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Kilmainham Pensioners Service Records  1771-1821 for Bandon Born Recruits


9th Regiment Dragoons.  Alexander Arundel.  Discharged as worn out on 5th June, 1792.  Service 23 years.  Aged 45.  Trade: Cooper.  Born Bandon

Captain Darcy's Company.  Private David Barry.  Enlisted aged 23 in 1775.  Served for 19 years.  Trade:  Weaver.  Aged 41 on discharge due to infirmity.  Also served in 68th Regiment. Born Bandon

68th for Durham Regiment of Light Infantry.  Private James Barry. Enlisted aged 18.  Served 19 years.  Discharged due to Asthma and general disability on 3rd May 1815. Aged 35.  5'5".  Trade:  Labourer. Also served in West Indies.  1798-1815.

South Cork Regiment.  Serjeant John Brown.  Served 21 years.  Trade.  Weaver.  Born Bandon. 5'6".  Discharged 1815 due to informity.

12th Royal Regiment.  Private Timothy Collins.  Enlisted aged 30.  Trade:  Weaver.  Served 15 Foot, 45 Foot, 5th Foot, 4th and 12th.  Discharged 6th June 1812. Born Bandon

57th Regiment of Foot.  Private Edward Coombs.  Born Bandon.  Enlisted at Killarney, Co Kerry on 12th November 1809 at age 31 for unlimited service.  Served 10 years.  Chronic Rheumatism.  Trade:  Weaver. Discharged 28th June 1820. 5'6"  Brown hair and grey eyes.

16th Regiment of Foot.  Private Florence Driscoll.  Born Bandon.  Enlisted Kinsale on 25th December 1801 aged 15.  Served 14 years.  Discharged - Blind in left eye. Trade:  Labourer. 5'8". Dark Hair. Blue eyes.  Discharged 26th July 1819.

6th Royal Regiment of Veterans.  Sergeant Thomas Driscoll.  Born Ballymodan.  Enlisted on 25th December 1819 aged 36.  Served 13 years. Trade.  Labourer.  Enlisted at Fermoy. 5'9".  Hazel eyes.

North Cork Militia.  Serjeant William Goodwin.  Born Bandon.  Trade:  Shoemaker.  5'11".  Discharged due to Rheumatism. Service 17 3/4 years. Discharged 1st April, 1816.

1st Battalion, 12th Regiment of Foot.  George Griffin.  Born Bandon.  Trade.  Weaver.  Enlisted at Castle Dermot. Carlow, 11th August 1795, aged 17. Served 20 years. 5'9".  Discharged 22nd January 1818.

12th Prince of Wales Light Dragoons.  Daniel Hagarty. Discharged 17th May 1805 due to blindness. Trade:  Mill Wright.  5'9". Served 6 years.  Aged 31.

16th Regiment of Foot.  Private Thomas Hawkes.  Born Bandon.  Enlisted at Cork 16th may, 1811 aged 16.  Served 5 years. Trade:  Labourer.

4th Regiment of Foot & 26th Foot.  Private John Hinch.  Born Bandon. 5 years service.  Aged 46 on discharge. 5'7". Trade:  Stay Maker. Discharged December 1807

16th Regiment of Foot.  Private Samuel Hosford.  Born Bandon. Discharged due to poor vision on 30th December 1816..  Trade.  Weaver. Aged 36.  5'6". Enlisted 1799.

16th Foot.  Private John Humphries.  Aged 38.  Trade: Labourer.  Enlisted  December 1801 at Kinsale. Discharged 1818 - Regiment being reduced. 5'6"

27th Regiment of Foot.  James Knight.  Born Bandon.  Enlisted at Bandon on 24th July 1805. Served 11 years. Trade:  Labourer.  Discharged due to being undersized and worn out in 1817.

49th Regiment of Foot.  Private John Lees. Enlisted Northampton, 3rd May 1802.aged 21. Discharged 1818.  Brown hair, blue eyes. 5'5".  Trade:  Labourer.

16th Regiment of Foot.  Private Timothy Mahony.  Enlisted aged 18.  Discharged aged 35 30th August 1816.  worn out. Trade:  Labourer.

16th Regiment of Foot.  Serjeant William Menagh.  Enlisted at Bandon 29th April 1800.  Served 18 years.  Trade:  Labourer. Discharged 7th November 1818.

South Cork Militia.  Serjeant Jeremiah Murphy.  5 years service.  Discharged aged 45 in March 1817. 

North Cork Militia.  Serjeant Charles Purdy.  Trade:  Woolcomber. Served 15 1/4 years. Aged 50 on release in June 1815.

16th Regiment of Foot.  Private Timothy Reardon.  Trade:  Labourer.  Enlisted aged 23 on 25th April 1800 and discharged 29th February 1816. 5'4"  Black Hair.  Grey eyes.

27th Royal City of Cork.  Serjeant George Reynoldson.  Trade:  Shoe maker. Discharged 31st January, 1800 Enniscorthy aged 29. Served 6 years.  Born Bandon.

4th Royal Veteran Battalion.  Private James Small.  Born Bandon.  Served 26 years.  Aged 64 on discharge on 30th January 1805.

South Cork Militia.  Corporal William Spillane.  Born Bandon. Served 21 years.  Aged 46 on discharge in October 1814.  Trade:  Weaver.

16th Regiment of Foot.  Private Richard Toomy.  Born Bandon. Enlisted at Bandon April 1800 aged 25.  Served 18 years. Chronic Rheumatism. Discharged 14th Jan 1819.  Trade.  Weaver.

2nd Battalion, 30th Regiment.  William Weafer.  Born Bandon.  Enlisted at Gibraltar on 29th January 1810 aged 12 for limited service! Discharged Fermoy.  30th April 1817.