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Ballymodan Protestant Census of 1834

Section 2

By Preaching House 92 Duggan John
Duggan Margaret wife
Duggan Eliza 8 mo
Phillips William stepson 16
Cotterill Jane
Preachers House 93 Nash Mr
Castle Street 94 Robinson James dead
Robinson Mary wife In Kilbrogan
Robinson Thomas
Robinson Mary
Robinson James
Robinson John
Robinson Henry
Robinson Gervais Lee
Robinson John Sheltie
Castle Street 95 Bennet Joseph
Bennet George son 11
Bennet Richard Payton
Traise Phebe sp  servant
Castle Street 96 Hudson Edward dead
Hudson Rosanna wife dead
Hudson Garret son
Hudson Mary wife
Castle Street 97 Gough Robert
Gough Harriet wife
Gough Eliza
Gough Abigail
Gough Susan GS 13
Gough John BS 11
Gough Robert BS 8
Gough George 5 mo
Castle Street 98 Bailey William
Bailey Catherine wife
Bailey Catherine infant daughter infant
Bowman Mary A
Castle Street 99 Sullivan widow removed to Sweenys Main Street
Sullivan Eliza daughter
Scott Mrs
Scott James 7 gone
Scott John 5
Bridge Street 101 Loane Thomas?
Loane Susan daughter
Loane Rebecca
Loane Anne Appointed to Sloane Ford as dressmaker
Loane Harriet
Bridge Street 102 Bond John
Bond Mary wife
same house
Moxley Joseph
Moxley Fanny
Moxley Stephen son 16
Bridge Street 103 Good Robert gone
Good Mary wife
Bridge Street 104 Good James all gone
Good Mary wife
Good Percy
Good Henry
Good Jane
Good Mary Anne
Good Eliza Hester
Bridge Street 105 Seymour Sam gone
Bridge Street 106 Harte William
Harte Mrs
Harte James Edward son 1
Bridge Street 107 Shine John sp?
Shine Anne wife
Shine Mary
Shine Eliza
Shine Margaret
Shine William
Shine Fanny 13
Shine Eva 8
Hunter M.A. niece
Bridge Street 108 Hunter John dead
Hunter Mary wife all gone
Hunter John
Hunter Eliza
Hunter Henry
Hunter Thomas
Hunter Margaret
Hunter Mary
Hunter Matthew (Wm in Watergate?)
Bridge Street 109 Belcher Henry
Belcher Hannah wife
Belcher Margaret WSS 6
Belcher Dora 4
Belcher Thomas 2
Belcher William 1
Merrick Thomas Apprentice
Tresilian Stewart Apprentice
Daly John servant
Sullivan Margaret servant
Howse Mr
Bridge Street 110 Parrot George dead
Bridge Street 111 Scott Dr
same house
Beecher Miss
Barstable Miss
Main Street North Side 113 Wheeler Robert J.
Wheeler Mrs
Wheeler Ellen IS 4
Wheeler Charlotte 2
Main Street 114 Bennet George
Main Street 115 Moxley Mrs gone
Moxley Michael son
Moxley Eliza 14
Moxley Mary Anne RIS 11
Moxley Anne IS 8
Moxley Thomas IS 4
Main Street 116 Edwards Robert
Edwards Anne wife
Edwards Mary WIS 10
Edwards James In England at School 9
Edwards Eliza WSS 7
Edwards Anne WSS 6
Edwards Thomas WSS 5
Edwards William Eames WSS 4
Edwards Rebecca 3
Edwards Robert Nephew Robert at service in Kilbrogan
Hanley Thomas
Bowes Bep servant
Buttimer Anne Servant
Abbot William servant
Connel Mrs in law
Main Street 117 Jagoe William
Jagoe Eliza wife
Jagoe RIS RIS 9
Jagoe WIlliam 11
Heard Eliza
Blain Michael servant
Fuller William servant
Main Street 118 Fisher Mrs
Fisher ? daughter
Hayes Miss niece
Laniston Mrs daughter
Laniston ? ?
Laniston Harriet daughter
Draper Rev J.L.
Brown Hester servant
Main Street 119 Dowden Richard
Dowden Dora wife
2 children
2 servants
Main Street 120 Whiting John at service in Kilbrogan
Whiting Jane wife
Whiting James 14
Whiting Mary 7
Whiting John RIS 4
Whiting Richard RIS 3
Whiting William 9 mo
Gabriel Mary servant
Bowman Jane servant
Main Street 121 Stanley Joseph
Stanley Mrs dead
Stanley Catherine 4
Stanley David 2
Stanley Abraham 3 mo
Hingston W lodger gone
Thomas George his servant
Main Street 122 Hartley Robert
Hartley Mary wife
Harte James lodger
Harte Thomas son
Main Street 123 Tresilian Richard
Tresilian Mrs
Tresilian Jane Eliza
Tresilian Anne
Tresilian Wilhelmina
Tresilian Dora
Tresilian Maria
Tresilian Stewart
Tresilian Hester
Tresilian Fanny
Tresilian William
Main Street 124 Sloane John gone
Sloane Mary
Sloane James 16
Sloane Mary A. 12
Sloane William 9
Sloane Eliza Jane 6
Sloane Margaret 4
Main Street 125 Elms Stephen  
Elms Jane wife
Main Street 126 Harris George
Harris H
Harris George Junior
Harris Anne
Harris John 15
Harris William 10
Harris Samuel 1
Harris James 5
Harris Robert 3
Harris Susan 14
Harris Sally 9
Harris Catherine Emily 7
Connel Mary servant
Leabrigh Sarah servant
Sullivan Joseph brother in law diets here and sleeps in Kilbrogan
Main Street 127 Baker William dead
Baker Jane sister
Baker Hester aunt
Baker William Junior nephew
Baker Thomas nephew
Main Street Stanley James gone to America
Stanley Lydia wife
Main Street 129 Scott James dead
Scott Mary A. wife
Scott John
Scott Francis
Scott George
Scott Robert
Scott Jane in Cork
Scott Catherine in Cork
Scott Mary Emily 12
Main Street 130 Bennet Thomas
Bennet Mary wife
Bennet William
Bennet Thomas G
Bennet Mary
Paterson Fanny
Good Sally servant
Waters Joe
Main Street 131 Sloane Thomas
Sloane Susan wife
Sloane Eliza Anne 6 mo
Main Street 132 Brangan widow gone to Kilbrogan
Brangan Edward 11
Brangan Richard 6
Brangan Anne 5
Brangan rebecca In Cork apprenticed 13
Stephens John brother to widow Brangan
same house
Joyce Richard
Joyce Rebecca wife (and sister to Brangan)
Main Street 133 same house with W Brangan
Payton William
Payton Mary  wife
Payton William at Kilrush 5
Payton Thomas 3
Payton Rebecca 2
Payton Mary  1
Payton Anne 2 mo
Main Street 134 Sullivan John W.
Sullivan Mary wife dead
Sullivan Alice
Sullivan Sarah
Sullivan Anne
Sullivan Louisa
Sullivan Mary Anne 9
Sullivan John W. 11
Sullivan Sarah Jane 1
Coombs Anne servant
Scotts Lane 135 Burchill John
Burchill George son
Burchill John Jr
Burchill Anne dead
Burchill Mary
Burchill Barbara
Scotts Lane 136 Glasson William sp?
Glasson Jane wife
Glasson John
Glasson Rebecca
Glasson Jane
Millar William grandson 9
Main Street 137 Richardson John dead
Richardson Jane daughter
Richardson Marianne daughter
Dolan Rebecca widow   gone to Australia
Dolan Marianne 10
Dolan John 7
Main Street 138 Marshalls John
Marshalls Mary sister
Marshalls M. sister
Barry Anne 12
Barry Louisa 10
Davis Anne apprentice
Main Street 139 Clarke John
Clarke Susan sister
Clarke Robert brother
Main Street 140 Sealy Catherine dead
Main Street 141 Hayes Doctor
Hayes Catherine wife
Hayes Robert 8
Hayes Catherine 6
Hayes Fanny 4
Hayes Hawksley 2
Hayes Archibald 2 mo
Hayes Hamilton 2 mo
Main Street 142 Lovel William dead
Lovel Anne wife
Lovel Harriet
Lovel Thomas
Lovel William 13
Cary Widow widow dead
Long Shop Lane 143 Brangan Isaac dead
Brangan Tomasina daughter
Brangan Isaac son
Brangan Edward 12
Brangan Thomas 10
Brangan Anne 7
Brangan Rebecca 5
same house
Hudson Sarah
Hudson Peggy
Long Shop Lane 144 Kuford James sp????
Kuford Mary sister
Main Street 145 Beamish Mrs gone
Beamish Eliza daughter dead
Main Street 146 Giles John gone to Kilbrogan
B???? Margaret sister   widow
B???? Edward 11
B???? Robert 8
Main Street 147 Grinly William sp??? all gone to America
Grinly Elizabeth wife
Grinly Robert son
Grinly Charles son
Grinly Margaret
Main Street 148 Hamilton Mrs Anne dead
Hamilton Sarah daughter
Sutton Mrs daughter
Richardson William
Richardson Charlotte wife and daughter to Mrs Hamilton
Richardson John son 2
Richardson James son
Main Street 149 Sealy ?
Sealy Fanny daughter
Sealy Martha daughter
Sealy Richard son 15
Main Street 150 Isaacs A
Isaacs Mary
Isaacs William 14
Isaacs Catherine 11
Isaacs Alice RIS 6
Isaacs Sarah 3
Knight James apprentice
Buchanan John father in law
same house
Clarke Eliza
Main Street 151 same house with Isaacs
Terpin James shoemaker
Terpin Jane wife
Terpin George 12
Terpin Jonathan 6
Terpin Sally 9
Terpin Anne IS 4
Terpin Jane 2
Serles Robert apprentice
Main Street 152 Fuller Thomas dead
Fuller Elizabeth
Fuller Thomas J.
Fuller George
Fuller Joseph 9
Fuller Mary
Fuller Anne 12
Fuller Dora 11
Roycroft Joseph
Main Street 153 S?? Mary A.
S?? mother
Main Street 154 Applebe Edward dead
Applebe Sarah wife dead
Applebe Benjamin 10
Applebe Edward 7
Applebe George 5
Applebe Alexander
Connell Catherine servant
Main Street 154 Bullen William
Bullen Sarah
Bullen Mary Anne
Bullen Eliza
Hopper Mr lodger
Main Street 155 Applebee Mr dead
Applebee Hannah
Wheeler Catherine
Wheeler Dora
Main Street 156 Bright Richard moved to Bridge Street
Bright Elizabeth wife
Bright Richard painter 25
Bright William 22
Bright Jonathan shoemaker 19
Bright Jane 20
Bright Eliza 12