a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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DIRECTORY OF BANDON - 1730 to 1740

Surname Forename Occupation Address Date   reference wife
Adderley Matthew Justice of the Peace 1733/1737   deed
Bass William   South Side of River 1733   deed    
Bennett Jn     1734   deed    
Biggs Abraham Clothier dead by 1733 1731/33   deed
Biggs Jacob Clothier 1731   Lismore Papers
Biggs Jeremiah Clothier   1733   deed    
Biggs Joseph Weaver   1733   deed    
Bluett James Inn Keeper 1738   deed
Bryan Thomas Writing Clerk 1736   deed
Bryan Thomas clothier 1737   deed
Bull William Tanner 1738   deed
Carbury Edward Inn Keeper 1736   deed
Clear Ralph Provost & Merchant 1732   deed
Connor Cornelius Gent 1738   deed
Connor Daniel Gent 1738   deed
Connor Daniel, the younger gent   1734   deed    
Connor George Gent 1738   deed
Corker Tomas JP   1734   deed    
Cox James Justice of the Peace 1737   deed
Curtis Robert Apothecary   1735   deed    
Deaves John Heelmaker 1737   deed
Denny John Joiner Ballinadee 1730   deed    
Deyos Joseph 2nd son Joseph Deyos of Cork   1733   deed    
Donnelan John Gent 1733/37   deed Amy
Dowman Robert Scrivener 1737   deed
Farmer Jonathan Gent 1738   deed
Foley Rev Solomon Rector, Kilbrogan   Bennetts
Franklyn Robert Gent   1735   deed    
Gookin Robert Justice of the Peace 1737   deed
Goodman Rev Richard Vicar, Ballymodan   1737   Ballymodan Death Register    
Grinaway Christopher Bandon Bridge 1738   deed
Hammett Richard Clothier 1738   deed
Hewitt Isaac Gent Clancool 1735   deed    
Hewett Thomas Commissioner for Oaths, eldest son Isaac Clancool 1737   deed
Jervois Sampson JP   1733   deed    
Jones Jonathan Comm. 1738   deed
Knight Abigail Spinster.   1735   deed    
Legg Thomas, junior 1738   deed
Litten William School Master South Side River 1733   deed
Lord Edward Merchant 1732   Made Freeman of Cork City
Martin James Provost 1734   Bennetts
Martin John Apothecary   1734   Ballymodan Death Register
Martin Richard Merchant Bandon 1739   deed    
McCarthy Charles Commissioner   1733   deed    
McCarthy Timothy Inn Keeper Bandon 1735   deed    
Milner Marmaduke Heelmaker 1737   deed
Moore Richard Weaver   1739   deed    
Morris Robert Innkeeper   1737   deed    
Recraft Thomas Innkeeper Bandon 1737   deed    
Rice John Malster 1736   deed
Rice James Inn keeper 1730   dead by 1738
Robinson Rev William rector and vicar of Christ Church 1739   died in 1746
Roche Andrew Gent 1738   deed
Roe Jonathan Heelmaker 1737   deed
Sealy Family Clothiers 1738   deed
Sealy Robert Provost   1738   Ballymodan Deaths    
Snow William Magistrate, Earl of Cork Agent   1731   deed    
Snow William junior Gent Bandon 1731   deed    
Splaine Edward Vintner 1737   deed
Spratt Thomas Victualler 1736   deed
Spratt Thomas Victualler 1736   deed
Spratt William Clothier   1735   deed    
Stammers John, senior Provost & Merchant 1738   deed
Sullivan William Commissioner for Oaths 1737   deed
Tanner Jonathan Merchant 1733   Lismore Papers
Travers Robert Gent 1738   deed
Travers Walter Gent 1738   deed
Tresilian Robert Son, heir of Jane Ballinadee 1730   deed    
Tresilian Jane Widow Ballinadee 1730   deed    
Ward John Merchant 1738   deed
Ward Richard Tanner 1738   deed
Wheeler Benjamin Clothier   1734   deed    
Williams Joseph Skinner   1734   deed    
Young Marmaduke Joiner 1736   deed