a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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DIRECTORY OF BANDON - 1740 to 1750

Surname Forename Occupation Address Date   reference
Adderly Mathew Official 1740   deed
Adderly Mathew Justice of the Peace 1740/42   deed
Alcock Caesar Gent   1743   deed  
Barry David Clothier 1749   deed
Biggs Thomas Tanner Bandon 1743   deed  
Browne St John Prebendary, Rector, Vicar, Kilbrogan   Bennetts
Bryan Thomas Gent 1742   deed
Clear Ralph Provost   1741   deed  
Connor William Provost 1740   deed
Connor Daniel Circuit Court 1741   deed Provost 1743
Connor George Bandon 1742   deed
Denny John Knocknagopol   1743   deed  
Donnelan John Commissioner for Oaths 1740/1742   deed
Fisher Thomas Hatter 1740   deed
Gookin Robert Justice, Court 1743   deed
Hammett Richard Clothier 1740   deed
Hammett Richard, younger Clothier 1749   deed
Harris James Land Agent to Robert Sandford Boulteen Nr Desertserges 1748   newspaper
Hawkes John, jnr Gent of Lisabroeder Kilpatrick 1748   Lismore Papers
Hewett Frances Clothier   1740   deed  
Hewett Thomas Commissioner Court 1743   deed
Holland John Clothier 1740   deed
Honnor William Gent 1746   deed
Jervois Samuel JP 1740   deed
Jervois Samuel Circuit Court 1741   deed 1743
Jones John Official 1740   deed
Kell James     1740   deed  
Legg Thomas, younger Tanner 1740   deed
Litten William Gent   1746   deed  
McCarthy Charles Gent Bandon 1743   deed  
McCarthy Owen Inn Keeper, eldest d. Mary   1741   deed  
Martin John Apothecary Bandon 1743   deed  
Milner Samuel Clothier 1749   deed
Moore Rev John Clergyman 1747   deed
Moxley Stephen Victualler   1741   deed  
Moxley William Victualler, son/heir Stephen 1741/1743   deed
Rice Henry Clothier 1743   deed
Robinson Rev William Clergyman 1743   deed died 1746
Roche George Shopkeeper   1740   deed  
Sealy Alice Spinster   1741   deed  
Sealy Armiger Clothier 1740   deed
Smith John Clerk Ballinadee 1747   deed  
Splaine Edward Merchant 1749   deed
Stammers John Gent Rathrout 1748   Lismore Papers
Stanley Thomas   North Main St 1740   deed
Stephens Gibberon   North Main St 1740   deed
Tone John Clothier 1743   deed
Travers Robert Gent 1742   deed
Travers Walter Gent 1742   deed
Tresilian Richard Gent   1743   deed  
Ward John Clothier 1743   deed
Ward Richard Tanner 1743   deed
Wheeler Benjamin, younger   North Main St 1740   deed  
Williams John Clothier 1740   deed
Williams John Clothier 1740   deed