a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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DIRECTORY OF BANDON - 1820 to 1830

Surname Forename Occupation Address Date reference  
Williams Richard Pawnbroker Bandon 1824 will
Fuller Thomas Pawnbroker Bandon 1824 will
Baldwin Franklin Attorney at law Bandon 1826   deed
Halnan James Gent Hare Hill 1826 deed
Swete John Gent Bandon 1826 deed
Sloane John Writing Clerk Bandon 1826 deed
Sealy Jonas Morris Gent Barleyfield 1829 deed
Tresilian John Attorney at Law Bandon 1825 1827 deed
Seymour Elizabeth widow Bandon 1827 deed
Williams Paul Inn Holder Bandon 1827 deed  
Douglas James Gent Bandon 1827 deed
Popham Bradshaw Gent Scartnamuck 1825 deed
Tresilian Richard Wine Merchant Bandon 1825 deed
Wheeler Joseph Gent Bandon 1825 deed
Popham Robert Gent Coolfadda House 1825 deed
Cornwall George Brewer & Merchant Woodlands 1820 Lismore Papers
Tresilian Stewart Manager of the Tolls Bandon 1820 Lismore Papers
Edwards John Tallow Chandler Bandon 1827 marriage
Stanley Joseph Farmer Bandon 1829 marriage