BANDON GENEALOGY                        

a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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St Annes, Shandon, Cork City Church of Ireland

28th Sept, 1786.  James Moxly m Mary Kennedy by licence.  Cert.  William Moore, Richard Morgan

15th September, 1796.  James Moxley m Sarah Wilson by licence. W. John Newman, Sarah Wright


Ballymodan Church of Ireland marriages

Feb 2 1742 William MOXLEY m Mary McCARTHY

Aug 21 1744 Richard MOXLY m Mary BROWN

Feb 3 1745 Joseph MOXLEY m Mary MA?? (page torn)

Oct 3 1781 William MOXLY m Mary ARUNDEL

18th April, 1798.  Michael Moaxly m Elizabeth PAYNE

17 Sep 1812 Michael MORGAN m Elilzabeth MOXLEY widow

2 Jan 1819 Joseph MOXLEY m Frances ROBINSON


Kilbrogan Church of Ireland marriages

May 20 1773 Richard MOXLY m Jane SMY

Apr 10 1787 Francis MOXLEY m Mary SHORTEN by banns

Mar 25 1788 John BLACKBURN m Catherine MOXLEY banns

Apr 11 1793 William MOXLY m Jane OLLIVE licence

11th April, 1797  Mary Moaxly m Thos Keating, London Militia

15th April, 1798  Rachael Moaxly m Jas. White, Fermanagh Militia

11th August, 1799  Margrt Moaxly m Stephen Graham.

Dec 28 1800 Jason BURCHILL m Jane MOXLEY of this parish, by banns

Oct 3 1802 John GOOD m Joice MOXLEY by banns

Aug 4 1805 John GLASSON m Mary MOXLEYbanns

Nov 23 1813 Richard MOXLY m Jane LANNON banns

Nov 19 1840 Joseph HOSFORD m Margaret MOXLY licence

1871 John CALLAGHAN son of Matthew, m Anne MOXLEY dau of Stephen


Brinny Church of Ireland marriages

Feb 26 1798 John CARTHY m Mary MOXLEY

May 28 1799 Rider NASH m Rebecca MOXLEY

Jan 28 1810 John FLEMING m Mary MOXLEY

Jan 15 1811 Richard MORGAN m Frances MOXLEY

CORK Marriage Licence Bonds (not necessarily all Bandon)

1710 Rose Moxley m Henry Kerby

1732 Samuel Moxley m Anne Morgan

1741 William Moxely m Mary McCarthy (See Ballymodan)

1742 Stephen Moxley m Elizabeth Harris

1742  Catherine Moxeley m John Baird