a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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Members sent to the Irish Parliament by the constituency of Bandon.  1613-1697

Bandon incorporated 30th March, 1613

1613 April 17th.  Sir Richard Morrision, knt.  William Crowe, Esq of Crowesnest near Dublin

1634 June 17th Sir George Wentworth, knt. Wm Wiseman Esq of Bandon and Kelbegg

1639 Feb 24th Sir francis Slingsby, knt, Kilmore. Anthony Doppinge, Esq of Dublin

1661 April 4th.  Robert Georges, LLD of Kilbrew, Meath. John Read Esq of Coolerelong

1692 Sept 19th  Sir William Moore, bart, of Rosscarbery. Edward Riggs Esq of Riggsdale

1695 August 1st. Edward Riggs Esq, Francis Bernard of Castle Mahon

1703 Sept 2nd Francis Bernard esq of Castle Mahon. Richard Georges esq of Kilbrew, Meath

1713 October 29th. Francis Bernard, Esq of Castle Mahon. Martin Bladen Esq of Albury Hatch, Essex

1727 October 23rd. George Freke esq. Stephen Bernard esq of Castle Mahon

1731 Oct 21st. Bellingham Boyle esq of Glinfield, Rathfarnham, Dublin, vice Freke, deceased

1761 April 23rd  William Conner, esq. Thomas Adderley Esq of Innishannon

1766 Feb 14th. Francis Bernard, Esq of Castle Bernard, vice Conner, deceased

1768 July 2nd. Francis Bernard Esq of Castle Bernard, vice Conner, deceased. Thomas Adderley, Esq of Innishannon

1775, W. B. Ponsonby esq.  Lodge Morris esq

1790  B. Chinnery esq

1797  Hon W. O’Callaghan