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Rathclaren Parish and townlands                                   Rathclaren google map

 Rath Clairin – Clairin’s Rath.  There is a suggestion that this might have been the residence of Clairineach, great grandson of Laoghaire in the 7th century.


Clooncalla More (547 acres)  Chuain Calaidh – Plain of the riverside or ferry.  The surrounding country is generally termed Maryborough from Maryborough House in this townland.


Clooncalla Beg (232 acres)


Ballycatteen (336 acres)  Baile Caitin – Place of osier blossoms.  Osiers were used in basket making.


Cloonderreen (293 acres)  Cluain a’Doirin – Plain of the little oakwood.  At the ast side are the remains of an old church, thought to be Franciscan with graveyard.


Garradruig (857 acres)  Garran na Druinne – Grove of the ridge or hump.  At the aeast side is a ring fort.  It is written Garanedringe in the 1659 census.


Barleyfield (796 acres)  Gort na hEorna – Field of the barley.  Gornahorna Demesne of the Sealys with the ruins of Gornahorna House is at the east side.  Here also is Gornahorna Wood.  On the east border is a disused corn mill as well as Barleyffield Bridge.  At the south side is Baker’s Well.  It is written Gornahorna in the 1659 census.


Ardacrow  (523 acres)  Ard a’Chro – Height of the hut or enclosure.  It might read height of the blood or gore, possibly site of a battle or skirmish.


Burren (654 acres)  Boireann – Rocky or stoney district.  At the east side is tobernasool – Tobar na Sul (well of the eyes) with cures, it is claimed, for eye defects.  This townland was originally a parish


Lisheenaleen (205 acres)  Lisin a’Lin – Little fort of the flax.  Flaxfort is the present local name.  Flax was probably spread out to dry after steeping.  At the west side is Balyhinaragh Bridge – beal Ath an Ghearrtha (ford mouth of the ravine or cutting).


Farrannagark (297 acres)  Fearann na gCeare – Land of the hens or grouse.  Te present protestant church is built on the site of the old parish church of Rathclarin – Nearby is Tobernmatrinoda – Tobar na Trionoide (Trinity well)


Garranefeen (512 acres)  Garran Fionn – Pleasant Grove.  Three ring forts are in the townland.  At the west side is Toberalaher – Tober a’Leathair (leather well) where leather was steeped.  South side is termed Harbour View.


Glanduff (459 acres)  Gtleann Dubh – Dark Glen.  At the north side are Kilbrittain village and Glanduff Wood.  At the east was a corn mill while at the west is Barnyareigh Crossroads – Bearna hEirghe (gap in the rising ground).  It is written Cloneduff in Pettys map.


Shanakill (182 acres)  Seana Chill – Old Church or burial ground.  Although a tradition exists of a graveyard, no trace remains.