wheeler Dorah
Wheeler Harriet
Wheeler ? nephew
Thomas Richard nephew
Main Street South 180 Baldwin Mr
Baldwin Mrs
Baldwin Mary Jane 3
Baldwin Henry 1 1/2
Baldwin Catherine 3 mo
Main Street South 181 Donovan Richard P. gone to America
Donovan Ellen
Donovan Mary Kath 5
Donovan Anna 1 1/2
Donovan Mrs widow
Donovan Mary   
Sullivan Widow dead
Sullivan daughter
Main Street South 182 Philipps B
Philipps Sarah wife
Philipps John 11
Philipps Peter 1
Philipps Margaret 9
Philipps Martha 7
Philipps Sarah 4
Main Street South 183 Mulholland widow gone
Mulholland George sp???
Lane James apprentice 16 Age in 1831
Heazle George apprentice 13 age in 1831
Hill Street 187 Webb widow since gone
Webb Cecelia 15
Webb Ellen 12 gone
Webb Harriet 10 gone
Hill Street 188 Weeks Mrs in London
Weeks Edward 7
Weeks Mr. dead
Barible Juliana
Hill Street 189 Minchin Mr gone
Minchin Mrs
Minchin Boyle 14
Minchin Thomas Sheil 10
Minchin Edward 6
Minchin William 4
Minchin Anthony 5 mo
Minchin Louisa in Clonmel
Minchin Caroline 8
Minchin Emily 2
Hill Street 190 Peters Thomas dead
Peters Jane
Peters Thomas BS 11
Peters Isabella Cork 15
Peters Mary GS 8
Peters Nancy IS 6
Peters Jane IS 3
Peters widow
Hill Street 191 Crowly Roman Catholic
Crowly Hannah
Crowly John BS 11
Crowly James BS 8
Crowly William 3
Crowly Hannah IS 6
Hill Street 192 Bird Ralph
Bird William
Bird Mary
Hill Street 193 Thatchey widow dead
Thatchey Nancy
Thatchey James
Hill Street 194 Mahony George dead
Mahony Richard dead
Mahony Betty dead
Bere Mary widow
Bere ? 12
Hill Street 195 Hagerty widow
Hagerty Daniel
Hagerty George
Hill Street 196 Douglas widow gone to Cork
Douglas Harriet
Douglas Mary Ann SS 18
Douglas Cain BS 10
Douglas Francis Eliza SS 11
Meara Richard
Meara Eliza wife
Hill Street 197 Roche Mr.
Roche Mrs
Roche Rebecca 5
Hill Street 198 Burchill Widow gone to Kilbrogan
Burchill Sarah deranged
Hill Street 199 Powell James
Powell Thomas
Berry Thomas nephew
Powell Bess sp///
Baldwin Allin GS 7
Hill Street 200 Moxly William gone to Ballineen
Moxly Eliza wife
Moxly Eliza at Mount Pleasant
Moxly Mary at Mount Pleasant
Moxly Joseph BS 12
Moxly James BS 9
Hill Street 201 Murphy John removed to church lane
Murphy Mary Anne wife
Murphy John BS 11
Murphy Thomas BS 9
Murphy Margaret 17
Murphy Eliza Jane GS 6
Hickey widow
Hill Street 202 Edwards John
Edwards Mary Ann
Edwards Eliza 6
Edwards Sarah 4
Edwards James 3
Edwards Hester 2
Edwards Mary Ann 1
Hill Street 203 White John
White Nathan 17
White Eliza dead
White Richard Cork 14
White ? 11 dead
White William BS 9
White Thomas 4
Hill Street 204 Nagle dead
Nagle Mary wife
Nagle William
Nagle Elizabeth
Hatters Lane (Stauntons) 207 Justin Richard shoemaker dead
Justin Mary wife dead
Justin Richard BS 7
Justin Susan IS 5
Justin Catherine IS 3
Justin Eliza Jane 2
Green Rob apprentice
Edghill Edward apprentice
Day Hester servant
Hatters Lane 208 Humphrys
Humphrys Mary wife
Coppinger Frank nephew
Coppinger Eliza 9
Green Thomas shoe maker
Green Phebe wife dead
Swantons Lane 210 Harding widow
Thros?? widow dead
Sullivan widow at Andersons
Swantons Lane 211 Lane Robert
Lane Eliza wife
Swantons Lane 212 Cruch Samuel sp???
Cruch Elizabeth wife dead
Cruch John BS 10
Cruch William IS 3
Smith Mary step daughter 11
Cruch Eliza REP 11
Cruch Jane REP 7
Cruch Anne 1
Swantons Lane 213 Olliffe Thomas
Olliffe wife Roman Catholic
Olliffe Joseph BS 8
Olliffe Anne REP 6
Olliffe Mary IS 5
Olliffe Susan 1
Back Quay 216 Smith James
Smith Eliza wife
Smith James
Smith Henry
Smith Edward SS
Smith Bridget
Smith Charlotte
Smith Susan SS
Lovell George apprentice
Foyer Thomas apprentice
Back Quay 215 ?
? wife
Olliffe apprentice
McCabe B servant
Back Quay 214 Morris Robert baker
Morris Joanna wife dead
Back Quay 217 Elms Mr gone to Limerick
Elms wife
Elms John 5
Elms Thomas 3
Elms Charles 1
Elms Lane 217 Moore
Moore wife
Moore Sarah GS 11
Moore Sam IS 5
Moore Mary IS 2
Back Quay 218 Harte Edward
Harte Anne wife
Harte James 6
Harte John 5
Harte William 1
Kinght Henry apprentice
Glafton T apprentice
Curren William apprentice
Back Quay 219 Tresilian widow dead
Tresilian Dora
Tresilian Eliza
Tresilian Jane
Russell Jane Servant
Back Quay 220 Tresillian widow gone to Kilbrogan
Tresillian mother dead
Tresillian Stuart 18
Tresillian Robert 11
Tresillian Jane 16
Tresillian Catherine 13
? Catherine servant
Back Quay 221 Cotter Pat gone to Cork
Cotter Mary wife
Cotter George 5
Cotter John 2
Cotter Catherine 3 mo
Cotter Patrick father
Jagoe John
Back Quay 222 Busteed Catherine
Busteed Richard 20
Busteed Anne 18
Busteed Catherine 16
Busteed Susan 14
Cotter Mary servant
Back Quay 223 Sweeny Ann Eliza dead
Watts Jane servant
Millar Aby servant 11
Back Quay 224 Allman Mrs
Allman Emily
Allman Jane
Allman Susan
Allman Fennel
Back Quay 225 Desmond Mrs Roman Catholic
Back Quay 226 Cole Richard
Cole Ann
Connell Thomas 15
Connell Ino 10
Connell Eliza 14
Connell Margaret 16
Connell Harriet 11
Connell Charles brother in law 23
Back Quay 227 Kiely Mrs
Webb Mrs dead
Hamilton James
Hamilton Robert
Hamilton James
Hamilton Eliza
Hamilton Arabella
Back Quay 228 Bowen Rev C. dead
Bowen Mrs dead
Bowen Robert at Ms Travers, Kilbrogan
Bowen Nicholas
Bowen John
Bowen Kitty at Ms Travers, Kilbrogan
Bowen Mary
Hussey Catherine servant
Back Quay 229 Mayne Fred
Mayne ?
Mayne Emily
Mayne Charlotte
Mayne Arthur
Foster Emily 4 gone to Kilbrogan
Foster Frederick 3
Foster Margaret 2