BANDON GENEALOGY                        

a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Kilbrogan Church of Ireland Burials

29th October, 1707  Josiah Moxly, son of Josiah

9th June, 1710  William Moxley

18th June, 1714  Alice Moxley, daughter of ye widow

27th January, 1716  Hannah Moxley, daughter of William

10th July 1721  Richard Moxley, son of Stephen

29th November, 1722  Stephen Moxley, son of Stephen

25th February, 1727  Mary Moxley, daughter of William

3rd April, 1728  Mary Moxley, daughter of William

17th February, 1729  Josias Moxley

1st March, 1729  Stephen Moxley, son of Stephen

6th March, 1731  Mary Moxley, daughter of William

7th November, 1734.  Rachel Moxly, widow

10th September 1736  William Moxly, son of James

5th October, 1735  Mary Moxly, daughter of Stephen

5th October, 1736  William Moxly, son of William

17th October, 1736  Robert Moxly, son of William

26th October, 1736  Elizabeth Moxly, daughter of William

13th October, 1740  Catherine Moxly, daughter of James

11th November, 1745  Catherine Moxly, widow

24th July, 1745  Rob Moxly, son of William

7th August, 1745  Mary Moxly, daughter of James

10th February 1766  Catherine Moxly, daughter of William

9th February, 1771  Stephen Moxly

25th August, 1785  James Moxly, victualler for burying Mrs Burnham, his mother in law

25th April 1786  Mary Moxly, wife of William

30th September, 1786.  Mary Moxly, daughter of Francis

26th November, 1786  William Moxly

29th March, 1787  Moxly, the widow of James

1st September, 1788  Thomas Moxly, son of Stephen

7th September, 1788  William Moxly

6th February, 1789  James Moxly

30th January, 1803  Stephen Moxly, son of Stephen

16th September, 1818  Mary Moxly

10th December, 1821  Elizabeth Moxley

27th July, 1821  Mr William Moxley, junior

31st March, 1822   William Moxley, senior

19th May, 1822  John Moxley

22nd January, 1823  Mrs Jane Moxley


Brinny Church of Ireland burials

Apr 3 1799 John MOXLEY

Aug 1 1800 Richard MOXLEY

Jan 23 1803 Joice MOXLEY

Dec 31 1809 Michael MOXLEY

Feb 1 1815 Francis MOXLY of Bandon, 17 yrs

Sep 26 1815 Francis MOXLEY of Bandon

Oct 20 1817 John MOXLEY of Bandon, 79 yrs

Oct 27 1825 Mary MOXLY 74 yrs, wife of Stephen of Bandon

Nov 26 1825 John MOXLY 30 yrs of Kilpatrick

May 29 1827 Stephen MOXLY 76 yrs of Bandon

Jul 3 1827 James MOXLY 29 yrs, s/o Joseph of Kilpatrick

Nov 13 1834 Joseph MOXLEY 80yrs of Kilpatrick

Oct 28 1837 Jane MOXLEY 80yrs of Bandon

Apr 12 1840 Mary MOXLEY 48yrs, of Cork, late of Kilpatrick

Apr 14 1847 Mary MOXLEY 95 yrs, widow of Joseph of Kilpatrick

Apr 25 1854 William MOXLEY 53 yrs of Kilpatrick


In 1817 a William MOXLY is listed as a Methodist