a guide to tracing your ancestors in bandon, cork. ireland

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DIRECTORY OF BANDON - 1720 to 1730

Surname Forename Occupation Address Date   reference
Adderley Matthew Justice of the Peace Dromkeen in 1723 1726   deed
Baldwin Rev Richard Clerk 1729   Lismore Papers
Bass William Inn Keeper 1727   deed
Beamish Thomas Gent Ratharoon 1723   deed    
Bernard Roger Palace Anne   1730   Lismore Papers    
Bluett James Cordwainer 1728   deed
Brown Edward Peruke Maker 1720   Lismore Papers
Brown Isaac Free Burgess   1725   Ballymodan Burial Records  
Brown Joseph Stuff weaver 1720   Lismore Papers
Bruce Saul 1720   Lismore Papers
Childs Robert Clothier 1720   Lismore Papers
Clarke Richard Shoe maker 1720   Lismore Papers
Clear Ralph, Senior   Bandon 1721   deed    
Clungeon Mr Gent of Ballinadee 1721   deed    
Connor Daniel Provost 1720   deed
Cox Richard Knight, Baronet 1721   Lismore Papers
Curtis William Inn Keeper 1721   deed
Davies Abraham Miller 1727   will death date
Donnelan John     1726   deed  
Freke George Brigadier 1720   Lismore Papers
Giles William Shoe maker 1720   Lismore Papers
Harding Paul Inn Keeper   1726   deed  
Harris Richard Clothier 1720   Lismore Papers
Heard John Gent   1720s   deed    
Herrick Edward Gent 1726   deed
Jackson James Merchant, Provost 1720   Lismore Papers
Jervois Joseph Bandon, JP   1723   deed  
Jones John Gent 1720/1723/1726   Lismore Papers, deed
Kells James Taylor 1726   Lismore Papers
Kelly Denis Slater 1720   Lismore Papers
Knight Thomas Clothier 1721   Lismore Papers
Lapp John Provost & Merchant of Bandon 1725   deed
Legg Thomas, senior Tanner 1729   deed
Legoe Mark Clothier 1720   Lismore Papers
Lovekin John Ballymountain 1728   deed
Martin James Provost 1720   deed
Martin John Apothecary 1720   Lismore Papers
Nash Joh Provost   1723   deed  
Phelps Samuel Ale Seller 1720   Lismore Papers
Reycroft William Merchant 1720   Lismore Papers
Rice Edward Clothier 1720   Lismore Papers
Rice James Inn Keeper 1729   deed
Rice Henry 1723   will death date
Rice James 1724   will death date
Rice John Gent - Savages Tenement   1720   deed  
Roche Andrew Cooper 1720   Lismore Papers
Roult James   Bandon 1721   deed  
Savage Abraham Clothier 1720   Lismore Papers
Sealy Robert Clothier 1720   Lismore Papers
Spratt William Miller Cloughmacsimon 1720s   deed    
Stammers John Provost & Merchant Rathrout, Ballinadee 1726   deed
Stammers John, junior Gent   1727   deed  
George Stammers Gent Tullelane 1723   deed  
Sullivan David Baker 1720   Lismore Papers
Sullivan John Bandon, JP   1723   deed  
Tanner Jonathan Merchant   1720   Lismore Papers  
Travers John   of Bandon 1726   will  
Tresilian Jane   of Ballinadee 1726   deed  
Ward John Tanner Bandon 1721   deed  
Williams Killner Innkeeper Bandon 1720s   deed