BANDON GENEALOGY                        

a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Kilbrogan Church of Ireland Baptisms

1755 James Haman MOXLY son of James/Margaret

1777 Sarah MOXLY dau of Richard

1789 Thomas Moxly, s of Richard & Jane.  Sprs.  Richard Powel, Samuel Birchil, Mary Moxly, Ann Hudson

1796 John Moxly, s of John and Elizabeth

26th Oct 1801  William Moxly, s of Michael & Elizabeth b 13th Oct.

1802 William MOXLEY s/o Stephen/Elin aged 7 years

1802 John MOXLEY s/o Stephen/Elin aged 4 years

1802 Michael MOXLY s/o Michael/Elizabeth

1805 Thomas MOXLY s/o Michael/Elizabeth

1810 Sylbanus s/o Michael/Elizabeth

1812 Elizabeth d/o John/Barbara b 16th Oct

1817 Richard s/o Richard/Jane


Ballymodan Church of Ireland Baptisms

24th January 1696  Stephen Moxly, son of Richard

10th January, 1747  Thomas Moxley, son of William and Mary.  Sponsors.  William House, Charles Carthy, Ann Carey, Catherine Carthy.

29th March, 1750  Stephen Moxly, son of Michael and Mary.  Sponsors.  Joseph Hobson, Thomas Bens, Mary Bodson

2nd October 1769  Elizabeth Moxly, of Robert and Mary

15th December, 1805.  Mary Moxly, of John

18th February, 1806   Mary Moxly of John

27th December, 1810  Elizabeth Moxly, d of William and Elizabeth

28th December, 1816.  Elizabeth Moxly, d of John and Ann

1st February, 1817.  Mary Moxly, d of William and Elizabeth

10th December, 1817.  Michael Morgan Moxley, son of Stephen & Elizabeth

14th August, 1819  Michael Morgan Moxly.  Received of Stephen & Elizabeth

15th August, 1819.  Elizabeth Moxly, publicly bapt of Stephen & Elizabeth

22nd November 1819.  Stephen Moxley, son of Joseph and Frances

8th October, 1820.  Eliza Moxley d of Stephen and Eliza, privately

21st November, 1820  John Moxley, son of Joseph and Frances

21st January, 1823  Jos. Moxley, son of William and Eliza, privately

2nd February, 1823.  Mary Anne Moxley, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth

10th February, 1826.  James Moxley, son of William & Elizabeth of Gallows Hill Street, privately

6th January, 1841.  Anne Moxly, daughter of Margaret Moxly (illegitimate)


Brinny Church of Ireland baptisms

Ap 7 1799 Richard MOXLEY s/o Michael/Elizabeth

Feb 7 1808 Susanna MOXLEY d/o William/Elizabeth

Feb 15 1840 Eliza MOXLEY d/o William/Rebecca

Feb 1842 Isabella Anne MOXLEY d/o William/Rebecca

Sep 22 1844 William Francis MOXLEY s/o William/Rebecca

Sep 22 1844 Joseph MOXLEY s/o William/Rebecca

Sep 1844 Eliza Jane MOXLEY d/o William/Rebecca

Sep 1844 Isabella MOXLEY d/o William/Rebecca

All of Kilpatric (looks like these had been baptised privately earlier and were now received)

May 24 1846 Richard MOXLEY s/o William/Rebecca

Dec 26 1847 Mary Jane MOXLEY d/o William/Rebecca

Sep 16 1849 Francis James MOXLEY s/o William/Rebecca, born 2/9)

Sep 16 1849 Mary Jane MOXLEY d/o William/Rebecca, born 1847

Mar 27 1853 Ann MOXLEY d/o William/Rebecca (William a publican)